Covid-19 protection ideas

Technical questions / suggestions for those who know.

We understand that hand-washing for with soap removes the virus ; and 20 seconds is needed, I expect so that it gets into the pores, and makes sure all the natural skin oil is removed.

Applying hand cream afterwards is probably better for the skin.

However, would handcream also help ; by filling the pores, so that any virus particles are more easily washed off the next time ? I'm thinking of a parallel with using barrier cream, when working with oil.

Conversely, would handcream make it easier for the virus particles to stick to surfaces, like fingerprint powder on human skin oil ?

If the latter is true, would virus particles be more effectively filtered out ( compared to other particles ) if those filters had oiled fibres ?

If instead the virus particles are in droplets of water, would they be usefully filtered out by A/C systems, which condense out the water, and we should be concerned about where that condensed water goes ?

Should hospitals etc. have humidifiers and dehumidifiers ( with their collected water being treated as hazardous ), so that airborne water droplets are safely taken out of the air ; as well as the normal ventilation systems ?

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