$10 video sessions due to covid.

I sent an email to the owners of this site to ask how I go about doing a video chat.
1. I never received an answer
2. How does one go about getting paid for that?
It would be nice if I could get some help on this but apparently pro cuddles are just money makers for the owners of the site.
On another note, it should be required that people put up a picture of themselves and not hide behind their profile. I'm tired of asking to see potential clients and they refuse to give a picture unless it is off site.
I like to see the client so I can get a read on them from my instincts.


  • I'm not sure what you're expecting as an answer for that, could you be more specific?. Video chat cuddles function exactly the same way as regular cuddles, but instead of meeting in person you have a video chat with Skype, Discord, etc. There's an FAQ thread in the general section of the forums you can ask any more specific questions you have and either a member of staff or member of the community can answer.

    Mark I'm assuming is pretty busy, and being passive aggressive about this is maybe not the best idea.

    I disagree about the picture requirement. A lot of people aren't going to be comfortable posting public pictures of themselves, and forcing them to do so would alienate them. This site is both for enthusiasts and professionals, baseline you have to take both into account.

    Also, this isn't really a professional cuddle request despite the title indicating that it is. It's more of a general discussion or professional cuddling discussion, so I'm going to report this and it'll hopefully be moved by a staff member.

  • As far as doing a video chat, you may choose whatever video calling and/or web conferencing platform you see fit, so long as such platform does not carry any non-platonic connotations. Many use Zoom, Google Duo, Cisco Webex, FaceTime, WhatsApp, etc.

    You should confirm an appointment for the video chat with the client, just like you would for the cuddle session. After that, go on as you would for a cuddle session.

    As far as your displeasure with non-pros not being required to have pictures on the site, you reserve the right to refuse service to whomever doesn't comply with your safety requirements so long as you aren't discriminating in a way that would violate pro requirements.

    @Mark any additional comments?

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    Just a thumbs up :+1:

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    Let me get this straight . It’s unsafe to video chat with someone without seeing their photo first .
    Won’t you get to see them on a video screen on the video chat ?

  • She said...."On another note"...I'm assuming pre-Covid"...it'd be nice to see them and not be creepy about posting a photo.

    Btw, why would someone hide?
    This is supposed to be a safe and comfortable thing to do (since it's not porn, cheating, etc).

  • SoulcuddlerZ is spot on. Skype is another one. Make sure you have paypal, venmo as payment methods the client can use to make the payment. I wish more pros would add virtual sessions as a service due to the virus

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    A question was asked ..” why would someone hide “

    There are clients who come to this site specifically to hire a pro cuddlier . Not for an enthusiast .
    After hiring a pro cuddler on three other websites which do not have a requirement to register and display a profile ,( as said above) the client just registers and fills out only required fields in the profile , no “about me” or photo.
    Some client just don’t want their photo in public. Yes , I understand that they can choose to only display the profile to members only .... there are so many members on cuddle comfort world wide you may as well call it public .
    A profile as I described seems to be interpreted as a client hiding or fake person.

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