Loving yourselves as well as others

Back in 8th grade is when I started to get selfconsois and I wished things were easyer.I wanted exceptiance and excepted myself for who I was, witch was an overly emotional dude who openly expressed my love and was criticised called a weirdo for being like real huggy twords people who I wanted to hug and be close with. I wanted to say I've seen discrimination and love and I choose love over hate I'd never want anyone feeling Emily and in love and hated for the fact they love alot. Like boys are supposed to be tough like men was a thing drilled into me and I couldn't ever meet that expectations cuz I'm sensitive to the point I cry watching shows such as "supernatural" and nursing insects to health when I'd see them hurt. I love cuddling and bring able to hold someone it's like saying a million self improvement videos straight to the heart and I'm glad cuddle community exist


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    It takes a lot of courage to be your true self and not bend to society's expectations. So congratulations, and good luck on this site.

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    The problem with hugging as a way to communicate one's love of others, is that some people don't like it. For some people, a hug has sometimes led on to an experience that they didn't like.

    Knowing when someone wants a hug, can be very hard, and it is usually best to let them make the final step.

    A few years ago, I was in an outdoor café, and watched a bumble bee staggering along the floor. I bought a toffee cake, rolled off a piece of toffee about 1/4 inch diameter then coaxed the bee onto a napkin with the piece of toffee and put it on a wall. As I ate the rest of the cake, the bee started eating the small piece of toffee that I had given it.

    The next week when I was in the café, a waitress said she had watched the bee eat the whole thing and then fly away.

  • So you gave a bee diabetes.

  • @FunCartel

    Or rather, diabeetes. 😀

  • @SnugbugGypsy It sounds like accepting yourself as you are regardless of what you've been taught has been very important to you. You feel and rightly so an immense pride in embracing you needs and desires to express your feelings freely. Needs and desires that include being hugged and hugging, being aware and conscious of how the above-mentioned affects your self esteem.

    Sounds like you're also committed to growing from your experiences. Hopefully cuddling will encourage by giving you the space to continue to learn about and accept yourself in many enriching ways.

    Hope you find the Cuddlers and cuddles that are right for you. And that you will have and make many fun filled memories. It's really interesting to see such a young man take such an introspective approach. Keep on, Sir.

    Best of luck.

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