Still enjoying Winter before next one hits in ~4 months ?

Here in North Dakota it's ~middle of the May, so we're still enjoying winter. Just got some fresh fat snowflakes today.

Anybody else still enjoying winter in May and can't wait 4 more months before winter of `21 finally arrives ? Last winter we got lucky, first storm arrived pretty late - around October 02. Not sure we'll be so lucky this year.

Here's a ho who
never says no
to a snow


  1. Would you move to a climate that has 12 months of Winter ?2 votes
    1. Yes
    2. Of course!


  • It was just 24 degrees last night in western MD, and it started to snow just now.

  • It's 20 degrees here in the UK.

    That's Celsius ; in "proper" degrees it's 68. It makes queuing outside shops quite pleasant.

  • You're wrong. The Celsius is actually the proper degree ;)

    Just because I am in 'Murica ain't mean I'm from it ;)

    20 'C is awfully warm for this time of year. Now, I've been to London and surrounding areas maybe 6-7 times, but it was never that warm at this time of year.

  • I use radians instead of degrees. ;)

  • Winter has come back to Texas. It was 68F when I went to the store around noon.

  • 68 in Texas ?

    I had no idea Arctic Blast could blow down to the tropics!

    How y'all fixin' it?

  • Weather for upcoming week in Phoenix, AZ:

  • +100F - that's offensive !

    I'll happily take -40F over +100F, any day of the week.

    Too bad we only get to the -40 F territory for just few weeks each winter...

  • Love Arizona. Lived there for several years.

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