How to deal with a stalker/blackmailer

Hi, sorry if this isn’t allowed or anything, I’m not familiar with these.

I was being blackmailed not too long ago by someone who apparently knows me personally. Apparently he was going to tell everyone I know that I cuddle professionally. (Not a big deal because I’m not ashamed of this in the slightest.) I reported him, and he keeps making different profiles. I know theyre all him because the usernames are somewhat the same and each profile is correct with the location and age and they’re all made that same month he looks at my profile.

I want to know why it’s allowed for people making multiple profiles even if that person is banned. Can’t the site make it safer for professional Cuddler’s to not be harassed? Has this happened to you?


  • What was he pushing for ? Money ? Free hugs ?

  • Hi @Sbby1994 , I'm sorry this is happening to you. Unfortunately, it's very common here and a major drawback to using this site. I've requested that some of the safety measures other sites use be implemented here, but it's not an issue the site owner is interested in assisting with, per their direct messages and emails to me, so it's not on the list of priorities.
    We have to do this ourselves, and there are threads on safety tips in the pros forum. I also take frequent breaks because it gets tiring dealing with it.
    Good luck with everything!

  • Multiple accounts aren't allowed . If you know of one please report it . Sorry to hear that is happening to you .

  • @cuddlerforu24 he wanted money from me

  • @PinkLipstick22 thank you, honestly there really should be additional protection but I know it’s a long shot. I just can’t believe that there isn’t some way to prevent him from making another account.

  • @pmvines Im definitely going to report it. And thank you

  • @Sbby1994

    The moderators are actually trying their best to figure out how to cycle these idiots out. Mark has said that he’s working on it. It’s difficult to catch them. I’m not a techy so I don’t know how difficult it is exactly but all you can do is report the guy every time you find him and the mods will ban him. Just be persistent in how you screen cuddlers and know that there are good cuddlers out there!


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    Yes, we're introducing new detection methods and tools over the coming days to more effectively combat repeat offenders. We will then optimise this based on results over the weeks that follow.

    It will always be a problem but we'll get better over time.

  • @Sbby1994 What he's doing is illegal under California law. Its called extortion. Save all the communication from him. If you figure out who he is, you should report it to the police. There is nothing wrong with being a professional cuddler...but his blackmail attempts are illegal and should be punished!

    here is the california statute:
    California Penal Code Section 518 PC: Extortion

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