How's everyone doing?

How's everyone doing? What's new? I haven't been here for a while.


  • Frustrated because I can't seem to fall asleep 😩

  • I'm in the same boat (insomnia). I'm okay though, all things considered. Grateful for my job, family, amazing people I've met over the past 2 years through this cuddle community, and for music (creating and listening). Being an INFJ has also been a blessing, given the state of things (though I'm a touch starved for external feels atm lol).

    Menna, I wish you a rejuvenating slumber forthwith.

    Member, welcome back, and how are you this fine evening?

  • Doing just fine. Doing just fine with myself. Feeling every depth of contentment my mind can conceive. I am totally fine living in my head with myself. Totally fine.

    I totally despise and rebuke the judgemental pity of strangers who pretend to care. Yet understand very little about the humanity that exists outside of their bubble and that of their friends and loved ones.

    Please take your fake compassion and feed it to the squirrels. Don't insult me with your ego tripping pity. I don't desire it. I don't need it.

    I am not speaking to anyone here. I'm not trying to trigger any one. I'm not being triggered by anyone or anything. I'm not trying to insult anyone. I'm just saying.

    I just hate hypocrisy. Hate it. I just don't like false pity that means nothing. Pity that derides. Pity that scorns. Pity that condescends. Pity that diminishes. Pity that plays benign caring psychiatrist and backhandedly seeks to diagnose me with a mental illness. Just please keep your distance. Say nothing. You can't hide fake. It stares you in the face like a crow or vulture about to swoop down on you and eat you alive. Just please keep your pity to yourself.

    Because I'm doing just fine. I may never ever be okay. But I'm very content. I'm very grateful for everything I have. And everyone I cross paths with. Always. I just don't desire or need the fake pity of arrogant self-righteous strangers.

  • So stressed with life. .. im with a very complicated relationship, open relationship for 2 years, now he started talking with someone, so i feel so alone all the time, I miss hugs at night, kisses all the time. Now im trying to be okay and not to think of it. Cause it stress me more, im having difficulty to sleep since im not used to sleep alone with lights off. .. i really want someone to cuddle but i am also afraid. And i cant have visitors at my place since his here. Sometimes i just go out in 4 or 5 am in the morning and cry outside until i feel okay. .. hope to be okay soon.

  • I’m recuperating from my surgery, (gallbladder removed). It’s going really well. I will be cuddling again after August 15, 2020. Should be right as rain then😉

  • @Jeine Hearing you. Your share touched my heart. Crying is great therapy. Can be so tweaky to be in that situation. Hugs to you! <3

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