One Day

You know, at first, I wondered why do I still stay on this site after finding out on Day 1 that I was the only CC person in my country. But, I realized, as someone who travels now and then, maybe one day I'll get the amazing chance of meeting up with a fellow CC during my travels! That thought alone made me happy while also challenging my introverted self to try and initiate contact with fellow CCers in areas that I may be traveling to one day. I look forward to meeting my fellow CCers here on this site via Messages and hopefully in person one day!

If you have not had your One Day yet, I wish you a One Day that will appear for you sooner than you hoped :) Cheers to your One Day!


  • I hope that you have your One Day sooner rather than later and that it is worth the wait!

  • Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has family there. We should try to get him signed up. 😀

  • When you know you're travelling... You can put that in your profile!

    Mar 13-19 - San Francisco
    Mar 20-25 - Los Angeles.

    You can set an alternative location as well, so a little before you go you could mark where you're going as the alternative location... so people there can see you.
    @geoff1000 That sounds like a great plan laughs

  • Travel does make CC connections happen when there may be limited number of enthusiasts or pros in a respective town/city/state/region/country. Safe travels in your cuddle adventures, @WarmScales .

  • @ILikeWarmHugs thank you for that kind wish! Second star to the right and straight on till morning to that One Day 😀

    @geoff1000 at least that would mean I'm not the only CCer in my country anymore 😂

    @Dante_S thank you very muvh for that awesome tip on how I can notify my fellow CCers of my travel plans on my profile! Genius!

    Thank you @Sideon for the kind travel wishes!!! I am excited to one day be able to update our CC fam on my first cuddle experience with a fellow CCer in the hopeful future!

  • @WarmScales if you see my profile, you'll see that I put my future city as a second location and I give the info on when I'll be at that location! It helps initiate conversations with potential cuddling buddies! I can't wait to hear of the day that you do meet one of us!

  • @SouthFlorida4U thank you for the detailed (and very much needed) tip for me!!! I appreciate it very much! You and @Dante_S are on the same genius wavelength on this 😀

  • @SouthFlorida4U I am excited for the day I can tell ya'll about my first cudsling experience with a fellow CCer as well!!! 😀🤗 Looove your red hair by the way!

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