Ever have someone deactivate and it broke your heart?

Anyone else develop such a rapport with someone, had outstanding cuddle experiences then wake up to find out they deactivated their account, and you feel saddened


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    Tbh I’ve deactivated and re-activated my account quite a bit. This site can be very overwhelming for ladies. Hold out hope they will be back love. I’m sorry.

  • Thank you for your kindness

  • People deactivate kinda frequently so if she didn't delete she'll prob be back . If she's someone you have cuddled before do you not have a phone number or social media you can contact her on ?

  • And I just checked your profile. If it's who I am thinking it is , she will be back . But some people just need a break for whatever reason . Respect her space and check in when she's ready to start cuddling again . If she gave you contact info try contacting to see if shes ok . If you don't hear back she prob wants privacy

  • Thanks for the feedback bro

  • It happens! People come and go frequently in deactivating their accounts for breaks. 💜🙃 I wouldn't hold unto it, she'll be back.

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