Want to make some new friends

Hey there!! Would love to chat and meet some new people.


  • Ooo that pic speaks my language absolutely gorgeous

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    Is the chatting and meeting free? You are a professional after all.

  • 👆🏽This is why I hate the forums.

  • @UKGuy
    Good question. If a restaurant owner said they'd like you to come for dinner, you'd probably expect a bill at the end.

  • I think the rule of thumb is if you ask the restaurant owner for food you're expected to pay for it but if they offer it to you 💁🏻‍♀️

  • And if a restaurant owner, a plumber, a chiropractor... (any professional at all) says, “I want to make new friends. Does anybody want to meet and chat?” nobody would ask them if they would get a bill for that. Asking a pro cuddler if they charge people for friendship implies either they aren’t real professionals or else aren’t able to have real friends. That’s making an implication that is neither true, nor helpful, nor inclusive, nor necessary, nor kind.
    That’s how I read it, anyway. Happy to have a friendlier interpretation pointed out to me, if one exists.

  • A bartender will usually say, "What can I get you" or words to that effect ; and the fact that they are standing behind a bar, implies you will be paying for it.
    A cab driver will usually ask where you want to go, and the fact that they are sitting in the driver's seat of a cab, implies you will be paying for it.

    I think that if a pro cuddler, asks on this forum to chat and meet, if it is for free or to be paid for, they should probably say, to avoid any awkwardness ; as a bartender or cab driver would sometimes say it is "on the house".

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    Why all this conjecture when you can simply reach out to OP if you need clarification ? I have a lot of friends on here , pros and non pros. Many I converse with onsite and off , and some I meet and hang out with in the real world . Pro cuddlers are people who value friendships and connection just the same as non pros. Also in the spirit of context people online say they meet and talk all the time in the figurative online sense, not necessarily in the real world. I don't like speaking for people , however I can speak from experience that OP values friendships and connection , and is sincere in her post .

  • @pmvines - The only type of message this site allows me to send to a professional is 'a request to book'.

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    @UKGuy That is just the pop up but you can send regular messages. I think it just says request to book to inform people of how to book them but you can send messages back and forth without booking a session ever entering the equation. I was confused about that too when I first joined and am not really clear on why it says that . Maybe @Mark can clarify

  • I meant here in forum or in private messaging. The meeting part, as in introducing ourselves to each other, as many of the people who have responded are no where close to me. Plus with things opening and closing we may not meet in person anytime soon.
    If on facebook you message people introduce you say nice to meet you.
    Currently I am very selective and cautious as to who I meet in person do to several of my family Members having health concerns.
    Yes I am professional yes I wanted to make new friends yes if paths were to cross that we could meet in person a discussion would be done so we understood what each other’s expectations were. I am sweet and caring didn’t mean to cause a fuss or to mislead anyone. Just wanted some good old fashion convo.

  • @mokissia who new reaching out and being friendly could be controversial....

  • @pmvines i know here I just wanted some good convo no debating. Although I have been know you cause a great debate at times. Lol

  • @mokissia you trouble starter you

  • @mokissia ,
    so glad you put yourself out there; glad we got a chance to talk, i couldn't resist taking you up on your invite to converse, i look forward to the day our schedules and travels coincide and we can meet and cuddle.

  • @happybear well I have had great experiences And MET the best people online and off. I hope our paths cross as well.

    @pmvines ☺️🤪

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