Online cuddling

Since no one can't go out. How about online cuddling? Just message people, and that's it. I guess role playing is what I'm trying to say. (I know this post will be deleted)


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    I think that's the same thing as virtual cuddling. You can do that by SMS/texting ,email and video chat, maybe even voice calls. Yes it sucks that one can't physically cuddle as before this situation. But it is a new, different normal.

    It's not that folks were not talking and texting before. Now that takes on new meaning. You won't physically meet. But you meet in thought through text. It just means you pay more attention to what you say and how others react to you. And adjust as you go along. A lot more hangs on your choice of words and face when you communicate online to connect without the physical. It's real tough. But it's doable. The way you think about cuddling will change.

    Role playing is something else. That's something both parties talk and negotiate between themselves. There are many different definitions of that term. That's why it's something both persons would need to discuss and negotiate.

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    Exchanging messages and videocalling will be enough for now. Having a conversation via text will not always go smooth, because people do other things in between but (video)calling is a good way to have a whole conversation with eachother. When all is clear, you already have a connection and can meet up.

  • @BroBear thats a good point, already have a virtual connection established when all is good.

  • I actually was discussing this with a couple of clients the last few days. I mean you can’t be physically there but you can still talk to each other, listen to music together, watch a movie or any of those things. Sometimes I’m just there to listen and sometimes I’m there to talk and smooth someone else. I personally think that a video call is better than a phone call because we get the other persons full attention that way but any of those ways of communication can work.

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    I have been doing the "virtual cuddling" with someone from the site for a few weeks now and it has been a fair sub for actual contact. And to be clear, it is not like we are simply chit chatting on the phone. We do plenty of that already. It is more so like a meditative kind of thing where we relax and clear our mind, and talk about what we want and need in that moment, and how we would help the other with that. Talk about calming things, and really try to get in the mindset of not allowing distractions . It seems a bit hokey but so are a lot of things, and for us it works. Rather have some of something than nothing at all.

  • I like the Star Wars scene where several characters are sitting around having a chat ; some real, some as holograms.
    Can't be far off now.

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    Exchanging messages, sharing music interest. Finding someone to connect with on your intellectual level is the key, Forming platonic/spiritual relationships. Go into one of these online game room and join a backgammon or a chess table.

    Most of us sure have the time right now so why not go in search of your soul mate, Be creative. Embrace in this time before life gets crazy again.

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    @Drop_the_Mike Excellent, well done.
    Exactly. All of these ideas are good ones. @danigirljw @pmvines @geoff1000 @WKCuddles

  • I was not thinking "virtual" the time I post this at random. So that's why I used the word "role playing" 🤷🤦

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