Travel Buddy to Alaska!!

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Is anyone interested in driving up to Alaska with me!?!? I was thinking of Spring 2021. I have a 2007 Ford Escape. I drove up last spring and spent the summer up there. I drove back down from there also. So I'm experienced with the conditions and area. We would share travel expenses. Which includes lodging, gas, food/water, and car repairs if any. I already have a route going up with places to see. If anyone is interested private message me for more info!


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    What a fabulous idea!!! I can't wait to hear about your adventure!! :)

    Welcome to the site!!!

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    Day 1- Sauk Centre, MN; 7.5 hours, 489 miles

    Day 2- Medora, ND; 6.5 hours, 452 miles

    · Theodore Roosevelt National Park

    Day 3- St. Mary, MT; 9 hours, 558 miles

    · Glacier National Park

    Day 4- Radium Hot Springs, BC, CA; 5 hours, 292 miles

    Day 5- Lake Louis, AB, CA; 2 hours, 116 miles

    · Yoho National Park and

    · Banff National Park

    Day 6- Jasper, AB, CA; 3 hours, 145 miles

    · Jasper National Park

    Day 7- Fort St. John, BC, CA; 7 hours, 373 miles

    Day 8- Liard River, BC, CA; 8 hours, 426 miles

    · Liard River Provincial Park

    Day 9- Whitehorse, YT, CA; 8 hours, 402 miles

    Day 10- Northway Junction, AK; 6 hours, 337 miles

    · Deadman Lake, Tetlin National Wildlife Refugee

    Day 11- Coldfoot, AK; 10 hours, 504 miles

    · Gates of the Artic National Park

    Day 12- Prudhoe Bay, AK; 6 hours, 242 miles

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    This is what I came up with for my new road trip. This itinerary is not set in stone.

  • @teddybear934
    I recommend that you take extra time in Glacier and Banff at least. If you like to hike it would be a shame to just drive through without taking time to explore on foot, those parks are some of the best in the world. Just my opinion having been there.

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    @MrPaul thanks. I was planning on spending about a week at each national park. Those are just the places that I have planned to go to. I went to Theodore Roosevelt National Park last spring and I really liked it a lot.

  • Glacier Garden Rainforest was AMAZING! I don't know if that was on the list or not.

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    @OhioMike no it's not.

  • I'm from Alaska originally and I so love the sound of that!

  • One of my favorite cuddlers is up there. 😉 I'll hopefully do a trip to Alaska in 2022 in my motorhome. I have to be realistic. That's a lot of miles from the East coast, ha. 😇

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    When I was up in Alaska. I actually did see a lot of plates from the northeast and from Florida.

  • I travel very slow in my motorhome... 150-200 miles a day preferably. Very leisurely, lol. I definitely want to go up there. It just won't be until then I am sure. This year I'm returning to new England (and going to the Midwest). Next year I want to make it out west, then maybe Alaska the next year...

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    Ok. Yeah, since you have a motorhome. You can take your time to get to Alaska.

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    😇 Definitely a different way of traveling...

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    I guess that no one wants to be my travel buddy.

  • Sounds fun but i am sure most of us arent able to just take off to Alaska for weeks at a time

  • Oh bummer! Mister Teddy bear already deleted.... :/ I was imagining he would find someone sooner or later....

    Question.... Can anyone take over the thread and rename it once the OP has deleted his account?

  • @teddybear934 that sounds like so much fun! I have a Honda Pilot and cant wait to also road trips. 😊

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