Is everyone ok?

My sleep pattern has been thrown all the way off for the past month....just checking in on everyone. Since we out here trying to pass on love to others lol.


  • Mine too
    Since Iā€™m only part time now I feel like I sleep longer than normal

  • During the duration of the lockdown I've managed to mess up my sleep cycle and then fix it 8 or 9 times I think. Currently waking up in the afternoon and going to sleep at around 6AM.

    Sorry to see so many people are experiencing those kinds of issues on top of everything else at the moment. It's not great for your mental or physical health to have an unstable sleep cycle or be nocturnal for too long.

  • My sleep pattern is quite reasonable ; though I sometimes wake in the middle of the night, so it's useful being a few time-zones ahead of most CC, so there's usually a few recent forum entries to catch up on.

    Physical exercise seems to help ; a tired body tells my brain that the day is over.

  • Right there with you!

    My sleep cycle is completely off and shifts every three to six days with stretches of insomnia thrown in every other week or so. It's kind of mental ~ šŸ„“

    I work in a school and can't wait until we're able to safely reenter our routines. Plus I really miss the kids!

  • Completely off since January! I'm ready to start looking at medication to get a good night's sleep.

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    Valerian root works great for sleep though it does smell like a dirty sock

  • Chamomile tea.

  • Clonidine .1 ~ Until last night, I haven't had it on board for a while (it fell out of my med/vitamins bag and I hadn't noticed ~ but I found it while cleaning yesterday šŸ¤¦ā€ā™€ļø). Got a total of 8 hours (5/3 - probably could have got more but was shocked awake by how late in the day it was). Anyway, it's hard to know because it's been a few months since I've had to be even remotely schedule bound and I'm not sure how long it hasn't been in the mix (it's pretty full and my next refill is coming up, so...) a couple months? Either way, I'm hopeful that adding this back into my life does the trick and it's not just a one-off...
    'eye-roll' Lol ~ I really need to work on some stuff...

    @Sideon ~ I hope you find something that works for you šŸ¤—

  • @quixotic_life - I'm open to non-medicinal and non-alcoholic options, if you've got any! B)

  • not ok.

    0 motivation, and constantly grumpy. watching my friends businesses suffer and burning through money i dont have.

  • @Sideon melatonin, valerian root , CBD and there is this stuff they sell at a local health food store called Anxiousless that seems to help relax quite a bit

  • Myself as well as 15 neighbors I've asked have been having insomnia, deep dreams (that feel like movies) as well as mild headaches ever since they built this 5G tower at the end of the street šŸ¤”

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    My sleep cycle has actually gotten better. Before this I was never home . Always working , then out , tons of coffee, out til midnight or after , then back to work in the morning, repeat. Sometines only getting 4 hrs of sleep at the most . However now I am at home a lot after work , less restless , more at peace with myself and my surroundings . It is like relearning how to spend my time and energies . As a result, my sleep habits have gotten somewhat normal again.

  • My sleep cycle has been a bit off lately as well!

  • I wish I could sleep in. Covid has upped my work schedule so I feel as though Iā€™m running on no sleep šŸ˜¢

  • Never okay but always content.

    Never okay but always grateful for everything good, bad,ugly and everything in between

    Never okay but always learning and striving to learn.

    Never okay but always open: minded and hearted

    Never ever okay. And perhaps never ever will be. But always content with the now, what is had, what has been and what will be. šŸ™

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