Catfished and not stoked!!



  • @BashfulLoner Thanks for invalidating how I feel. carry on? wow

  • @FunCartel Before the session. We planned a meet and greet. I got there and found out she was trans. I was nice to her and gave her a big hug... I'm not a jerk. I told her I felt disappointed because she led me to believe she was a ciswoman. I posted this in the forum so people can stop catfishing others. It's an issue

  • Then yes, you were deceived and that is not right. But you are carrying this to an extreme. A lot of us have been deceived in some form or another. I have had a cuddler who called herself a pro but would lose a cuddling competition to my own pillow. It happens. Catfishing is an issue but going postal is not the answer. Take something away from the experience like some really good fashion tips.

  • @FunCartel Thank you for discussing this with me. You're right.. I did get extreme about it and I'm sorry. I just felt alone and humiliated and angry. I will edit my post to be more civil.

  • If what he says is true, I don't know how one could be anything but completely pissed off. Sorry for the trans people, but that is something you need to let someone know before meeting. 100%. I'd be irked as well. Just so wrong, in so many ways.

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    I'm so sorry for you. I've not had that happen on here but on dating sites. I sent you a message.

  • Honesty is the best policy unless the trans person is going for the gold in sausage fencing.

  • Am I on

  • @MrFirefighter we could be. Are you completely up front about your fire hose?

  • This whole thread is a dumpster fire.

  • I was simply saying nobody in this thread has deceived you, therefore the name calling and accusing was out of order. @not_so_happy

  • Hey, what happened to the original thread? There was some illuminating stuff in there. Like: the woman never said she was cis, she just didn't say she was trans and ace_face (OP's original name) made the annoyingly natural assumption.

    And then there was that "comedic" picture....

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    @DarrenWalker while I don't agree with how he handled the situation. When someone tells me they're female my natural inclination is to believe they mean a cis female. I don't believe that's an annoying assumption. I would bet that's the natural assumption with most people unless they're told different before meeting said person face to face. Maybe we are at the point where CC needs to differentiate the 2 in the gender section of the profile I know some dating apps have already done this. Again I know it's not a dating app but many folks have admitted through various forums that use the same selection process here that they would use on one of those. And I do believe it is fair for a person to disclose if that they are trans before agreeing to meet someone , clearly it matters on some level.

  • I'd like to hear from anyone who found themselves in the same situation, and decided to go ahead with the cuddle.

    Second best would be someone who honestly would have gone ahead, having specified "only cuddles women". If so, why rule out a trans man ; someone who was born a woman, but has chosen to be identified as a man ?

    Anyone else, is just being unfair to the OP.

  • I have been catfished on another site. She is a beautiful woman but while cuddling I got a "pokie" from her. We discussed it.

    I expect some backlash from this next sentence... I now ask if cuddlers are CIS Females.

  • We've said this multiple times already. Our official position is that a member's profile is expected to be accurate, including gender. If someone is trans or otherwise gender non-conforming, it should be noted, especially if that member is a pro.

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