Does Cuddle Comfort self advertise? What platforms?

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Does this website advertise itself anywhere to attract more cuddling enthusiasts? I was just curious as I never came across any advertisements of the “cuddling industry” and never even knew it was a thing until I looked it up on google specifically and saw some news articles about it. I wonder how people find the website. If its just a mere lucky find or what. I guess most of the news websites advertise it as a good way to supplement your income as a professional cuddler, hence all the pros.

I wonder if cuddling could become more mainstream though if it was advertised more broadly and not just as a way to make some extra money. Its pretty hard to find a “cuddle companion” anywhere else online. This website seems to have the best foundation set up with it being pretty well moderated and precise in its focus. It really seems like a nice community. I feel like it has potential to reach a wider audience though as right now it seems pretty niche.

Great job to the people who run the website and the core members that keep it together 👍 It’s a nice gem of a community on the internet. Doesn’t seem to be any other websites of a similar nature that is as well moderated, inviting, and put together.

I like that most of the people on here seem to be on the same page and enjoy cuddling as a way of connecting, relaxing, appreciating one another’s physical company in a way that seems to be very lost in most other online “relations“ communities. It feels spiritual in a way. I feel like non-sexual cuddling becoming more mainstream or like some sort of movement would help bring more peace, tranquility, etc. to the world. It’s like filling up a really big hole in society right now. Anyways, just some random thoughts.


  • Advertising the site is likely to attract far more men than women, and far more professional women that non-professional women.

  • Well said bud ☺️ I’ve seen a few others and those sites I visited definitely felt less cared for and more predatory feeling lol

    I feel safer on this site. It would be nice for this to get out in the world and become a little more accepted 🧐

  • @UKGuy Damn, that’s pretty depressing but maybe you are right.

    @Sheena123 👍 For sure.

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