What music are you all listening to?

I just got this one stuck in my head:



  • Last night the theme song for "Three's Company" started going on a repeat loop in my mind! I haven't seen, heard, or thought about that show in decades! OMG! Seriously, it was awful!

    I had totally forgotten about it and was enjoying the peace and quiet, when I saw this ask... And now it's back again!

    Lol ~ "Alexa....!"

  • I have a regular walk through some woods ; and each autumn / fall, when dead leaves cover the path, the Justin Hayward song from Jeff Wayne's musical "War of the Worlds" sticks in my head.

  • [Deleted User]Zundar (deleted user)

  • Another good one:

  • I'm in a Ska period:

  • [Deleted User]Snuggly82 (deleted user)

    The Killers new album Imploding The Mirage

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    I have listened to the musical war of the worlds a number of times, since I was a child. I quite like it

  • Next time you're driving alone in your car on a dark rainy night, play this song really loud:

  • I saw these guys in concert. This is a very good song:

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  • Some old school for ya. Who else likes classic r&b

  • This song is not from the '80s, but it has an '80s vibe to it:

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    @Mike403 aww yeah, Sunset Neon! I've been following his main project, Blue Stahli, for a long time. Fantastic and creative musician!

  • @Mike403 ~ This is a great thread!

    Hope it's okay to throw in this bit of randomness...
    The chorus (at 2:15) had been on a mental repeat while making sure I had everything packed just right (again for the millionth time ~ lol!) So I looked it up and played it few times to poke fun at myself ~ and because I like it! 🙂 (4x yesterday and 2x today already ~ yeah, I should probably stop ~ 🤪)

    Music starts at 1:25 & again at 3:30 (after a short dialog break)...

    ps - I'll try to post something more... "real" next time.

  • Another song with a strong '80s vibe:

  • "And though it sounds a little strange..."

    "...you gotta eat it with gloves
    or your hands will turn green"

  • I wasnt just listening, I just spent almost three hrs on my drum kit. Got in my cardio playing Kieth Urban, Heart-Barracuda, Stray Cats, Metallica, Kid Rock, Bruno Mars, Joanne Shaw Taylor, Joe Bonamassa, Spyro Gyra, Dream Theater, The Offspring, Girls With Guitars, Rush, Evanescence and more...SO MUCH FUN!

  • @quixotic_life I was at a grocery store this week and a guy had Sweet Caroline blasting out of his very good system. I smiled as I thought how long it has been since I heard Neil cranking from a car. I drove in front of him at just the right time and yelled out the window Bom Bom Bom! :) I actually taught myself to play a drumset to The Jazz Singer in Junior High as a freshman and challenged the senior for his spot to play the drum set and took the whole thing from him. lol

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    68 tracks five to eight minutes each. It was a digital download; it’d never all fit onto a single compact disc.

  • My favorite "genre" of music is probably music from movies ; because it evokes the memory of the scene, which is often the key part of the whole movie. Our movie theatres are gradually reopening, and among a few new releases, they're playing some classics. This week has included "Dirty Dancing" which rounds off with "( I've Had ) The Time of My Life".

  • "Where are you now? Lost inside your alien soul. Searching for the supernovas and the stars":

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