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I'm not the ambassador of all single women here on the site but going through these threads there seems to be a pattern of some men complaining about not being able to find anyone, getting ignored, and getting blocked. Some background on me I've cuddled quite a bit, say maybe 20-25 times? All good experiences, its a great oxytocin boost. After one month on the site I hope these suggestions will help you get through the screening process.

1 Don't make the mistake of asking for pictures of someone who posted a picture. Men do this on regular dating sites frequently too, and I could write an essay on why not to but ultimately: it's a cuddling website. Perhaps one of you could explain to me why that sense of entitlement exists.

2 If you choose not to post or exchange pictures, fine by me. The most important, fun, funny, loyal and great all around guys I've known and loved were not particularly photogenic. I'm as superficial and vain as the next person but I try, really hard, not to be. And after having said all of that, if you post or send a pic at least try to look....pleasant. Happy. If you think of the risk involved in getting so close to a stranger likely twice your size you want to appear safe. Try not to use selfies as they distort the image (google it)

#3 Bear in mind ladies tend to get a lot of responses, so try a little harder. "Hi, how are you" doesn't exactly stand out. This is particularly egregious from folks describing themselves as** creative**. One guy asked me "how many earths fit inside the sun?" He'll be remembered . Make sure your spelling and grammar is correct. Are correct, haha

4 If you've been blocked by multiple people it means you've been doing and are doing really bad things. Not taking no for an answer. Breaking the CC rules. Trying to cheat on your partner. Expressing racism, sexism, looksism, ageism etc.

There you go. A lot of don'ts but do remember: everyone likes compliments. And its okay to invite someone to cuddle right away, really. Everyone on here should have that expectation and if someone gets offended its their problem. You'll have time for their life story while cuddling, promise.

cheers and good luck! I really hope this helps.


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    Useful info. 👍

    "Looksism" 😀

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    @Veggiegirl I surely would not ask for a pic of you but, if I may be so bold, would you kindly send a clone of yourself to the Northeast Florida area, that would be great. Also, I would like to thank Captin Jack Sparrow cuz as I read through you post I had confidence that I was pronouncing the word egregious correctly. At least in the Caribbean...or is it Caribbean.


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    Or it could just mean you are a victim of the fact there are far more men on this site than women and far more young people than older people.

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