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Hey guys! Has anyone put a clickable link in their profile? I’ve been given permission by the mods to put a link to my YouTube channel in my profile, but every time I click the “copy link” part in YouTube and paste it to my profile, it isn’t clickable. Someone would have to copy and paste my link in order to see. I know it’s possible to do because I’ve heard someone else do it plus Mark said “you can put a link on your profile”. I just don’t want to bother him. I know he’s super busy. Right now, I just have the name you would search in YouTube for people to see my channel.
Any suggestions? Thanks!



  • HI Sheena. I've tested html code in my profile and it's not working. Pretty sure the "about me" section is limited to text and ascii symbols only, no coding.

    You can copy/paste the Youtube URL, but looks like you can't make it a clickable/hyperlink.

    @Mark, can you give us a yeah or nay answer on this within profiles?

  • I tested a couple of things too, including the "markdown" tags that work here in the forums. No luck.

  • Ah boo. Oh well 😔 I wanted to make it as easy as possible but I’ll have to do it that way. Thanks for the help guys ☺️

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    Maybe Mark will see this and get back to you and help you find a way to do it.

    In the meantime, i checked out your profile and see the link and it is easy enough, to copy and paste and watch it, if someone is interested. Thanks for sharing your youtube channel :-)

    p.s. - If one highlights the youtube link and then clicks on it, at least on mine, there is a place where it says go to http: youtube etc and it takes me right to your youtube video, all very easy and less than 10 seconds to do. I am using a regular computer and dont know what others experience when they highlight it, etc.

  • Worth noting is that each browser may have distinct capabilities. I use Mozilla Firefox most of the time, which allows you to highlight a link and right-click for options to open the link without having to copy & paste.

  • Google Chome also has the right-click-open-link option.

  • Thanks @dharma1257 ☺️ I hope people enjoy it.

    Thanks guys for helping to explain techy stuff to an anti-techy person lol

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    On my Samsung S9 android phone, I just highlight by clicking the link, another click to YouTube on a menu of options.

  • Sheena, i just finally got around to watching/listening to your youtube channel. It is awesome, and i did enjoy it and seeing you again, your energy and great personality. You go girl :-) You are very talented and i hope you keep following your passion, your love for singing.

    I do have one little request though, can you sing in lingerie or a bikini :-) Just kidding, i have seen you share that on here that guys ask you that, for cuddling sessions, lol. So thought i would try, haha.

  • @dharma1257 😹😹😹 you dog you lol

    I’m glad you’re enjoying my channel! It means a lot that you’re listening to it! If you have a request you want me to sing, let me know!!💖💖

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    Sure, how about Katy Perry, "Hot n Cold" :-) as my request. Or "Roar" by her if you dont resonate with "Hot n Cold" i like both songs.

    Can you post the link here or let me know when you are done singing and posting it. Take your time, no rush, but i do look forward to watching and hearing you sing it. That song speaks to me, i can relate to it, as does Roar.

  • Surely it is better to ask the cuddler to wear lingerie, than to ask them not to ? Joey from "Friends" famously wore no undershorts, much to Chandler's annoyance.

  • @dharma1257 definitely! I’ll try both for you ☺️ If you subscribe and ring the bell, you’ll get notified anytime I put up a video. If it’s okay with the mods, I can post the video here when I’m done.

    @geoff1000 lol yesssss! 😹 but I’m not doing lunges for anyone lol

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    Dont spend all of your time singing and forgetting to cuddle :-)

    Just listened to your great job singing Barbra Streisands Papa Can you hear me. That really was good. And great job singing "Rolling in the deep" by Adele that was done at the public place, that must have been fun to perform.

    Feel free to do "Hot N Cold" for me, that is the one that speaks to me the most, and if you want later to do "Roar" that is cool too, but secondary. I love that Katy Perry video of Hot N Cold btw, it always puts a smile on my face, how that guy runs away and tries to escape, and her classic line "You change your mind Like a girl changes clothes. Yeah you, PMS
    Like a b...h I would know"

    Okay, back to focusing on cuddling, i cant spend all my time with music :-)

  • Lol yea she has some fun music videos 😸 I’ll definitely do that for you. I usually spend 3 hours a week recording 5-6 songs so I can definitely get both in. Thank you so much for watching. It means a lot 💖

  • Here ya go @dharma1257 ☺️ I’ve never sang Katy Perry before but I hope you like it!

  • I loved it, i really did, wow, that was awesome. I had a smile on my face the whole time watching/listening to it. Thanks for doing this for me. If i am ever down or depressed and need a pick me up, will watch this video :-)

    p.s. = By special request by Dharma1257, lol, i loved it :-)

  • @dharma1257 yay! I’m glad you liked it. Wait for tomorrow. I have your other one 💖💖

  • Lol you're the best. Are you singing these at karaoke places? If so are you one of the crowd favorites?

  • I do these ones at karaoke. I go to a new place every time so nobody really knows me lol

  • Here’s a rocky song I like to do.

  • @dharma1257 here’s your other request: Katy Perry- Roar

  • lol, was checking in and waiting for this. I needed this tonight, am a little down and lonely, so thank you so much for this, for dedicating this song to me :-) It totally is awesome and helps cheer me up. Sheena, you are one of the best cuddlers, singers, and good person on this site.
    p.s. - Can you hear the Roar? YESSSSS!

  • @dharma1257 I’m glad you love it ☺️ I’m sorry you’re having a bad day 😞 I hope tomorrow is better for you!

  • Thanks Sheena. I am feeling better now and have a smile on my face again. That karaoke, sure seems like a fun hobby btw.

  • @dharma1257 that’s good to hear ☺️
    I absolutely love karaoke! You can sing whatever you want and if you’re at a good crowd, it’s easy to have a lot of fun

    Have you ever done it?

  • No, never done it, am too shy and am not a singer. I am a good speaker at times though, and have spoken at groups and shared my knowing, that was fun for me.

    I can tell you really love karaoke and i always smile when you dedicate the song to the person who requested it.

  • I’m just so happy people have requested songs for me. It makes me feel like they truly care to hear me sing which is a special feeling.
    It takes a lot of courage to speak in front of people. It’s awesome that you really enjoy that!

  • I love the uplifting message in this song:

  • @Sheena123 i have a request. Will you sing with me again?? ❤️

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