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Maybe I’m not the only cuddler who likes to be tucked in at night. I’m reading short utopian sci fi stories, nightly, somewheres around 10pmEST. Anyone want me to read to them? Feel free to share here if you’re looking for something simple someone can take you up on through here as well. I’m open to occasionally or once a week or whatever. Maybe there’ll be a few people and we can zoom story time.. who knows.
Universe, go! Don’t PM me from this though cause.. CC is lettin me down with some people who keep not paying attention to my profile and I’m in here for the apparent rare breed who does.


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  • I'd be open to that!

  • @JoyfulHeart, sweet :). I wound up posting this in a mutual aid group I'm in and more folks there wanted to read as well, so I have a 10pm zoom and we are going to read things like Fairy Tales, and posi Sci Fi. If you'd like to join, or just try sometime, I'm sure I can't get enough.

  • This sounds interesting. I love listening to storytellers and love reading out loud. Would love to know more.

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    @Becs yah!!!!
    Right now I'm arranging 10pm est storytimes. If it's one on one I use phone, and if it's more we do zoom. The goal is to have stories that are hopeful and worth going to bed to and just be able to listen to each other. Utopian Sci Fi or things that acknowledge problems are encouraged though! No other rules, people can be the reader or listener or both/all timing permitted. Children's stories are some good stuff!! We don't have to read short stories just so they can be finished, I've read some parts of bigger books.
    I'm open to ideas for guidelines that matter to someone else.
    CC folks can just say we're friends, because some of the other people are coming from another place as well. Or I could hash out and just do separate CC times.
    Also, I'm open to starting a collective space on facebook so people can ask for their own times and special interests for reading together.
    I'll PM you to join if you still want.

  • @Becs I think you'd have to PM me because of the settings.

  • I'd be interested in the groups as well!

  • How lovely!

  • @JoyfulHeart oopsie! I'll pm you bout that!

  • Fantastic idea, @BooksnTeas. It's been interesting watching online groups the last several months and the huge amount of interest in shared stories and experiences. Celebrities reading poetry, fiction, and non-fiction works. How-to classes and videos. Story-telling is in our collective DNA.

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