How's your exercise been since lockdown?

I've been trying to set up a pattern since the gyms closed (not that I'm great at it), but I like walking/running in the morning, walking or stretching in the afternoon (even during work), biking in the sun on the weekend, hiking occasionally, doing a workout app on a mat in my home, and using a few door attachments and similar tools for strength and stretching.

It's annoying but OK I guess.

What about you?


  • That sounds great! That's awesome that you still have the ability to go out in nature, that's the one and only thing I miss. I'm mostly in my home 24/7, so I usually do yoga and some foam rolling to start my day and will do some sort of workout in the afternoon before dinner. I'm also a big fan of the gym, but I've been trying workout and dance classes and trying to get creative with the limited weights and bands I have at home. So far so good actually!

    I will happily take it over sitting around doing nothing!

  • I've been seriously considering pulling out the old Gazelle, and using it for something other than a fabric swing! lol

    Seriously, both for fitness AND weight control, I realize that this is definitely something I'm going to have to add to my life, more, as I reset my life, going forward..

  • Started doing yoga for waking up the body, then targeting weak spots in my back and neck. Doubled up and added variety to regular routine. Step by step

  • I've been walking about 1 mile in the morning and 1 mile in the evening, I live on a dead end street so that makes it very covenant. When I go to the store I always park as far away as I can in the parking lot, just to get more steps in per day.
    I find for me that's the best way to lose some weight, with this lock down, I'm eating to much, LOL

  • Xfinity/Comcast has all these cool "free" lecture series and exercise programs now due to Covid-19 self-isolating. I've decided to tackle the 24 lesson series on Tai Chi, why not give it a whirl?

  • Local yoga studios offering some sessions online. Also has nice variety I might try a 30 day challenge there. I’ve done Beachbody on-demand before, if you have a fav trainer, it’s an option. Finally for me my favorite at home is cycling in front of computer on zwift. Nice mix of cardio, competition if one wants, wrapped up in video game-like fun. Those are my stay home exercise favs anyway.stay well

  • I usually use Zwift in the winter ( a virtual cycling/running platform). This year it looks like that may go into summer. The online Yoga classes are a great idea, Thanks. Flexibility is too easy for me to ignore-

  • I'm weeding in my garden. I spend about one and a half hours per day pulling up weeds. There are thousands. Some are so difficult to pull up they have to be individually dug out. I don't know how good an exercise it is but I'm exhausted after I finish and usually have to lie down and take a nap.

  • Both the weather and state/local regs here are conducive to outdoor exercise, so I’m able to walk, bike, run, etc. around the neighborhood and a big park nearby. At home I do core, pushups, etc., but I don’t have a good substitute for the heavier weight training I’d been doing at the gym.

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    Where I live, there are still a few parks where I can still work out safely. They have some push bars, benches and even a pull bar -- just to do some of the more important exercises.

    While, don't have a backyard where I can exercise in the comfort of my own home -- the parks, are the only place that I exercise outdoors.

    I was lucky enough to get myself 35lbs dumbells at Target. It was almost impossible to get myself a dumbell until I had to drive 20 minutes away to another Target where I got myself one.

    Without my dumbells, it would be hard to do most of my exercises, especially bicep curls. Walking is also I am doing more often which helps me keep my weight at bay.

    I also do pushups on a more frequent basis now. Before I rarely do pushups. But lately I gotten better at it. I used to hate doing them but now, I am starting to like it and get a hang of it.

  • @hugonehugall - I mostly do number 3 and 6.

  • Played basketball by myself today at the empty park up the road and boy did I forget how horrible I am !

  • I've spent the last 2 days dismantling a pair of old spring mattresses : cutting away all the foam and fabric ; pulling out all the springs, and then "clumping" them together to save space in the recycling trash.

    I'm absolutely wrecked.

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    I spent more time working in my yard: mowing and mulching my lawn, preparing my pots to plant some perennials and garden vegetables and herbs. That's good cardiovascular work out for me. And I'm old school. I use a reel mower and a good old weed whacker. That works my arms and hamstrings with some serious soreness when I forget to stretch before I start.

    Thankfully my Yoga routine takes care of that.

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    This is not peer reviewed and it's computer simulalted but, us runners know about that vacuum they're talking about. It helps lift resistance when racing but can also spread CV-19 further.

  • Non existent hahah good thing I bought a waist trainer and that is curbing my extremely huge appetite

  • So far, no Gazelle...BUT! I have come to a place of gratitude for the SIXTEEN STEPS I have to go up and down every day! Gives a whole new meaning to "stair climbers"! lol


  • I really miss rock climbing. I was at least 4 days a week before all this.
    Climbing magazine has made much of their content free! There is a really good yoga for climbers class that goes from meditation to meals to flexibility and strength.
    Don’t work you do not have to be a climber to gain from this program.

  • @liao51
    Bit of an off the wall idea :

    We all know of exercise bikes, and running treadmills, rowing machines, golf trainers and laser clay-pigeon shooting. There are also short swimming pools with a pump, to allow an endless length ; and even an inclined skiing "disk", which allows a forever downhill slope.

    Presumably one could make a near-vertical climbing disk for indoor training, which would rotate slowly as one climbed up it, perhaps with hand- and foot-holds that could be varied with each revolution. The harness and safety rope would be set to keep one just off the ground, so wouldn't need to take in.

  • HIIT on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday with a 35 lb kettlebell and a heavy resistance band. Stretching and core work on Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday. The HIIT workout is below:

    50 of each exercise: push ups, kettlebell squats, kettlebell swings, kettlebell sumo deadlifts, single arm kettlebell rows, banded shoulder press/pull aparts, jump squats, glute bridges, burpees, butterfly situps, stability ball pass throughs without the ball, planks (regular/side for 1 minute each), calf raises

  • I'm reminded of the scene in My Spy, where David Bautista is doing arm curls with huge water cooler bottles, and his female nerdy Tech is doing the same with a one pint water bottle.

    I'm the latter. 😀

  • Same. I can go for 2 hour walks in less dense parts of my neighborhood during the day, and most weeknights do a livestreamed kundalini yoga, breathwork and dance class. Not long ago I'd have to have been drinking to make so much ruckus in the apartment, now I go hard and loud, un-self-conscious.

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    Still getting several miles in a day through the neighborhood and on my home treadmill. In addition I incorporate free weights and the pro soccer leagues all have short training clips that I use for a variety of exercises for flexibility, core, etc.

  • still running but with mask , I remove the mask when out alone on the trail. I also weight train on the apartment gym when no one is around, and I make sure to finish it within 30 minutes so as to give time for others to use, I also have oyogym and a weighted vest which I use while sitting at home.

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