KC area

Anyone in the KC area?


  • Nice. We don’t seem to have a lot of fellow people

  • KC here but I travel a lot. Anyone else have Super Bowl hangovers? I did not get home until 3:30 AM—was down in the P & L District until then—it was crazy!

    Heard from a police supervisor that there may be 1.2 million people at the parade on Wednesday!

  • FunCartel, glad KC won the superbowl, but watching it i thought San Fran was going to win, they had the lead and the momentum but let KC back in it. What were you thinking when watching live, were you a little concerned too? The coach is 0 for 2 with leads in Super Bowls (he was Offensive Coordinator of the Falcons in the meltdown loss to NE in a previous Super Bowl)

  • Not KC, but about an hour away.

  • @dharma1257 As a huge Chiefs fan who watched every play of every game that game was characteristic of the past two years. The 49ers were no different than the Texans, Titans, and frankly the Patriots last year. There is no safe lead with Mahomes under center. This is becoming routine. Seriously.

    Three games in the playoffs they were behind by ten or more. In all three it was erased in a blink of an eye. There was no panic in me. Mahomes is too smart, too talented, too competitive, and too good to ever count out.

    Going into the snow for the parade tomorrow.

  • Agreed. Mahomes is awesome and in a league of his own. I hope they sign him to a long term deal soon he deserves it.

    Enjoy the parade tomorrow and the celebrations.

  • I will admit I was worried and had to emotionally let go and be ok with them losing. Then they exploded. I should not have doubted. @FunCartel you are right, they have done that a lot. Makes me nervous every time.

  • Question for you KC Chiefs fan. Are you guys honoring Ryan Fitzpatrick, by donating to his charity? I remember reading that Buffalo Bills fans donated to Andy Daltons charity when he helped them get into the playoffs a year or two ago i think it was. Without Fitzmagic, you wouldnt have had the bye and NE wouldnt have had to play the hot Tennessee Titans. All this might have been different, just saying.

    And yes, JLD, even though Mahomes has done this a lot, come back and win, i think there was reason to worry, despite what Funcartel says. According to statistics, there was a 95 % chance San Fran was going to win with 7 minutes left in the game.... https://www.nbcsports.com/bayarea/49ers/49ers-had-95-percent-chance-win-2020-super-bowl-fourth-quarter

  • It was a great game:) both teams played well but KC did great!!!

  • It was a great game indeed.

  • @dharma1257 Statistics are for people who never play sports. They have come back repeatedly the past two years. They were behind against the Texans by 24 and won by 20. Mahomes is unlike any QB to come down the pike. He is freakish how athletic he is but also composed and smart at such a young age. Only 24.

  • Yep, you guys were smart to draft him. The Chicago Bears could have had him, instead they drafted Mitch Trubinsky. Hope you enjoyed the parade and celebrations.

  • Did anyone else go to the parade or rally? I went to both and it was a blast. I was close to where Mahomes had to leave the double decker bus and take a whizz. Kelce was off the chain at the rally!

  • I didn’t go. Glad it was fun.

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