Any one noticed?

I know it happens everyday, but has anyone questioned that the valididty of most the new people seeming to pop up. Aside from some being innappropriate, some clearly spelling out a seach for romance, and rhen the influx of 18 year olds (i think thats to feed the barely legal crowd)?

Maybe it’s just me but i feel like there a lot of plants showing up in that top picture rail.


  • You are not wrong.

  • I thought it was just me... but I noticed a couple faces that made me feel like, "WHERE'S YOUR MOM???" lol


    p>I'm not trying to be mean, but just like I don't socialize with my own adult children, I don't see much value in "hanging out, online" with other people's children, either.
    Time, as usual, will tell, I guess.

  • Maybe more people are online because of the Coronavirus lay-offs.

  • I don’t think these are people at all. They seem to try to speak to certain aspects that lead me to believe it’s all a scam.

  • My "spidey-senses" are tinglin'...again! lol

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