Slowed by Karma Rating

Hey everyone. I'm a new professional cuddler on the site. I thought it would be a fun part-time activity while I work my full-time job. When I first made my profile, my account was overwhelmed with messages. I was really excited and lucky! I also had my account temporarily suspended because I (stupidly) texted people with my normal phone number which I had not realized was against the rules.

I ended up responding to a number of messages late. One of the clients must have been upset by this because he left a one-star karma review on my account complaining about my slow reply. I've never met him in person, I don't have his contact information, and he blocked me on this website. There's no way for me to get in touch with him and politely apologize. Right now his is the only review on my profile and I think I'm going to have trouble finding new clients and earning better ratings as a result.

Does anyone have a suggestion for how to solve this?

Thanks in advance!



  • In theory you're only supposed to be able to leave karma if you've either met someone or if you had a scheduled appointment and they were a no-show, so maybe @Mark or someone will remove this illegitimate karma.

  • mb0mb0
    edited January 25

    (That said, terrible communication and difficulty scheduling with pro cuddlers is rampant, extremely frustrating, and IMO at least as big a problem on this site as poor cuddling experiences, so I might support being able to review a cuddler's communication.)

  • Thanks for the comments, Mb0!

    Update: The potential client I mentioned in the post has since deleted his karma rating. What luck! Thanks for reading guys!

  • All it takes is a total of three messages, back and forth, presto, the karma portal opens

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