How was your experience?

Hi. I'm new to the site. Getting my bearings around here. Getting a lot of welcomes. Talking with some people.
I was wondering, how many people on here have actually met up for an intro and/or cuddle session? Was it professional($) or not? How was the experience? What it what you thought/hoped?


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  • I have met one person for cuddles, non pro. I would consider the experience to be excellent. I had no hopes or real thoughts about what it might be like.

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    All the best to those cuddling as a new experience in these times.

    First cuddle on here pretty much what I expected given the communication. Not what I wanted. But I remain eternally grateful.

    Subsequent cuddles very interesting and fun. Some very fulfilling and close to the ideal cuddle experience. Pretty amazing exploration of different cuddle positions. And meaningful and valued connections. Others not so much. And as always I remain eternally grateful.

    Amidst the social distancing and mask wearing restrictions cuddling for me is currently on an indefinite pause. Conversations are more important than reaching for a cuddle meet up. It's more than safety and health. It's also about building trust. It's also about human respect. These things matter now more than ever.

    Now I hope for or desire NOTHING!

    I enjoy each message for the sheer ability and privilege to write it or receive it.

    Nothing more nothing less

    It's human interaction in basic conversation. Conversation that can go either which way: a great connection or cuddle experience, virtual acquaintanceship , radio silence or a polite goodbye.

    It's all about the flow, the vibe, the situation, the interest. That is between two individuals.

    As always each experience is unique and different. No two cuddle experiences will ever be the same. Like no two people are the same.
    But you enjoy each experience for it's unique flavor with eternal gratitude. You communicate your desires and needs in that moment. And vice versa. And you let the energy flow where it needs to : without desire, without expectations, without hope. That's all.

    And it's also a growth process. You live and you learn with each person you message and each cuddle experience. Your needs and desires to cuddle changes over time. As does your needs and desires to communicate with others and the way you choose to. And you adapt. I know I have.

    With this pandemic you have to adapt even more in ways no one could have envisioned a year ago. But it is what it is.

    To each his own.🙏

  • This is not for everyone.

    Even if it's not for you you keep enjoying the small features about it that makes you feel joy. That's all

    In this life the only thing that matters is the connection you have with yourself. As I watch people die every day I've learnt that it's the bond one has with his inner spirit that keeps one alive and strong even when one is dying.

    It's in the illness and suffering of others that I take my greatest lessons and wisdom. Because I always think to myself: what would I have done if I were the one laying there?

    When I have no one to call, to talk to, to give me the comfort of parting ways with a leg or arm or toes too necrotic to function. Or I watch my lungs groan in the agony of death and all I have is the doctor or nurse at my side staring at me. I always have my spirit to call on to talk to . Even if my voice fails and I can no longer speak. I have that inner voice that's always keeping me company with compassion. Because I know I have that I keep smiling with the eternal comfort of inner contentment.

    And that's all I really need.

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    Of the two I met and cuddled with for a bit of the site, they both ended up signalling that they wanted more than platonic cuddling, one signalling more than the other. As well as essentially saying that he is ashamed to be seen with me in public because of my disability, and instead trying to get me to wait and see him at his place "once he moves". Good news they both ended up getting banned for who knows what, so they are hopefully gone for good.

    Though I am hopeful that I will meet respectable people and while we just met once, I have met a few people who were okay.

  • I've been quite lucky. Joined last October, had a cuddle in a movie with a divine fellow as my first experience. That emboldened me to reach out to another one and we hung a few times, cuddled in a movie. Then I met the third fellow who I cuddled with weekly for a while until COVID hit. All three were wonderfully respectful and it was great getting to know them. I've had tea with another two who were also very fine humans. But all of that was the result of a LOT of screening -- messaging back and forth until I could feel them and what they were about. Definitely seems like there are plenty who push boundaries, are hoping things will go sexual, etc. but also plenty who don't. I also ran into one fellow who I could tell was a total scammer. I don't know what he wanted, but I didn't stick around to find out. He was young, gorgeous and the whole thing was quite weird. My sage advice to you (haha 9-month-sage) is to help yourself to as much screening as you need to feel safe and known and ok about being in person with the person. And trust your gut!

    The first one I didn't do any screening - I was in the city just for one more night and decided to go for it, but in a public place. So sweet and we're still buddies. The second one I had tea with twice I think, then cuddled, again in a public place. The third one I had tea with but hit it off so immediately that I felt fine about trying it out and it was honestly so good that we cuddled regularly. I've also made a lot of friends on here that I would probably look up should I be traveling again in the future, of all genderishness. You can change your mind and not cuddle with someone, you can take as long as you like getting to know them, you can set the pace. The ones that can't hang for that are probably not for you. That's my feeling, humbly offered. Nonpro women are rare on here, and I think the way to stay on here and get what you need is to totally follow what you need to feel safe and not compromise that.

    Good luck!

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