🌠✨ Best Ways to Express a Love Language 🌠✨

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The love languages are important to understand and utilize with loved ones, but not just romantic relations can these come in handy; but when people we are just getting to meet, co-workers, friend, ect. as well... Within reason to your relationship with person, of course πŸ˜‚

If you are trying to align to yours, or someone else's "language" check out these below. ✨🌠


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  • While you didn't directly express that you liked the opening post I can assume you do fairly safely. You have done effectively the same thing, though it is higher effort.

    I personally find this sort of thing to be useful. I think everyone can benefit from knowing about love languages and especially about the ones that you don't have.

  • My top two are words and touch. Cuddling can bring those two together in a profoundly healing way for me.

  • This is great! Thank you @MissAdventurous! πŸ’ž

  • Assuming one is needy can be applied all of these but especially to physical touch. I was accused of being needy when the person "counseling" me did not have the common sense to see that I am this way because I never knew my mom and sister. The affects of that will be haunting me for the rest of my life, and it will take a special person to be able to handle all of that. Fortunately I have found her and God has temporarily separated us in order for me to work on others areas of my life so that it will not affect her in a negative way. In todays world, having the gift of touch often causes others to make claims that it is sexual harrasement, and all I tell them is to use some common sense. Not to mention that once I use the term of "my lawyer told me..." that shuts them up!

  • I wish I could give you big hug for sharing this wonderful posting.
    I can’t wait to share it with others so they can share the love

  • A lot of people think they know what their love language is because that's the way they feel. Then they take the 5 Love Languages quiz to determine if they are correct or not. I would say usually they are pretty close, but it's the ones who miss their love language who can also benefit from the quiz.
    This latter group of people have been trying to fill up a bucket that is not theirs to fill. They may feel like their life is unfulfilled because someone is not speaking their love language. It is when this person understands their own love language that they find true reward. I had administered this test to a number of couples and it's great to see their responses. 😊
    For some it's an "I knew it" and for others it's "I had no idea". Both responses are correct, and beneficial.
    It's not just enough to say your love language. It's not enough to take the quiz to confirm your love language either. It also takes reading the book so you cannot only understand more about you, but so you can also better understand your partner.
    The trap with knowing your love language is that it can be abusive as well, which by the way is the opposite of love. Once people have verified their love langauge that can wield it as a weapon and say you're not meeting my love language. That can be very true, but usually this same person isn't matching their partners love language either.
    Just like in marriage and sex... if we focus on the other person's well-being and they focus on ours we will receive that pleasure and happiness we all desire.
    I think these snapshots that MissAdventurous has posted gives a quick and great synopsis of that too. Those are a great tool. I had to save those to use them later. 😊
    Here is a link to the 5 love languages quizzes. Have a great and blessed day everyone. πŸ€—


  • Huh. Thought mine was Words of Affirmation, but got Quality Time on the quiz link from @OutdoorsGuy503 ~ πŸ€”

    It does seem accurate based on the QT "Try" list but the "Avoid" list for WA resonates far more...

  • Great post!

    As always no one size fits all. One's love language is as fluid and as unique as humanity. Many of us express ourselves in a variety of the love languages listed as well as not listed.

    Our love languages adapt through our life stages. Depending on what situations and experiences we are dealing with at one time or another. Often times we speak our changing needs through our love languages.

    And some speak several different love languages as well. It takes time and effort and perhaps strategy to read a person's love language. To accurately translate those different love languages in that one person. In order to be able to practice the listed dos and do'nts in communicating with a person in his unique love language (s). As well to engage meaningful and healthy feedback from that person.

    And there are also some who don't know what makes them feel loved nor what love language they actually speak. It some times takes others' close loving observation to help a person figure out the love language (s) s(he) speaks. And to accurately translate and communicate with that person using his or her love language

  • It's always good to check in with yourself, love languages can change or develop as we grow or when our relationships change πŸ’œπŸ’œ

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