What are you passionate about?

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What motivates you?
What are you passionate about?

I love learning new ideas, growing myself intellectually and emotionally, meeting great people, constructive communication, exploring the world, helping others, kindness, artistic expression, quality work, and of course - cuddling ❤️!


  • Cooking, conversation, cats, cuddles and for the sake of alliteration "cindness" which you could also interpret as being a made up word meaning things that share properties with cinders, and further interpret as meaning warm and/or passionate to loop back around.

  • I wouldn’t say that I’m passionate about anything. Instead, I’d say that I value self-negation, logic, expression (that is clear, concise, and direct), and righteous servitude.

  • Food, creativity, curiosity, connections, and cream soda.

  • Squirrel Fight Club

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    I hope I don’t have to bring up the 2nd rule...😁

  • I very much like learning. PBS space time/eons, veritasium, smarter every day, and a few others are youtube channels I particularly enjoy.

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    I am passionate about consensual platonic cuddling and learning all that I can about it.

  • @exsanguinate I'd love to hear more about you mean by "righteous servitude" if you'd be willing to share.

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