PTSD and professional cuddling

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Jean Franzblau from posted a video on YouTube last week " Watch a Combat Veteran with PTSD" and an article on "PTSD and Professional Cuddling' on the site.

She demonstrates how professional cuddlers can assist clients with PTSD using the wheel of consent and controlled breathing. With the consent of a former combat veteran, she shows in the video how professional cuddlers can use different cuddle positions to help relax this person. Along with using the wheel of consent everytime to prevent the person from being triggered negatively by being touched.

As is understood, cuddling is merely one medium available in a dearth of many to supplement and / or compliment what the different modalities of treatment offer to address the various forms of mental and emotional health and wellness disorders and concerns as they're outlined in the diagnostic scale. And as they're presented on the wide spectrum of symptoms.

Ms Franzblau, a certified professional cuddlinist shows in the video how careful, thoughtful and planned use of the positions in cuddling that help to calm and facilitate client comfort can help to create a degree of comfort for the person experiencing PTSD. It's a medium, using a specific modality or set of modalities within the cuddle context.

It's not a cure all. And in the mental health field any combination of different treatment that is effective is always appreciated. No cure all or one size fits all.
Since there was a recent thread of discussion on this topic as there have been quite a few on the site in the past I thought this video and article would make interesting reading and viewing for those interested.


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