New Professional Cuddler looking for his first client in Spring/Houston area...

Hello ladies. If you need to cuddle, I am more than happy to fulfill that need in your life. After all, everyone could use a nice sweet snuggle.


  • Within 50 miles of your city, of people who have been online in the past week, there are

    130 non-pro men who cuddle women
    8 non-pro women who cuddle men.

    What in the world makes you think any of those 8 women would pay to cuddle a man?

  • @sergiomdavila1
    I think that being a pro, means you also have to cuddle men ; you might want to confirm, and be sure you are OK with that.

  • OK....i will think about that

  • I have said this before but I think it bears repeating. The number of men on the site vastly outnumber the number of women so whenever a woman signs up (as a non pro) she gets inundated with messages, so much so that the site doesn't allow people that are not on her hometown to even message her. There are many women who sign up and quickly realize that there is an opportunity to cuddle and make money at the same time so they turn pro soon after.
    Many women also sign up and they get so overwhelmed with messages (many of them inappropriate) that they cancel their account soon after also.
    Now imagine @sergiomdavila1 that you weren't even a pro and just wanted to find a non pro woman to cuddle, as was mentioned above, you are competing against 130 other guys just within 50 miles, I'm sure the number gets greater if you expand the search area. So you would be lucky to even get a response which by the way is the main complaint from site users, that women don't return messages, even getting a response from a pro is sometimes difficult because of the numbers disparity.
    I just wanted to illustrate how difficult the market is for male pros. Could you get a session? sure but like it was also mentioned above your clients will most likely be men, so if you're ok with all that give it your best shot and good luck!

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