What are you wearing...? πŸ‘•πŸ©³πŸ§¦πŸ§€πŸ‘šπŸ‘–πŸ‘—πŸ§£ πŸ€”???

Been wondering what people like to wear (or not wear) to cuddle...

I have this "outfit" that is the most amazing thing I've ever worn - it's soft and flowy, it feels good on my skin, I love it! But it's a long shirt-long skirt combo that I can only imagine would become a tangled mess!

So I'm looking to find ideas of other comfy cuddle attire.

What do you like to wear?

What do you like your cuddle buddy to wear?

Are there clothing options you would discourage?

Am I way over-thinking this?

Other than deodorant, underwear and/or something to cover said underwear areas ~ What's the 'norm' for you?

Yah - probably over-thinking... πŸ™‡β€β™€οΈ



  • Soft shorts and a tee.

  • shorts and a tee for me too, i like when the person i cuddle does the same, it allows legs to be skin to skin, some people come with such slippery clothing, its tough to massage or grab a hold lol. i've had a few cuddlers covered from top to bottom, i kidded that they forgot the hat and gloves too, lol.
    i had someone i cuddled with the softest t-shirt ever, i then realized that i let her use my t-shirt that i came with because she came from a interview and had buttons on her shirt that stuck up like pointy beads.

  • I’d probably do fleece shorts and a t-shirt. πŸ˜…I’m basic.

  • Ok, so nothing tight so no yoga leggings, spandex, no jeans EVER LOL, no socks and no sweaters unless you live in really cold climate and your AC doesn't cut it.
    Your clothes should be soft, breathable short and loose, this is a cuddling site not a cuddle with a pile of laundry site lol
    Here's the breakdown

    NO SOCKS - Our feet have almost 16,000 extremely sensitive nerve endings that connect to everywhere else on our bodies... have you ever played footsies while cuddling? Footsies triggers the brain to start producing and releasing tons of oxytocin in the body, it gives you a natural high and a feeling of bonding. Try it... it will change how you cuddle forever!

    SOFT - If you're cuddling the right way you might move around a bit and soft clothes are less restrictive and abrasive

    BREATHABLE - If the chemistry is there the temperature will rise so that will help minimize sweating and staying fresh and dry

    SHORT - Time to show a little skin lol If you don't enjoy skin on skin contact you really shouldn't be on this site.

    LOOSE - Because it serves as a good segway to the following joke, Loose makes it faster and easier to get NAKED!!! 🀣🀣🀣 Just Kidding moderator! Don't ban me!!! πŸ˜‡ lol

  • @CozyGuy75 ~ "this is a cuddling site not a cuddle with a pile of laundry site" ~ Lol!

    Note to self: Don't wear loose clothes if cuddling with CozyGuy75 ... Lol! :p

  • Target has these crazy soft t-shirts, and I picked up one of the v-neck ones. If I might have a head lay upon my shoulder, I'd like to make it a pleasant place for a face.

  • @Snowbound ~ "... a pleasant place for a face"!!!
    I love it! β™‘

  • "Your clothes should be soft, breathable short and loose, this is a cuddling site not a cuddle with a pile of laundry site"

    Indeed. I've had cuddlers cuddle in jeans (seems like an obviously bad idea). Also one cuddler used to come over and just wear whatever dress she had worn to the office (worked out OK, but doesn't seem like something you'd want to wear to bed). I'm also not a big fan of leggings for cuddles; a tight clothing item that covers half your body seems clearly the wrong way to go when you're after bodily contact. But a lot of cuddlers wear them.

    Several times in the past when I've had a cuddler come over in non-optimal clothing I politely suggested she could borrow some shorts or a t-shirt from me. They agreed about half the time.

  • It is most important for me that my person I am with is comfy. Whether I like what they wear or not is beside the point

  • Swoon @pmvines

    Yoga pants, loose t-shirt. Haven't had complaints.

  • Men’s large v neck and some shorts πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™€οΈ

  • I think both parties should wrap themselves in bubble wrap and try to not make noise

  • edited July 27

    Got some new summer cuddle outfits in mail today. Love matching top and bottom short and tank sets. πŸ₯³πŸ₯³πŸ§šβ€β™€οΈ


    Posted the picture of them on this posting. Excited to have some light weight lounge wear.

  • @pmvines ~ I wish I knew where the pic was....
    Once when babysitting my little cousins we came across two massive trash bags of bubblewrap in my aunt & uncle's attic. Scissors, strapping tape and 45 minutes later - I had them both in epic, head to toe, ready for war, gladiator garments (complete with shoes, and swords made of wrapping paper tubes also covered in bubblewrap). It was hilarious!

    They were so cute and were entertained for hours! It's a cherished memory for all three of us that's revisited nearly every time someone opens a protected present ~ lol.

    Oh and once they were all set, I made a protective suit (hardly protective - it was more like wonky raincoat) for their dinky chihuahua too!
    Lol ~ Good times! β™₯︎

    And not quiet at all... swish~swish... definitely not stealth.

  • I love a loose white tshirt, ankle socks and baggy/loose lounge pants.

  • I prefer loose yoga pants and a soft t-shirt for platonic cuddling. I don't mind what other people wear that much as long as they have at least a t-shirt and shorts on. Soft, loose materials are generally preferable as it's much nicer to give someone a back rub when they are wearing a shirt with soft material.

  • I haven't met anyone to cuddle so I haven't had to make that decision.

  • I've been on here a month but haven't had a client/appt that has stuck yet. Hopeful as I am though, I went to TJMaxx today - first shopping outing since Corona- and picked up a couple different sets of very fleecy soft but lightweight pajama shorts and tanks.

  • I usually cuddle in a loose fitting, comfy t-shirt and loose shorts. I like it when my partner wears something similar. Or, even better, if she wears a tank top so I can have a little more skin to touch on her back. One partner prefers that I not wear a shirt. I'm good with that. So I think it's something you discuss with your buddy before you cuddle so you're both comfortable and ready when you get together. I'm sure there are even those who cuddle completely naked once they're comfortable enough with each other. I don't see an issue with that either.

  • I usually wear what I’d call basketball shorts, which are a silky breathable loose fabric, and a super light wicking tee. I bring flannel pajama bottoms and another wicking long sleeve base layer shirt, and socks that I can add in case it’s too cold. I usually don’t need the extra layer except in winter.

  • During these times? A full hazmat suit with face shield.

  • @Mike403 ~ Lol!

    I'm going to be flying in a few weeks and am seriously considering buying one of these so I can lean my head on the wall to look out the window, relax and sleep. Otherwise my general flight anxiety, combined with imagining all the surface and airborne particles making their way around my usual mask, will have me sitting rigid for the whole flight (instead of just for the take off and landing).😬

    But now I'm thinking maybe I could wear it for cuddling too...? Hrm...? This kind of seems reasonable........

  • @pmvines and @quixotic_life - HILARIOUS!

    Please. Someone do this.

  • @Sideon - YES!!! Furry Marshmallow Cuddles anyone? We can start by boarding this smooth and sweet chocolate seat here on my gramcracker decked vespa! Then we'll go put-putting around the city with you dressed as a banana ~ Because yum!!!

  • @UCpaaHVg6u0 ~ snort ~ Lol!!!

    Now which mask should I get to go with it...?

    Choices abound....

  • T-shirt and pajama pants. And yes, underwear on under that.

  • @quixotic_life Definitely not the first one... She looks to be sunburned from the reflection!

  • @quixotic_life Number two for sure.

  • Lol! Leave it to me to fully participate in the derailing of my own forum post ~ I honestly didn't consider the direction things might take (kinda short sighted given we're in a pandemic where covering up is needed)! @pmvines @Mike403 @UCpaaHVg6u0 @snuggleme123 and @Sideon ~
    Thank you for contributing to the nonsense!!!

    I also wanted to thank those of you who offered thoughtful (and practical) suggestions. My Amazon cart is overflowing with options... πŸ›’πŸ›
    @Gunner22 @happybear @BlacBBWPrincess @CozyGuy75 @Snowbound @SanFranResident @pmvines @littermate @Lyssababy92 @MissAdventurous @Ngray4782 @TouchSanctuary @Frz2020 @cuddlestogive @MrPaul and @CNYMike ~
    Thank you all so much!
    Now it's time to review and order...! πŸ‘©β€πŸ’»

    Because ...
    My first ever CuddleComfort (or otherwise) platonic cuddle date is on the calendar!!!

    OMG!!! I'm over the moon excited!!!

    I feel so fortunate to have been directed to this community, having the nerve to step outside my comfort zone to say, "hi" and have it all just work out.

    I'm not name dropping (if he wants to broadcast, that's his choice), or sharing where I'm headed (because then it might be obvious ~ shh... secrets 🀫). But he's been more (well... everything) than I ever could have hoped for! I truly admire and respect this person and can't wait until we actually get to be in the same space for a while.

    Disclosure: I honestly thought we'd just be long distance friends (we live well over 2000 miles apart) and we probably wouldn't have met up until 2022 at the earliest (when I'll be taking a month long cross-country road trip).

    Sometimes, opportunity knocks!

    A friend of mine is moving to NC (from CA) and I was going to drive with them for fun & safety. Each of us were making plans for stop-over's in neighboring cities (for me it would've been my 1st cuddle time!) but their timeline got pushed, things fell apart and it looked like the trip was off. That's when the greatest thing happened! My friend had been so moved by my overall happiness and gushing enthusiasm around meeting him, they gifted me enough money to cover half the expenses so I could still go!!! What?! Really?!

    Squeee!!! This is amazing!!!

    Another important piece, necessary to this being a fully positive experience, is my family who are making an effort to be supportive (they're understandably worried about Covid - but relaxed a bit when I shared my in-depth PPE plans and shopping list) and they've promised to love on my woofie (a lot) while I'm gone.

    I'm sooooo fricken excited!!!

    The tickets are purchased, the room is booked (it looks heavenly), we've had numerous discussions around preferences and boundaries, I have an ever expanding, "things to consider taking" list, I'm buying candles and snuggle friendly attire, my playlists are edited and my suitcase is standing by, ready to load!

    Now I just have to hold it together as I count down the days!

    Note: feel free to keep adding to this (silly or not)!

    ~ I just wanted to check in & update things β™‘πŸ€— ~

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