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Background details:

I think for some of us who have more physical, etc., boundaries, and or needs than a simple "no touching swim suit areas" and who would like to mutually communicate those boundaries more effectively:

• It is important that we use an app/software with tables, etc., that allow us to share (with our cuddle partner) those boundaries: preferably in a well organized and color coded manner. Especially, since some boundaries may be set, while others may be subject to change: so communicating that and informing each other of any changes, can be good. And if that's not your thing, I suggust having a shared notebook, so you two can take the time to learn about, and more easily remember each other's boundaries and needs: until you two get used to it.

So, are there any apps, etc., (especially those which are cross compatible) do you know that can help us do that?

Are there any other apps, etc., that you think help with cuddling?

My Input:

The other apps that I think would be helpful are mood sharing apps that can allow (especially cuddle partners who are new with each other, or new to cuddling) us to share how cuddling with each other made us feel, and what we would like more of, none of, etc. I think this is especially useful in the beginning stages when there are likely to be more uncertainties, and getting to know each other to do.

Such apps are new to me, and I'll be busy with other things for some time. So I've yet to further explore the subject. When I find good ones: hopefully I'll share them away.

Feel free to share any other cuddling advice/suggestions you would like to.

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  • I think the difficulty for me is that I like things, but don't want them. I enjoy donuts and could eat a dozen in one go, but haven't had one in months.

    My App would be more of a warning map, these are the landmines you should really avoid. That might confuse people who are able to enjoy the same thing, in a restrained way.

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