No one wants to cuddle with me..

Nobody near me ever wants to cuddle with me here and I haven't gotten message on here from anyone for at least a year


  • Yes, you arent alone, many of us guys are in similar positions. Other than paying for a Pro Cuddler, it is hard for guys on here to get someone to cuddle with them. Dont take it personally, it is not personal, just the dynamics here, the guys outnumber the girls probably 10 to 1.

  • [Deleted User]cml38 (deleted user)

    I haven't go any cuddle requests yet 😞
    All I want is someone to cuddle with just to feel human contact

  • I just joined today. I just want to meet someone to cuddle. I'm in the south of England if anyone is around there?

  • @LoneCubone you really shouldn't feel bad about it. It's not easy for men to find someone to cuddle with on here. @dharma1257 made a good point! We men probably outnumber the ladies 10 - 1. They can pick and choose who they want to cuddle with while we send messages and hope to get an answer. Patience my friend. I'm sure you'll find someone willing to cuddle you soon.

  • I've learned in numerous ways the reason it's a challenge for guys to find a cuddling buddy on either this site or other places is not because there is never anyone who reaches out to them. There is a feeling of not wanting to act close and affectionate with anyone who isn't a cis-gendered, biological female. If a potential buddy doesn't fit the majority's standard, the men don't even want to try.

  • We also don't want get blocked. Hope you find someone post covid

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