Freaking out but can't freak out

So, my 11 yr old has been sick for almost 3 weeks & with everything thats going on...ugh.
I wish we had drive through testing here.
Anyone else an odd mixture of ftfo AND calm?
Hugs to all.


  • @22wishes I believe it is easy to stay calm about yourself and freaking out over those you love. I think that is very normal, but with kids you can’t freak out or they will feed off of your response. These are tough times that will test people’s mettle.

  • Indeed, Indeed.
    I'm SO grateful that I have a little padding for bills, & we're ok on food. Lots of people don't.
    Be safe.

  • @22wishes
    As of 2 days ago at least, out of 10,000 deaths worldwide, 0 of them were under 10. The lethality rate roughly doubles with every 10 years of age. That isn't to say our kids won't succumb to other illnesses, especially while healthcare systems are overloaded.

    It's a standard parent response to worry more about one's kids than oneself, but in this case it probably should be reversed ; except that they rely on their parents, so looking after yourself is the best way to look after them.

  • I know most states and even back home in Canada for me, there is a number you can call that would bring a medical specialist to your home to test and possibly help out. Maybe find out if your area has that option?

  • 22wishes? How's your little one? Any news? Improvement? Haven't heard from you... Hoping things have cleared up some..
    Any word?

  • In the emergency instructions on a plane, they say to put your oxygen mask on first and your children's next. I believe the same priorities apply in a pandemic. It's important for the adults to look after themselves since they will be needed in future to look after their children.

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