National Coin Shortage

You know I was wondering with the national coin shortage being experienced here, has any pro been paid with all coins in the past? Was it loose change or rolled coins like in a bank? Or combination of the two? I know people have written here about exchanging services for cuddling before, Just curious if anybody heard or experienced being paid in all coins.


  • As far as I've ever heard, pro cuddlers only accept payment in coins, so they've been hoarding recently.

  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Well I guess the coin shortage is explained 💲

  • I can confirm this. The more coins, the better. I accept water jugs full of coins & piggy banks as well.

  • I would love to make a pay a professional in bitcoin lol!!!

  • Oh damn, @SweetCamiXO, now I know who to send my jugs full of coins here to.

  • A design of UK pound coin became obsolete almost 3 years ago, but over £120 million of them haven't been handed in. If they aren't being hoarded, they must have been lost.

  • I prefer to pay in sheepskins. It can be difficult as the sheepskin valuations can wildly fluctuate, but many cuddlers actually prefer this method of payment as the sheepskins will also keep them warm in the winter.

  • @SpooniesBack
    Aren't they worried about getting fleeced ?

  • @geoff1000 bwahahaha! 🤣

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