Suggestive Photos

Ok I have put this one off for a while because I can only assume what the backlash from this thread will be, but where exactly is the line drawn for Professional's photos, or anyones for that matter.

We've got people apparently catering to foot fetishists , we have some that are mostly nude, there are some that appear to be in basically lingerie.

I understand attracting clientele, but exactly what clientele is being attracted here?


  • On this front, we have strict photo rules for a reason.

    • You agree to only upload photos of yourself that are fully clothed.
    • Your photos cannot be suggestive whatsoever, even to a mild degree (e.g. focus on the cleavage).
    • You must avoid potentially offensive poses or gestures (e.g. the middle finger).
    • Your primary photo should be of you, not someone else.

    Photos that fall short of the standards expected of a professional account are also subject to removal.

    If you feel that other members have uploaded photos in violation of the above, also feel free to report them.

  • Alrighty, I've gone ahead and reported one thats way out there. Im curious to see if cuddlecomfort sticks to their guns on this one.

  • @SoulcuddlerZ Please clarify whether these rules only apply to as "professional account "

  • @Groucho the strict photo rules apply to all accounts.

    Professional cuddlers are also expected to use photos that portray a minimal [or better] degree of professionalism and are of decent visual quality. This part is more evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

  • @grumpy_cat There won’t be a “backlash from the community” because we as part of this community take responsibility in reporting such profiles as you described. You can’t assume it’s what CC offers if someone puts an inappropriate profile picture up, it’s what that specific cuddler wants to portray, not CC or the community. Mods do their jobs very well taking care of profiles with inappropriate photos and/or cuddlers pushing boundaries or violating rules on CC. It’s up to us to report them and they take care of it.

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