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What information do you all require to meet someone for a session. I ask for a first and last name for safety purposes and keep that private. But In case I go missing I have it documented somewhere private.
No Cuddlers have ever argued this, but the last requester has insisted that I meet him first (drive 125 miles then he will give me his name.). Seems sketchy.
Any thoughts?


  • It's sketchy that he would make you drive 125 miles before he would be willing to give you a name. If he wasn't comfortable giving that to you he could have just said so and you two could have moved on. A lot of people are cautious about giving their last name to strangers over the internet that in itself is not uncommon and shouldn't raise too many flags.

  • I can understand that but I think as a small, petite female without a lot of physical power that’s an important thing… Making sure that you’re safe

  • I always ask for a photo or for ya to meet at a Wawa or public place beforehand to have an icebreaker and I can see what s about while having a nice chat. If I have to drive 1 hour to 3 hours to get to you, I need your address, name and a photo to give to a safety contact before I leave. I won’t go unless. I always tell my cuddlers that I have a safety contact and when our time is up, my contact needs to know I’m finished and in my car ready to go. If he doesn’t get that info, bad things happen. I’ve never had an issue. So far, so good 😊

  • Wawa rules. I like to make appointments to meet myself at Wawa. Great excuse to break my usual vegan diet and cheat with their Mac and cheese bowls.

  • I am obsessed with their iced cappuccinos. They help ease my cravings for my Canadian Tim Hortons iced Capp. Lol

  • @Missnursejen you of course have every right to ask for whatever info you want. It's up to your potential client to decide if they feel comfortable giving said information. In this particular case the client in question if he wasn't comfortable should have just moved on in my opinion. I know for a fact there are pros that don't ask for a last name ... In some cases they don't even ask for a 1st one lol. I myself wouldn't make the leap to they're being sketchy by not giving you what you asked for there's a chance they may have never been asked for it before now. But yes I would not drive 125 miles to get a name. That part is a little a weird. Both parties would be better off in my opinion if you told him he would be better served finding another cuddler.

  • I know one Pro who requires photo ID. You're allowed to redact anything but name and the pic. She makes it clear she checks Sex Offender Registry.

  • FWIW after seeing something like 20-25 pros I've never been asked my full name or other information (I do give my first name in my initial message) and definitely never been asked for an ID.

    Not that I think there's anything wrong with you asking for this information... just pointing out what may be another instance where the pros on the forum are not typical of the pros on the site as a whole.

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