how do i gain respectful clientele

I need to know the correct way to go about it.


  • You mention clientele. Are you looking to go "pro"? If so, you should ask this question in the Professional Cuddling forum. They likely will have more informed answers for you. :)

  • @SheaButterBaby hey girlie SoftPetals here 😊.
    So what I do is create boundaries, make them known and stick to them. Meet people in person first to get a good sense of their aura, body language and if you're comfortable cuddling with them. I'm unsure if you want to be a pro or not but I did this before I became a pro and it still works. Cuddling should be fun, respectful, and relaxing and everyone here must respect that. ❤

  • Thanks so much, this was definitely helpful. I look forward to being a pro soon :)

  • @SheaButterBaby If you're using the term " Clientele " you need to apply to go pro before you can attract clients.

  • @SheaButterBaby there are lots of threads in the forum about this... great reading! And I have to echo @hugonehugall -- charging money on this site without official pro status will get you banned. Happy cuddling!

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