COVID Cuddle Party

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If you're not geriatric or too physically compromised, the best way to get over the COVID-19 scare is to cuddle through it. Not only will you enjoy like company but you'll naturally immunize your way through it. Sure it may be irritating for some days, but you'll make it to the next cuddle session.

I've had a minor lung issue since I was young but I've been through worse than the COVID-19 symptoms, and if I eat right, exercise regularly, and boost my immune system, I'll make it through.

I wanna through this ASAP. You may not agree but I wanna be like the kids that roll around with other kids in the dirt and have the best immune systems as adults. I've felt enough fear already, I wanna feel some comfort.

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  • I realize this post is rather tongue in cheek, however I want to point out that cuddling will not boost your immunity to the corona virus. I like cuddling as much as the next person but I do get really put off when I hear people make exaggerated claims about all these benefits from it. If you love to cuddle then do your part in not allowing it to be turned into snake oil.

  • I know you're being facetious, but I encourage you to not be so cavalier about the many disabled people and elderly people that will die.

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    Pox Party just has such a better ring to it...

    @moonrising We were having a slightly related conversation at my work. Some people were making jokes (of course with no actual negative intent). Really, nothing is funny about a virus killing people around the globe.

    However, there is one person I know, that may never get... but they may just end up dying from stress or a heart attack because they're so worried about getting it.

    I feel in situations you need to have a sense of humour, and be able to joke about things. (or you just stress out about them, and really not help anything anyway) At least one way you're getting a laugh and improving your mood.
    In saying that, I don't mean you shouldn't take things seriously.
    I've used more alcohol wipes / hand sanitizer in the past week, than I think I have in my life.

    I'm pretty sure he means no negative intent, and the post made me smirk and laugh to myself. (That's a good thing, I think)
    So in saying all that @moonrising, where should the line being on using a sense of humour with situations like this?

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    **This would be an example of where to draw the line. **

    As I said, I know OP is being factious, and probably doesn't mean harm, but I find it to be incredibly offensive. Just because someone does not intend harm does not change the impact. It's a joke made in very bad taste.

    Anyway, I am contributing my view on this and not planning to discourse past this point.

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    We been dying since the moment we've been born!! This is the Earths way of cleansing itself!! Or this virus was let loose from a lab!! We as humans are overpopulated anyway!!

  • @outdoordude28 I just said I was not going to be responding again. Do not tag me, dude.

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