Just saying hello

New to this just saying hello. How has everyone’s experiences been?

  1. Good experiences?28 votes
    1. Yes
    2. No


  • Welcome to CC @tiffanypows23. I hope you find this to be a great place to find some really nice cuddle buddies. I'm sure you'll have no trouble!

  • Welcome, i think my experienced has been good so far. Granted my expectations had to be cut back quite a bit real quick, but being patient gave me some good interactions.

  • Welcome, indeed! I've personally had good experiences in 4 different states. My strategy has been to carefully read profiles and exchange a few messages a prospective partner. By doing so you'll quickly ascertain if you are comfortable and/or compatible. Take care, and happy cuddling! 👍

  • Welcome !

    I just joined the community too, I'm living in France so I have doubt it will work for me, as it's mainly english-speakers friendly :disappointed:
    But hey, who knows ? I'll just have to be patient.

  • Welcome, @tiffanypows23! Having Patient, understanding, boundaries, and excellent communication skills

  • Not yet. 🤔

  • Hello. My experience here has been positive, just very slow. I guess that happens when you’re choosey.

  • My Experince been really Awesome.

  • Wonderful.

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    @tiffanypows23 - Mostly non-existent. Sorry, could not really choose Yes or No based on that. You'd get a much better idea by looking through past threads and reading about people's expectations and experiences. Yes or No does not really offer you much wisdom.

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