activities during quarentine

Keeping busy during quarantine is difficult, you can try doing some manual activity, cooking, reading, or any other activity that helps you de-stress and not notice the passage of time, here are some ideas:
-prepare your favorite dessert
-read a book that someone gives you as a gift or recommended
-see an old movie and analyze its content
-grow a plant

If you do not know what else you can do, write your thoughts, and I will gladly read them and make a comment.
Have a nice day



  • I play video games.....which is pretty much what I did before quarantine. It works for me.

  • I have developed my green thumb! ripped up a large garden patch, planted that. Then I started trying to cultivate the grass and got rid of an entire section of maybe 25 x 12 feet and made it into a walkway to the garden.

    Today I'm going to fill up a little decorate well I bought and plant some ground covers and morning glorys so they look like they spill out like water.

    Board game nights. I play D&D via Zoom which is nice to see the group.

    My cooking game has exponentially increased! I tried cooking liver for the first time! It was delicious. I made it with Garam Masala and some curry #IndianGirl

    Next! I want to learn to make a perfect roti!

  • Why is keeping busy difficult? I find not keeping busy difficult. I always have more things to do that I have time for. I have hundreds of books to read and videos to watch. A garden that needs almost daily attention and a house with dozens of fix-up jobs waiting for me. The best time filler is Youtube videos. There's a limitless number of videos on every subject. You can watch whole TV series from back in the 1970's or 80's. Tons of free movies or educational videos on almost any subject. You can take a train cab ride in Croatia or a walk down Bleeker Street in Manhattan.

  • Make calls texts and emails. Why have boredom when you can contribute to the uprising against racial injustice right from your home.
    Here's some!

  • There's always more books I could read or music to discover or shows to watch or games to play or social media to scroll through, but I'm getting sick of the consumption. I started working out just for something productive to do (and to see some new faces), but with the Covid spiking, it seems a little risky to continue going to the gym (even through it's open). Back to figuring out some routine at home. I suppose I should relook at my resume and continue trying to find a job.

  • Things I'm definitely not doing, touching hands, reaching out, touching me, or touching you.

  • A friend sent me a book, "How To Avoid Procrastinating", but I haven't yet got round to reading it.

  • Lots of re-arranging around the home, gardening, trying new recipes and music, podcasts, mindful activities in general.

  • @geoff1000 - I bought several books on how to declutter your home and now those books are adding to the clutter.

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