Any one noticed?

I know it happens everyday, but has anyone questioned that the valididty of most the new people seeming to pop up. Aside from some being innappropriate, some clearly spelling out a seach for romance, and rhen the influx of 18 year olds (i think thats to feed the barely legal crowd)?

Maybe it’s just me but i feel like there a lot of plants showing up in that top picture rail.


  • You are not wrong.

  • I thought it was just me... but I noticed a couple faces that made me feel like, "WHERE'S YOUR MOM???" lol


    p>I'm not trying to be mean, but just like I don't socialize with my own adult children, I don't see much value in "hanging out, online" with other people's children, either.
    Time, as usual, will tell, I guess.

  • Maybe more people are online because of the Coronavirus lay-offs.

  • I don’t think these are people at all. They seem to try to speak to certain aspects that lead me to believe it’s all a scam.

  • My "spidey-senses" are tinglin'...again! lol

  • I hope there are more of the younger crowd using this as an healthy outlet or learning experience. High school is stuff. Growing up is tough. Here they could learn intimacy, consent, tolerance, and consideration.
    I noticed a jump in the younger crowd but I can’t assume their here for the wrong reasons.

  • I don't want to point out any suspects but one picture I saw looks like it was generated by the This Person Does Not Exist site. There are tells. The background and hair are easy to spot.

  • Yeah, bot sign ups are everywhere. Why not here?

  • I'm sorry @Siberian76 but I don't have a good response to your post.

    P.S. I am definitely not a bot. My data bank doesn't even include a definition of that word.

  • There are people who look too young and some look too old for their age. So I am not sure how much value or seriousness I would take just going off of how old someone looks to be.

    As for the rise of new members I think I heard that there is also a rise in break ups these days plus social distance could be making people feel more lonely, bored and leading them to think outside the box. Though I don't know how much of that is responsible for the rise. Also I noticed that some sites such as OKC have nowadays made it a requirement for people to use their phone numbers to communicate on the site, maybe to even sign up. Not to mention the load of other limitations those sites have. So things like that could unfortunately be part of the reason why some people misuse sites like these. As well as the misuse of the word "cuddle" just like how "Netflix and chill" has been given a whole other meaning than what it should actually be.

    Which is why when a guy expresses interest in cuddling with me, especially on other platforms, I try to ask further questions or make my intentions clear(?) and ask if that is what he wants. I wish words especially ones like those weren't being misused, though unfortunately they are.

  • Human beings are mostly quite reserved when it comes to discussing intimate behaviour, especially when children might read it ; so we resort to euphemisms, and then the term can no longer be used for its true purpose.

    A UK politician denied "sleeping with" a particular sex worker, and the press were happy to agree that he was being truthful ; because given her hourly rate, it was very unlikely that he spent any of the time sleeping.

    Perhaps part of the fault is that people don't like to be too blunt or specific about what they want or expect ; and instead want to give the impression that they must be "won over" or have been persuaded at the time, by the special effort ( usually by the man ). People like to believe their sexual partners have exercised some discretion, so they feel good about having been chosen.

    "Netflix and chill" is one of the terms I've come across most recently ; "a happy ending" and "Friends with Benefits" were a little before that. It is likely that many more terms will be appropriated, until everything has a potential sexual interpretation.

  • I was listening to a podcast that mentioned how a lot of young adults between 18-25 have been signing up for sites that offer quick cash during the quarantine. Dating sites, sugar baby sites, webcam sites & only fans....I guess it’s only a matter of time until some of them see this site and think it’s another easy way to make some quick cash.

  • @geoff1000 I think as a society we got to find better ways to tackle these issues, especially once platonic cuddling and interactions become more popular, which I think it will be. "Being friends wb" doesn't actually pose any confusion with "being friends". Though the other terms do.

  • @SweetCamiXO unfortunately many not really knowing what they are signing up for and whether it really suits them or not.

  • @SweetCamiXO it seems like everyone and their cousin is pimping an Onlyfans these days !! And you're right about people coming here under the impression it's quick buck. That was happening pre pandemic but wouldn't surprise if it's ramped up

  • I don’t really see that in my search area. Most profiles seem normal right now.

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    @Cuddlebugulous1 I think it is the "new cuddlers*" field that is being refered to which I think is visible to all no matter where they have their location set as for their search.

  • @Cuddlebugulous1 ~ Even on the 'home' page banner of new cuddlers, I haven't really seen a lot of teens (maybe 10%?). It's mostly been men in their 30's and 40's from Texas and the mid-west.

    But maybe I'm not looking during 'peek teen onlining' hours... IDK

  • I think the "new cuddlers" banner is filltered by the reader's preference ; I only see women.

  • @geoff1000 I suppose I only see my selected sex as well, though I do see men from the States in that field. Possibly from elsewhere too.

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