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    "I felt like I could be myself with her and just be real." @Allisonmarie

    "I've never felt more nurtured and accepted." @AmorAmor

    "She never judged, she listened and just let me breath.. thank you for allowing me a chance to let go and not be judge." @Biancalovecraft

    "I have my share of life issue that has brought me to this site, and she has accepted me and all my flaws, and there are a few." @Caringinpa

    "I didn't feel like I had to live up to some imaginary standard, I could just be me and she was cool with it." @Dharma

    "When I need to talk over some life issue, no matter how troubling or embarrassing, Fei is there exactly as I need her to be: caring, tender, non-judgmental." @HugsFromFei

    "She took me and all of my anxiety into her arms. She allowed me to share some of my deepest points of shame and - still - she held on tight. Sophia reminded me of what it feels like be 100% accepted." @IAMSophia

    "She knows how to make you comfortable, and tear down all your defensive boundaries. You're truly able to be yourself around her." @Krobyn

    "She made me feel very accepted and good about myself." @Maleficentmissy

    "I'm a rather tall person who is not at my ideal weight, but she put my self-consciousness about it to rest and I never even thought about it." @Show3737

    "She soothed my heart and gave me acceptance." @Snuglove

    "She's kind-hearted, non-judgemental, intelligent and very well spoken. She is incredible to converse with, I felt safe sharing personal things with her right away." @Terra

    "I have never felt so close and accepted by someone in such a short time." @Ubergigglefritz


    "She was very affectionate and her touch felt like she was touching your soul." @AshleysEmbrace

    "She is very affectionate and a great cuddler. I was spoiled from start to finish." @Cktouch

    "Jaz just exudes calming affection." @CuddlingJaz

    "Her snuggles and affectionate nature are contagious. Session was a blur." @Ebaby

    "Ever meet someone who is so full of warmth and affection that they almost seem to glow?" @HugsFromFei

    "She gives off warm tender affectionate energy that makes you feel as if your walking on clouds." @Joy101

    "She brings so much of soothing n calming touch with genuine affection in her cuddles." @Suzanne


    "She's very intuned with getting to know the person and her environment that she catches your micro movements that you were unaware you even had." @FriendlyScorpio

    "She was very nurturing, sensitive, and attuned. She was very good at communicating and sensing my needs and adjusting to give me the best experience." @JayaLove

    "What impressed me most was her attention to the actual cuddling. You can feel the intention and thought put into every configuration and every breath." @Koalabearcuddle

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    "Words can't describe how incredibly beautiful inside n out that she is of a person." @Adriana13

    "She is warm and caring and is a beautiful person in all aspects of the word." @Bethe60

    "B is exactly what every man looks for in a provider. Intelligence, compassion, laughter, beauty, a cat, AND a dog! I really enjoyed the opportunity to experience her smiles and all her wonderful femininity for a couple hours." @Biancalovecraft

    "Her pictures don't do he enough justice, she is even more beautiful in person. She has such a glow about her that just engulfs the room." @Brandi

    "Her smile can fill up a room. Super easy to communicate with and just a beautiful, energetic, positive energy lady." @CuddleBuddy4Kay

    "She has a perfect figure and nice sweet voice. She's very fit, but also soft and feminine." @Cuddlingbyerica

    "One of the most beautiful, loving, radiant and intelligent human beings I have ever met in my life. Her warm hugs are filled with compassion and love whilst her smile can lighten up saddest of hearts." @Dragonfly333

    "They say that you are as beautiful as the things you do, the words you say, and the intentions of your heart. And Envie is about as beautiful as they come." @Envie

    "She is amazingly beautiful in every way a woman can be." @MissAdventurous

    "It doesn't hurt that she is absolutely beautiful from head to toe, inside and out." @MsClickers

    "Hard to to find someone with such a beautiful smile as hers and a beautiful soul to match." @Snuggledoll

    "She's obviously physically gorgeous but it's her spiritual, emotional and mental beauty that make her an amazing cuddle partner." @Tachoudh


    "Bet is very comfortable with her boundaries, able to communicate them in a friendly and gentle way." @Bet

    "Her cuddling techniques were warm and intimate (without crossing any lines)" @Chase22

    "She maintains really good client-therapist boundaries, and there was no confusion around emotions, communication or attachment. This solid foundation allowed a lot of freedom to explore the power of touch and healing in a really safe way." @HuddleCuggle

    "She makes you feel very welcomed and cared for in the session keeping the cuddle boundaries intact." @Krobyn

    "Completely professional, has strong boundaries about the sites rules - which I admire." @LVBlondie

    "She was kind and understanding, but clear when I bumped into one of her bounderies, which was very reassuring." @Show3737

    "I have a very hard time with touch, but she helped by playing a boundaries game before our session. She was very understanding and responsive to all boundaries I set while cuddling." @SnugglewithSam

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    "I felt incredibly soothed and sincerely cared for." @AshleysEmbrace

    "April was the best, very gentle and caring." @BestLovingTouch

    "She's a very caring person and there to listen and help you through the stress and worries." @Brandi

    "She's extremely caring, sweet & very attentive. And she gives genuine, tight, heart felt, warm cuddles that makes you feel cared for." @CaringSoul

    "Immensely attentive and caring; that's the least I could say. Coming out of a very troubled marriage, just to hold and be held was all I wanted, and my experience with Cassandra was better than I could have hoped for." @CassandraE

    "What I found noteworthy was her genuine concern for me and how I was doing." @CristalCuddles

    "Fion is not just an amazing cuddler, she is one of the finest people I have ever had the honor of meeting. She is genuine and caring" @Fiorella

    "I have never been more comfortable with another cuddler and I felt completely understood and cared for." @MollyB

    "One of the most considerate caring people I have ever met. She truly cares about connecting and understanding where you are at." @MsClickers


    "April is one of the kindest, tender, and transparent people I've ever met. She immediately put me at ease and comforted me in my time of need." @AM1024

    "She really did soothe my soul, warm my heart, ease my stress, and pamper me with attention & warmth." @CaringSoul

    "As someone who is going through a hard time in life, I haven't laughed that hard, felt that good, and been so comforted in longer than I can remember." @Cuddles4bliss

    "She gives the warmest, most motherly, loving, comforting hugs." @Cuddlingbyerica

    "We got to share some intimate moments and her cuddles comforted me at the end of a long week." @Dharma

    "She's a natural healer in every sense of the word and her ability to instill comfort is unmatched." @MsClickers


    "She is very authentic in forming a connection with you. I felt very nurtured an cared for." @Biancalovecraft

    "From start to finish I felt completely comfortable, loved, and cherished. She knows how to connect with people on a deeper level." @Bombshellb225

    "It's amazing how fast her and I were able to connect in a matter of minutes from meeting one another." @Brandi

    "It was comforting, compassionate, and I felt a real sense of support and connectedness with her." @CaringSoul

    "Sometimes it takes several sessions to really get comfortable with a cuddler, but I felt like Cassandra and I were in sync in no time." @CassandraE

    "It was what I liked in a session -- connecting not just physically but mentally as well." @Cuddlesfordays1

    "I think it was more than just a physical session, it was more like a mental and spiritual cuddling session." @Dragonfly333

    "She has a remarkable gift for empathy & connection, which she expresses both physically & emotionally." @Empathkat

    "I really felt "soulmate" levels of connection; I don't think I really expected that from cuddling when I got into it." @Envie

    "You have amazing eyes that have a way of connecting instantly - Wow!" @Krissiee11

    "It wan't just her lovely warm cuddles and gentle touch but also easy conversing and genuinely feeling that connection of a friend." @Kristiinacuddle

    "She has this unique bright glow about her which really captivates the heart and make you feel so connected and relaxed in her presence." @LisaSnuggles

    "It's rare to instantly connect with someone on so many varying levels, but I was fortunate to have that with her." @Meguna_beach

    "The entire time was a supercharge, filled with love and a sense of connection to another human people don't get much of anymore even from friends." @MsClickers

    "She also places significant emphasis on the emotional bond that forms between two people during the session." @Terra


    "She is super easy to talk with and doesn't pry." @Adriana13

    "Her openness to talking about why I was there was just as important to me as the physical touch was." @Anastasija

    "Wonderful engaging and intelligent conversation" @BabyDollJ

    "She was so down to earth, open hearted, and easy to talk to. She made me feel at ease." @Bombshellb225

    "Conversation was never an issue as Brandi has a million things to talk about. She also has quite a few crazy stories." @Brandi

    "I really enjoyed our conversation, her AMAZING anecdotes and even the lulls of blissful, quiet cuddling." @Buckgrad00

    "Her easy laugh and emotionally-intelligent conversation drew me in as much as her tight squeezes did." @Cassieblu

    "Her background in psychology and relationship therapy make her exceptionally easy to talk to about difficult issues in your life." @CuddleSanctuary

    "Her travel and life experiences (seemingly dodging danger at every turn) and her amazing family make her one of the most interesting people I have ever met!" @Cuddlesfordays1

    "She is wonderful to talk with and I enjoyed having some random, some passionate, some personal, and some deeper conversations like we'd known each other for years." @Evie

    "We were able to speak about a wide and deep range of topics, and helped each other with insights and outside perspectives." @Fiorella

    "She is not only good at snuggling, but engaging in and starting great dialogue and conversation, and giving you the security and freedom of feeling safe to be you, and talk about just about anything." @JazzyPants

    "Conversations with her switch from fun as hell to deeply insightful and silent moments with her are just as meaningful. Trust her to take you where you really need to go in your life." @Krobyn

    "She is a good listener, as well as a great story teller -- and she has quite a variety of interests, so she can talk about any subject." @MelanieL

    "Loved her energy and ability to talk about anything or nothing." @MinxyKuddleKat

    "She is a great conversationalist, instinctively backing away from talking about areas that caused me the stress that brought me to her in the first place, and giving space to silence when it was appropriate." @MissAdventurous

    "I found our conversation very stimulating and uplifting and even more valuable than snuggling / cuddling." @Musebaby

    "She unraveled my apprehension very quickly and proceeded to build me up with caring and compassionate words ... By the end, we shared the most intimate, carefree discussions I can remember having." @Saffron_Mai

  • Dedication

    "Sophia is one of those rare people who has found her calling and purpose as a healer." @IAMSophia

    "This is her passion, this is what she was born to do, and she truly cares for the individual under her care." @LisaSnuggles

    "For some, cuddling is a pastime, for others it's a job, but for Mia, it's a calling." @Miabear

    "She truly wants to change the world one hug at a time and I feel that she is doing just that!" @MinxyKuddleKat

    "They don't come more pro than Sam. Kind, considerate, communicative, knowledgeable, and always working to improve her skills; that's her." @SnugglewithSam

    "She is one of the lucky people that has found their calling." @Snuglove

    "Had a wonderful time with sunflower32; she is warm and welcoming, and is a born snuggler ... She really gets it." @Sunflower32

    "You can tell that this is not just a job for her, but a passion to heal people." @Suzanne

    "She takes her appointments seriously and can be counted on. A wonderful combination of loving and dedicated." @TheTouchCoach


    "Nice that she has some great depth to her character. That is refreshing." @Brittaniann

    "She somehow balances being really deep with light and fun at the same time." @Empathkat

    "She is all at once light and sweet, and profoundly deep and grounded. A natural nurturer, gifted healer and all around wonderful human." @Lylamosscuddles

    "She has a very sweet and gentle deep soul." @ShawnieceHaley

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    "She's the most empathetic person. When you meet her you feel at home." @Beautifulrebel

    "Her empathy and compassion shone through from the minute we spoke, and her nurturing and gentle style made me forget that there was anything but the moment." @Cuddles4bliss

    "Alexandra has a profound level of empathy and could organically recognize what deep issues I was struggling with." @Dragonfly333

    "She melts right into a hug or a cuddle, and she can sense what her partner is feeling and responds with caring and warmth." @Jasmineluv

    "I believe she is genuinely empathetic, and doesn't just say kind words. She really feels what I feel, and she always allows me to fully express myself. She holds my emotions in her caring presence, no matter how I am feeling." @Kristiinacuddle

    "She is very self-aware from an emotional standpoint and conveys a strong sense of empathy combined with a hint of shyness that is absolutely endearing." @LVBlondie


    "She is attentive and exhibits a tremendous amount of warmth and energy during the session." @Brittaniann

    "Alaris is a active cuddler, almost a dancing cuddler lol, finding the most comfortable positions and nestling in." @Alarisrain

    "She is the most energetic cuddler I've ever met." @ComfortTime4You

    "She is a very active cuddler and the light massage while cuddling is absolutely divine." @Cuddlesfordays1

    "She's somehow relaxed and energetic at the same time." @PinkLipstick22


    "Ms. Bluesky has a gift for cuddling. There was a calming energy present from start to finish." @Bluesky2

    "I do not sense anything from her other than positive energy... what is her secret? Never mind, as long as she keeps sharing the positivity! Cuddling with her is relaxing and energizing at the same time." @Brandi

    "Full of energy that feels like home, or what you'd love home to feel like." @Cassieblu

    "What did make the session truly wonderful was the warmth and bright energy I felt between us when we were close. Recalling how I felt then still puts a warm energy in my chest. Who could ask for more than that?" @Chase22

    "Cass has a quiet, calm energy that lets you just melt into her." @CuddleCass

    "Maybe you don't know you need a hug so full of compassion and humanity but once she wraps her energy around you, you'll wonder how you ever survived without it." @Cuddles4bliss

    "She is an amazing person with infinite source of positive energy, and connection." @CuddlingJaz

    "A wonderful and joyous being whos energy is positive and infectious. She travels with a inner light that she willingly shares with open arms." @Danimoon92

    "She gives off warm tender affectionate energy that makes you feel as if your walking on clouds." @Joy101

    "What did make the session truly wonderful was the warmth and bright energy I felt between us when we were close. Recalling how I felt then still puts a warm energy in my chest. Who could ask for more than that?" @Kristiinacuddle

    "Prism is the most magical person that I've ever cuddled with. Her presence is filled with so much energy and healing!" @Musebaby

    "Her cuddles radiate positive energy." @MsClickers

    "The moment I met her, I started feeling positive energy flowing relentlessly from her." @Rosie4424

    "She put me at ease, and she has amazing energy. It is infectious and calming." @Saffron_Mai


    "If you need a cuddler that is fully engaged, then Alexandri is your cuddler. Want a good listener? Check. Want someone who accommodates and customizes a session to your needs? Check. Want someone that makes you feel special the whole time? Check." @Alexandri

    "Super friendly, warm, caring, and totally in tune with client." @Bestkoalahugs

    "When she's with you, you feel like you are important and you have her complete 100% undivided attention." @Brandi

    "You have her full attention from start to finish." @Cktouch

    "From the minute we met made me feel like the 2 of us were the only 2 people in the universe" @CuddleCeleste1

    "She is attentive and truly engages in the cuddle." @Cuddlingbyerica

    "I receive gift of undivided attention & feeling being heard." @Dharma

    "She was very present and in tune to the moment. And she knew exactly what to do to cater to my needs." @Honeyluv

    "I so tend to be shy at first, but your sincerity, inquisitiveness, and enthusiastic engagement helped me to open up." @KittyJazzmin

    "Kayla gives you her undivided attention, and for someone who has never felt like he matters, that means the world." @Krobyn

    "As a cuddler, she is fully engaged and engaging --- she put her phone in the other room so there would be no distractions." @Michellethemuse


    "She is wonderful, putting me at ease right away, and genuinely enjoying herself as much as I did." @AM1024

    "She was warmly responsive, took the initiative at times, and made me feel like she enjoyed the physical closeness as much as I did." @Bet

    "You can really feel that this not just a job for her and Scarlett fully enjoys the experience and loves sharing this gift of cuddling." @Cuddles4bliss

    "It's clear that she relishes close cuddling as much as her clients do." @PinkLipstick22

    "She loves what she does and you can tell." @Sagelight

    "She's a natural cuddler, meaning she enjoys the cuddle experience and aims to please within her boundaries." @Tachoudh

    "She knows when to take the lead and when to lay back and enjoy herself." @Terra

    "She definitely personally enjoys cuddling far more than a lot of pro cuddlers I've met, and that does make a difference; it creates such an organic deeply relaxing atmosphere." @Terra

    "Her enjoyment of our time together added to mine." @Terra

  • Friendly

    "From the start, she made me feel comfortable and we automatically connected like old friends from the past" @Adriana13

    "Made me feel like we've known each other our whole lives." @AM1024

    "Super friendly cuddler who makes you feel at ease and like a person! Too many people here don't know how to connect and she does an amazing job." @Babyboss123

    "She is one of those rare individuals you stumble across in life that you feel you've known for years." @Dharma

    "After maybe 15 mins I had felt that we had been friends for years! Even though we had just met, i felt like I was cuddling a best friend that I had an incredibly deep connection with." @Envie

    "Jasmine is a natural friend. She is authentic, caring, adventurous, and easy to open up to." @Jasmineluv

    "I completely forgot I was in a cuddle session. Her conversation and enthusiasm made me feel like I was getting to know a good friend." @MissAlwaysMe


    "Really interesting and a smooth, chill soul (but also silly and fun!)." @Amazingfeels

    "And her sense of humor, ?? she is hilarious! I haven't laughed so hard or felt so important in a long time!" @Azcuddlevixen

    "Just had a great and fun cuddle with Bianca. She is not only beautiful but she has great energy and a great sense of humor. We talked and laughed thru out our cuddling." @Biancalovecraft

    "Candy is funny, intelligent and really funny! She and I spent more time laughing and cracking up than I have since middle school." @Candy26

    "She is naturally fun, playful, affectionate, and easily moved to laughter." @CreativeCuddles

    "Indigo is a laid back, respectful, witty, not afraid to be a little silly." @Embracethedawn

    "An incredible young woman with an electric personality. Just being next to her is enough to lift your spirits and make you laugh. Speaking of, her laugh is infectious." @Jade_Bailey

    "We talked and giggled our way through the entire session...totally lost track of time!! Mia is smart, open, genuine and and utter delight." @Miabear

    "Phoebe is chatty, fun, and quick-witted; I can't remember the last time I laughed so much during a cuddle session." @Phoebe

    "She is so fun to talk to, fun to laugh with and has such a captivating personality." @Snuggledoll

    "She is smart, witty, sarcastic in the good way, sense of humor off the charts." @Snuglove

    "She is spontaneous and fun... full of positive energy .... fun stress-free session." @Stephanie123

  • Giving

    "She truly gives so much of herself to ensure it's a great cuddling experience for all." @AlFrae

    "She is an amazing person with so much to give!" @MsClickers

    "She gives so freely, it is hard to believe you haven't known her your whole life." @MsClickers

    "I have never met anyone like her. She's smart and funny and such a giving individual!" @MsClickers

    "She is so giving of herself. I could tell right from the start she has a warm comforting heart and soul." @Terra


    "She was careful, gentle, respectful, and above all, she was simply her real self which was a true joy." @CaringSoul

    "Many words come to mind when I think of my session with Creative Cuddles. Chief among them is the word “authentic.” She is fully herself, unpretentious, and comfortable in her own skin." @CreativeCuddles

    "I had not tried cuddling with a professional before and thought it might be weird. Instead it was genuine, replenishing, and laid back all at once. I wish everyone who needs more touch and connection in their life could have an experience like that!" @Kittyinfinity13

    "What an authentic soul. Heather has a huge heart and is such a compassionate and genuinely caring individual that her cuddles put you at ease immediately." @MinxyKuddleKat

    "One of the most authentic, genuine and kind human beings I have ever had the pleasure of meeting." @Snuglove

  • Healing

    "With just one smile she has taken this cynical depressed man and injected me with a ray of hope for the first time in several years." @AM1024

    "Provided a truly therapeutic session...a healing experience indeed." @Dharma

    "She is so warm, kind, and concerned for your needs that I felt an emotional healing took place after our encounter." @Empathkat

    "Has the innate ability to hold the world off of you and let you feel protected for a while. Cuddling with Evie is a very healing experience." @Evie

    "Haley's embrace not only made me comfortable in my own skin, but brought out some emotional healing for me." @Haleybaley

    "she's a great listener with a giving soul that has helped this guy take another step on his road to emotional well being." @Jasmineluv

    "Her touch will is healing, her voice is soothing, and her kindness will make you feel whole." @Krobyn

    "She has a great healing touch which I will remember for a very long time. You will stress free and rejuvenated after your session with Kayla." @Krobyn

    "It's just what I needed, somebody I could trust and share my problems with. She is totally professional and a great cuddler, I felt like a million dollars and I'm now on the road to my inner self recovery." @Laflaka

    "I left feeling repaired and restored emotionally and mentally." @MsClickers

    "As an adult working through some past trauma, I'm re-learning how to be physically and emotionally present and engage in the touch we all need. I need someone that is supportive, affirming, communicative and very trustworthy with boundaries. SmellingTheRose is all of these and more." @Smellingtherose

    "A session with her eases my struggles and fills me with a sense of healing." @Tarasloth

    "I felt like I could be myself with her and just be real. It was a healing experience I won't forget." @TherapywithAnn


    "I felt like I had emotionally come home in a way that I never had before." @SnugglewithSam

    "The way she holds you, squeezes you, strokes your facial and body hair, spoons you, just says nonverbally, “Everything is okay. You're accepted.” In snuglove's arms, I feel at home." @Snuglove

    "A bubble of energy and giggles, she will make you feel at home and loved." @TherapywithAnn


    "Her hugs are precious. They felt genuine. I felt that she cared." @AmorAmor

    "I can still hear her heartbeat and not to mention immensely powerful hugs." @AshleysEmbrace

    "Bet received me with open arms and with the most generous hug ever." @Bet

    "We tried a bunch of fun cuddle positions, she gave the warmest most genuine hugs I could imagine, and she gave me a fantastic massage." @CaringSoul

    "Maybe you don't know you need a hug so full of compassion and humanity but once she wraps her energy around you, you'll wonder how you ever survived without it." @Cuddles4bliss

    "She gives the warmest, most motherly, loving, comforting hugs. I fit perfectly in her arms. @Cuddlingbyerica

    "Her warm hugs are filled with compassion and love whilst her smile can lighten up saddest of hearts." @Dragonfly333

    "Her tight hugs are the best - I loved them!!" @JazzyPants

    "She gave me what felt like the warmest hug of my life." @Karas_kuddles

    "Her hugs are genuine, natural, and very energizing." @Kindnessfirst

    "This woman can HUG. Tight, genuine, (platonically) passionate, oxytocin-on-steroids hugs." @Laflaka

    "She has a unique way to make you feel relaxed through her unforgettable tight hugs and her memorable huge smile and laughs." @Miabear

    "Her hugs are warm and inviting, I felt my body instantly relaxing." @MissAdventurous

    "She's warm and it's super-satisfying to hug her." @MissAlwaysMe

    "She provides lot of nice good warm hugs, which are so good that you can forgets all ur life problems, tensions, stress n anxiety issues." @RobinCuddles

    "From her initial hug where she we just melted together all the way through the session she was wonderful." @Terra

  • Inspiring

    "She really does have an almost supernatural knack for conjuring serenity and makes me want to be a better, stronger, deeper person." @Cuddlesfordays1

    "I am inspired by her resiliency and approach to life, and her openness made me feel that we truly saw each other as humans." @Cuddles4bliss

    "It was a good reset button that motivates me to be a better person." @Evie

    "She is without guile and wants for everyone to be the best version of themselves for themselves. I think that is what helped me most." @Lucidentity


    "I found her to be warm, vivacious, and very kind. She is also wicked smart and very perceptive of other's emotional needs." @Buckgrad00

    "She was extremely friendly, deep thinker and a breath of fresh air." @Casey191

    "An incredible cuddler and a brilliant mind and spirit to bounce things off of." @Caringinpa

    "Enjoyed conversing with her. We chatted on diverse range of subjects. It's like she knows everything but is humble about it." @Cuddlesfordays1

    "She is a joy to hold, but it's her personality that sets her apart. She is a very intelligent, has a wonderfully dry sense of humor, and I could listen to that British accent all day long." @Cuddlesfordays1

    "Incredibly warm, genuine and a pleasure to hold in your arms, not to mention her ability to challenge you intellectually." @LC85

    "Talking with her is very easy and interesting. She is very intelligent and can talk about anything." @MsClickers

    "She's intelligent, magnetic, and such a witty and nonchalant vibe." @Snuglove

    "Her mind is very mature and she is well rounded, she is also very smart, extremely sweet, kind, caring and she really has this way of talking that you feel like you have known her for a while." @Xandriarain


    "Our session was very relaxing and she did an amazing, intuitive job of making sure that I was comfortable." @AM1024

    "She always asks what cuddle positions you would like, and if you aren't sure, her intuition and patience are very beneficial in helping to guide the session." @DahliaLover

    "She instinctively knew how to comfort me and help me let go." @IAMSophia

    "You are quite intuitive and are blessed with a special gift. You know how to soothe, what to say and how to share." @MollyB

    "She is quite intuitive to how you like to cuddle and what type of emotional/physical support you might need during a session." @Terra

    "Without words spoken she knew where I wanted to be touched." @Terra

    "Extremely knowledgeable in the arts of touch therapy and seemed so sensitive and in-sync to my needs." @TheTouchCoach

    "She's intuitive, and seemed to know just when to shift positions or stay put, talk or allow silence to settle on us, care or be cared for ... I think one of the highest compliments one could give about a cuddling session is that it felt completely natural, and she seems to be a master at that." @Ubergigglefritz

  • Joy

    "There is a certain calm and humble tenderness to her being that just makes it so easy to relax with her share lots of joyful and fun loving moments." @AlFrae

    "She is a facinating woman to get to know and brings much warmth and joy into her embraces." @AmorAmor

    "I'm not entirely sure how a person so joyous and exuberant can fashion a cocoon of relaxation and personal engagement, but that's Scarlett." @Cuddles4bliss

    "She has an infectiously joyful nature and unique sense of humour that can quite literally induce paroxysms of laughter." @Cuddlesfordays1

    "She laughs with a joy that is so pure it will lift the darkest of spirits." @Fiorella

    "From the start she was just so bubbly and full of joy." @LC85

    "Excellent hugs and a big ball of happiness!" @Melissaa17

    "Our cuddle time was pure joy. She has a wonderful sense of humor and we were laughing and having fun the whole time." @MissX

    "Her presence is immediately soothing to even the most guarded. The joy and positive energy she radiates is unmistakable and inspirational." @Musebaby

    "Her infectious personality and smile will brighten anyone's day." @PrincessTiffany

    "Wonderful sweet energy and calming, joyful presence." @Tink

  • Kindness

    "She's such a lovely cuddler. I adore her personality and kindness." @Adriana13

    "She has a very kind and nurturing nature about her that makes her easy to be around and makes time fly." @Anastasija

    "She is so kind, loving and graceful." @AshleysEmbrace

    "This lady is an extremely kind, caring and understanding soul. Makes me feel so much better knowing people like her exist." @Bombshellb225

    "The kindest professional cuddler I've met. She is genuinely caring, and her radiating smile really brightened my day." @DahliaLover

    "Evie's cuddling is a profound human experience. Love, understanding, kindness, beauty, patience, intellect, wisdom and touch are all words that come to mind." @Evie

    "She is so full of kindness and positive energy!" @KariMeiSnuggles

    "It's very difficult to describe how uniquely kind, thoughtful, and affectionate she is; I'm at a loss for words." @Lucidentity

    "Most of all, there is a deep kindness and tenderness about her that is authentic and rare." @LVBlondie

    "Kara is the kindest, most considerate and loving cuddler I've ever encountered." @Mikki1200

    "It's rare to meet someone who is so kind, funny, and genuine." @MissAdventurous

    "She is also caring, nurturing and radiates kindness. " @SnuglewithSam

    "She really listened to me and was understanding and kind. She made me feel cared for." @UniBabe

  • Listening

    "You know she listens to your conversation because she gives you great input into whatever matter/personal problem you might be discussing." @Adriana13

    "She was very understanding of who I am. Great listener and an all-around friendly person." @Annichka

    "Not only does she give great hugs and is a wonderful cuddler but she's also a great listener. The conversation felt genuine, flowed naturally, and I really felt heard." @CaringSoul

    "She listens purposefully and curiously. More than a cuddle , we shared about our lives which was great." @CuddleCass

    "Alexandra is not only a great cuddler but she is also empathetic, understanding and great at listening." @Dragonfly333

    "I am so utterly impressed with how she really and truly listened to what I shared. She has an ear and a heart for love." @Lucidentity

    "She is a very good listener and communicator who really cares about the person she shares time with." @Snuglove


    "Definitely one of the most nicest, caring, affectionate, and loving people ever. Just a very special person and just so amazing." @CassandraE

    "She was warm friendly and full of love." @Dimpledarling

    "She has such a wholesome, loving presence." @Ebmendel

    "She is just a beautiful person with a huge giving selfless heart. Her peronality is all love and caring." @Isobel

    "I felt so loved throughout the session, which I wasn't expecting." @MsClickers

    "She is just a beautiful person with a huge giving selfless heart. Her personality is all love and caring." @MsClickers

    "I felt accepted, honored, and loved at a time when my soul really needed it." @Positivitouch

    "From the moment I walked in I felt loved and accepted in every way and on every level. She just has love pouring from her heart that penetrates your soul." @Rose143

  • Massage

    "Her massages nearly put me to sleep." @Adriana13

    "She started our cuddle by giving me a neck and shoulder massage, and it was amazing. She set me right at ease, as well as calming my tense muscles." @Autumnrose

    "She also has a gift with her hands and gives fantastic massages that work out the kinks." @Biancalovecraft

    "Her massage was incredible and it relaxed me after a long week." @CaringSoul

    "Don't miss her hugs, ear massages, nose massages and playing footsies with her!" @CassandraE

    "The best part are her massages! ... Very strong hands. She honestly could be a professional!" @Jasmines

    "Her massage techniques made for a relaxing time and combined with the cuddle session was total bliss for me." @Krissiee11

    "She has the best massage skills of any cuddler I've had, despite not being a massage therapist." @MissX

    "You need to book a session with her for the massage let alone the cuddles!" @MizzKitty

    "During our 2 hr session, she never rested and wound constantly rub and massage my head, neck, back, held my hand, etc.. Very attentive!" @Ronniedarling

    "She's an expert cuddler in a number of positions & always with amazing hands massaging in just the right places." @SoSoftSnuggles

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    "Our conversation and interaction was so natural it felt like we had known each other for years." @AM1024

    "We had a calming session, it was so natural and organic." @Ceceliaailecec

    "Very professional while still being easy going and making everything seem natural!" @Clairebear420

    "She was amazing at making things flow naturally and nothing ever felt awkward. On the contrary, it felt like we had done this many times together before." @Cuddles4bliss

    "It was so wonderful to get to know her as a person that the cuddling felt simply natural." @Dragonfly333

    "All I can say, it was amazingly natural and so much more than I expected." @Innerpeace_101

    "She was friendly, open hearted, and sincere, and made the process feel fully natural and relaxing." @DayaLove

    "Every second flowed naturally." @Kristiinacuddle

    "Everything about our time together was natural and effortless." @Melilline

    "She's adorable, fun to chat with, and it felt so natural to cuddle with her." @MissX

    "She took perfect care of me and our session was just so natural and soothing." @Saffron_Mai

    "I think one of the highest compliments one could give about a cuddling session is that it felt completely natural, and she seems to be a master at that." @Ubergigglefritz


    "I did feel loved, nurtured and protected. An experience I won't forget, that truly made me forget about anything else and diminish my anxiety and fears." @AmorAmor

    "Super empathetic and attentive; she just knows how to nurture you in a completely blissful and caring way." @Brandi

    "She is a natural nurturer. She seems to know exactly what I need and is very attentive." @Brandi

    "She has a wonderful nurturing personality which I'm sure anyone would love." @FunSizedCuddles

    "I enjoyed the most heartfelt, nurturing cuddling session I've ever experienced." @Miss_Elle

    "There's a nurturing and caring quality to her energy, something which I value and benefit from tremendously." @MissAdventurous

    "She creates a safe and nurturing environment that I thoroughly enjoyed." @Sheena123

  • Open

    "I am inspired by her resiliency and approach to life, and her openness made me feel that we truly saw each other as humans." @Cuddles4bliss

    "She was great at both being open and opening me up both physically and emotionally." @Envie

    "She is authentic, caring, adventurous, and easy to open up to." @Jasmineluv

    "She is very warm and accepting. I really feel relaxed and can be open with her in a way I am not usually to other people." @Lucididentity

    "She was very sweet and thoughtful and allowed me to just relax and be me. Also very open to share about life, ups and downs." @Mokissia

    "She truly cares about connecting and understanding where you are at. It was wonderful to be able to open up and meet in the space in between, a meaningful experience that I won't forget." @MsClickers

    "Great cuddle chat and wandering talk, I appreciate her caring nurturing attitude and openness." @Musicgal

    "I am an introvert by nature and it takes me a little longer to open up.. But she has always been there patiently waiting for me to be myself and now I consider her as a true friend and confidant." @Nima


    "Have a great outlook on life. Taught me a little which isnt very common." @Amorr

    "We had several deep conversations during our time together. She has encouraged me to consider seeing life with fresh eyes." @Ceceliaailecec

    "Sometimes in life, someone appears who changes how you perceive the world and its possibilities." @Cuddles4bliss


    "She left me floating in oxytocin." @CaringSoul

    "An unforgettable experience and among the best cuddles I've had or could imagine. Tight, genuine, authentic bliss-inducing hugs. Oxytocin crack!" @Cuddletron2000

    "Her soothing voice and gentle touch put me instantly at ease and her tight genuine authentic hugs were like oxytocin on steroids." @Dharma

    "Kris was incredible. Left me dizzy and unable to speak. Drowning in oxytocin." @Kristiinacuddle

  • Peaceful

    "Has a peaceful vibe that invokes comfort with just her presence." @AlFrae

    "She is a special person who brings positivity, calm and peace with her." @AnnJ

    "The session couldn't be more peaceful and calm. You feel like a weight was lifted off your shoulders." @Bluesky2

    "I was a bit tense and shy, but she was totally able to bring a real serenity to me." @Caringinpa

    "She has a warm, empathetic personality that is very calming." @Catloaf

    "She has a calming presence that was very pleasant to be around." @ChocolateBQ

    "She created a quiet world for us to relax and forget about everything." @Cuddlekittycat

    "She has a very calm and chill way about her (exactly what I like in a cuddler) which lead to an incredibly relaxing experience." @Cuddlekittycat

    "Abundantly serene and tranquil, like the soft setting light of a warm autumn's eve." @Daniwalker

    "She has a warm, highly personable and understanding presence that is very calming and grounding." @Jasmineluv

    "I saw her on a very busy workday and was amazed at how her soothing personality brought me to a very peaceful place both in my mind and body." @SweetTCuddler


    "Like other first time males, I was worried about my male parts acting up. On the contrary, her gentle touch was so relaxing, calming and without innuendo that no such reaction happened, but instead her positive energy poured into my unmet need for human touch, and filled it." @Show3737

    "I have never experienced cuddling in a non sexual way and was worried if my masculine side would create any problems. But to my surprise her nature and her passion for just cuddling made me just go under a trance and never brought any sexual thoughts in my mind." @Show3737

    "Extremely friendly, very warm, and caring. She really knows how to cuddle you close while still keeping everything at a very platonic level." @SnugglesTheCat


    "She has a relaxing and warm yet playful and spontaneous cuddle style that totally aligned with mine." @Alarisrain

    "Super nice and open, bubbly and fun, a true cuddle enthusiast with a playful sense of humor." @Ariesgains

    "She has a unique loving, playful, joyful, and accepting spirit that lifted me and gives me hope for humanity." @Positivitouch

    "Do hair, eat snacks, share beautiful hugs over peaceful silence or talking, enjoy a mini spa, spoon, connect and get ready to be playful, tender, silly, and sincere." @Taz221978


    "Very rare to find one who can cuddle in all the variety of ways we found, with that much flow and trust" @Alarisrain

    "It was one of those cuddles where we meshed and became one as if we had been cuddling forever." @CreativeCuddles

    "We had a blast trying all sorts of silly cuddle positions." @Ebmendel

    "We enjoyed a variety of unique relaxing and playful cuddle positions." @Jasmineluv

    "We cuddled in many positions all comfortable and utterly great." @Melilline

    "We tried a few different positions but kept returning to one that felt right for us." @Miabear

    "I enjoyed moving around a lot to find the best positions for our bodies and it was heavenly." @MiaMarie

    "We spent an hour with our bodies and limbs intertwined in different positions, and feeling and hearing her heartbeat was very soothing." @MsClickers

    "The thing I liked most was that she would change positions/techniques throughout the session and each change brought on different emotions and feelings." @MsClickers

    "We were in all the normal positions you would expect, but she changes positions so smoothly, you barely notice when it happens. She is so good at cuddling and conforming to me and my body that it was similar to a hand in a glove sensation." @Silverskine

    "She's a great cuddler, always up for trying a new position to keep things fresh." @PinkLipstick22

    "We tried a few different positions and she excelled in all of them." @Suede

    "The multitude of different cuddling positions she showed me were amazing, and each one was more relaxing and comforting than the last." @Terra

    "We started with some basic cuddles, but there was nothing basic about the experience, I learned many new to me cuddle positions, as we transitioned from one to another I didn't really want each to end but I was more than looking forward to the next." @Terra

    "She wraps her body around yours with so many different variations that she discovered on her own, that you immediately go into a warm, peaceful dimension that is just incredible. AND, with the continual changing of these personalized variances, you fall deeper and deeper into this new blissful state." @Terra


    "She is a pro, comfortable in her skin, and the connectivity, comfort, craft in making the experience the best it could be." @Alarisrain

    "She handles herself with graceful professionalism that is sure to inspire confidence in anybody who might be new to or otherwise nervous about using this sort of service." @Alorali

    "Blown away by how prepared Amanda was and with her professionalism. She was very welcoming, kind, caring and attentive. Made me feel right at home." @Amandy

    "Manages to stay professional, without making you feel uncomfortable or strange about the whole arrangement." @Azcuddlevixen

    "She is extremely professional and mindful of your needs." @Beautifulrebel

    "She is a perfect professional cuddler too - very open in communicating, sensitive to other person's needs and expectations. She accommodated a cuddle session inspite of her just landing from flight travel." @Bestkoalahugs

    "She genuinely loves what she does." @Biancalovecraft

    "Jackie is a true professional: communicative, punctual, and lovely. She was flexible with my dynamic schedule and was very sweet." @CaringSoul

    "Her demeanor was the perfect mix of professionalism and silliness." @CassandraE

    "She takes her role very seriously and is passionate about what she does. A true professional." @Catloaf

    "Communicate the whole process and kept me up to date on her arrival. Was punctual and upbeat. Very professional while still being easy going and making everything seem natural!" @Clairebear420

    "Even before meeting she was warm, reassuring, communicative and so professional in her messages that by the time we met we didn't feel like strangers anymore." @Cuddles4bliss

    "She is also highly professional — she is easy to deal with in terms of scheduling and she has a nice space in a great neighborhood. In short, Tiffany epitomizes the very best of what this site is about — someone who is truly committed to making platonic cuddling a great experience." @Dharma

    "Of all I messaged, she was the most prompt, most professional, most detailed, and frankly, the most soothing to speak with from the get go. Her messages even made me feel better, safe, kind, and surprisingly loved." @Embracethedawn

    "Extremely professional. She definitely loves what she does, and it shows." @Envie

    "She is so professional in how she conducts the session and yet by the end you feel warm and connected." @Laflaka

    "She is very very professional. I mean, she met me on time, she gave a warm hug made me comfortable very instant I met her ... She offered me water, allowed me to settle down. She walked me back to my car." @Lisa2476

    "She is reliable, consistent, and a consummate professional." @PinkLipstick22

    "When she makes an appointment, she keeps it; I've seen her at least 20 times, and never been stood up or last-minute rescheduled." @PinkLipstick22

    "Genuinely impressed with the level of professionalism and the care that was taken to make sure we had an enjoyable session each time we met." @SnugglewithSam

    "She is thoroughly professional, without letting that make the time together feel clinical or distant." @Ubergigglefritz

  • Quietness

    "Whether you need a quiet session, or a spirited discussion she is your girl. Intelligent, spunky but laid back...she has it all." @Bombshellb225

    "She is a great conversationalist, but also knows when it's time to just enjoy the moment and be silent." @Brandi

    "Perfect blend of silence and conversation." @CreativeCuddles

    "A truly beautiful, and relaxing time holding each other in silence. Our conversations were so deeply meaningful as well." @Ebmendel

    "We just spent the hour in silence as I had a long day." @Elena29

    "The conversation & silent periods during our session flowed naturally." @Jjasminty

    "Conversations with her switch from fun as hell to deeply insightful and silent moments with her are just as meaningful." @Krobyn

    "She effortlessly balances her warm sense of humor and conversation with the most amazing quiet time. She is genuine and provides a calm space to enjoy each moment." @Snuglove

    "I loved the way the conversation would flow and then sink into silence." @Wildflwwr

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    "I was incredibly nervous. It was my first cuddle and there were many other reasons for it too. Suddenly, all that went away when I walked in and received her warm greeting." @AM1024

    "Since this was my first-ever cuddle session on this site, I had some questions, and Missashley put me at ease immediately with her clear, kind answers." @AshleysEmbrace

    "No weirdness or awkwardness, just cuddly goodness." @BbwCuddleBuddy7

    "After a long day of work she greeted me with comforting words that put me at ease." @MissAdventurous

    "I was a little nervous doing this for the first time but, when I met her she put me @ ease in like 2.3 seconds." @TheTouchCoach


    "I felt rejuvenated and energized after our session." @Amandy

    "Amorr rejuvenated my mind, body and soul with her comforting touch and conversation." @Amorr

    "She has a sweet soothing voice, touch and presence and I always come away renewed." @Brandi

    "Her kind eyes, warm smile and comforting voice will cast all of your doubts and insecurities aside. You will feel at ease in her presence and all of your concerns will simply melt away." @Ceceliaailecec

    "I left feeling relaxed and full of energy for the rest of the day." @Dragonfly333

    "Thank you for filling me up, as it's so hard living so thirsty in this life." @HugsFromFei

    "I was so relaxed & rejuvenated. I felt of meeting real 'me' after a long time..." @Kristiinacuddle

    "A beautiful soul who's energy overflows leaving you refreshed and renewed." @Lucidentity


    "This was a fantastic cuddle experience. I felt relaxed and energized at the same time!" @_Anastazia_

    "By the end of the session I was as relaxed as a pile of jelly. For me, personally, I store a lot of tension in my body from stress and anxiety, and I've found that healing touch/cuddling causes it just to pour out of me, especially when it's with someone I can feel really comfortable with." @Cuddlesfordays1

    "Almost had me fall asleep twice due to such a relaxing atmosphere." @Dharma

    "It was absolutely relaxing. It was like two puzzle pieces that fit perfectly. I've never felt so comfortable with someone I just met." @IAMSophia

    "The whole experience was completely relaxing and comforting.I was really stressed out and her upbeat and positive attitude took all of away. I felt very relaxed the rest of the day and had perfect sleep that night." @KittyJazzmin

    "Session was so relaxing that we had gone past the time without even realizing it." @LVBlondie

    "It was so relaxing an stress free an left so Happy an feeling great." @Misssolmega

    "She has all of the details well thought out for a relaxing, even mesmerizing experience." @Tachoudh

    "Her soft touch, her calming voice and her exquisite ability to make you feel relaxed was extraordinary!" @Terra

    "Was so relaxed that I slept like a baby that night." @theoccuddler

  • Safe

    "From the start, she was very professional and I felt incredibly safe with her." @Biancalovecraft

    "I was very relaxed and felt very safe in her arms. Made me feel accepted like never before." @CassandraE

    "All my anxiety and fears went away when she brought me into her arms and I felt safe, protected, happy, and comfortable." @IAMSophia

    "Wow, she helped me relax so much, haven't had such warm cuddles and been helped into such a safe place for years. I talked with deeply personal things with her, and she held me tighter in response. No judgement, just safe cuddles." @Kristiinacuddle

    "I value the ability of others to create a safe space where I can just “be”, with no agenda, and no pretence. JazzyPants does that, without obvious effort, like warm sunshine." @JazzyPants

    "I felt cared for and emotionally safe with her. I am going through some difficult times personally and she helped me by being able to reassure me and hold me in a way I hadn't ever experienced." @Kindnessfirst

    "NinaAnn has warmth, kindness and depth in her touch and an ease and safeness that allows pure vulnerability." @NinaAnn

    "She was so soft, kind and I've never felt so safe and cared for as she held me and let me hold her." @Snuggledoll

    "She made me feel grounded and safe which cultivated a quiet and peaceful space where we melted away in cuddles." @SnugglewithSam

    "Suede was extremely thoughtful, funny, and was kind enough to meet me where I was at emotionally. She made me feel safe, important, and alive. Something I have not felt in quite some time. I trust her completely." @Suede

    "I felt safe, calm and respected around her." @Tachoudh

    "She has an incredibly calming energy, and her cuddles make me feel so safe and comfortable." @Tarasloth

    "She has a special ability to create a sense of closeness, safety, and nurturing." @Terra


    "The room has a nice ambience that's perfect for cuddling." @Amorr

    "She has a nice dedicated office space for cuddling with a very comfy daybed, soft lighting and soothing music. If you've ever had the uncomfortable air mattress cuddle experience (which this is NOT) with someone you'll appreciate her attention to details." @CuddleSanctuary

    "A lovely blend of lavender and herbs gave the environment a serene and inviting feel." @Cuddlesfordays1

    "Tiffany's apartment is immaculate, warm and cozy. The background chill music was perfect." @Dharma

    "All the stops were pulled out. There was a welcoming sign with my name on it, a projector slide show of scenery and atmosphere music." @GraceK

    "She offered water and fruit and created a perfect little paradise for an atmosphere." @Hertouch

    "She has a very calm setup with candles, background music etc." @Lisa2476

    "Her setting is peaceful and truly sets the tone for a enjoyable and relaxing experience." @Mynameisaudrey

    "She has a very comfortable room for cuddling --- spacious, clean, and comfortable." @Phoebe

    "She maintains a clean, uncluttered, and cozy cuddle space, and pays attention to the little details, from the music that is playing to banishing clocks from the room so no one clock watches." @PinkLipstick22

    "The candles, the scents in the room and the music of which I was able to choose my preferred genre, set the mood and atmosphere for our relaxing session." @QueenHearts7983

    "Her place is also really cool and has an awesome vibe to it." @Rose143

    "The hosting location was incredibly comfortable too, her space offers a welcome embrace that makes time stand still." @SnugglewithSam


    "It was comforting, compassionate, and I felt a real sense of support and connectedness with her." @CaringSoul

    "It is great when you are with someone who understands you and is supportive and embracing and you connect with on many areas." @CreativeCuddles

    "In the last year she has not only been someone who is great to cuddle with, but has been a support system unlike anything I've ever experienced, and certainly never expected." @Krobyn

    "It was comforting, warm, nurturing, compassionate (in her touch and her words) and I felt a real sense of support and a great connection with her (mind, body & soul)." @Terra

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    "I started crying within 10 minutes of starting my session with Keeley. She knew exactly what to do. She held me, softly stroked me, and didn't say anything. She knew what I needed, and that was just the start of my healing experience." @KeeleyShoup

    "You are beautiful gift from God. I cried when I got home happiness cry." @Laflaka

    "I let out a good cry (wait - is it ok for a dude to say that?), and got some needed rest, all while in the soft and warm arms of a sympathetic and non-judgmental listener." @Leonora

    "Lisa has a lot of range; she can hit the serious notes too. I've had some heart-felt cries with her." @Lisa2476

    "I cried tears of joy vs. tears of sorrow today with her, and that is something a grown man does not do often. She made me feel vulnerable to my feelings and protected all at the same time." @MissAdventurous


    "She is very caring and affectionate. Her touch is very soothing and comforting." @Buckgrad00

    "She has such an amazing laugh and a soft special touch." @Ceceliaailecec

    "She has a soothing warm gentle touch that will fill your soul." @CosmicBelle

    "She's also got real cuddle skills. Some pros have technique without enthusiasm, and some have enthusiasm without technique. She has both in abundance." @CreativeCuddles

    "Her little soft hand movements against my head and arms were phenomenal. Just felt very calm and at ease at the end." @Cuddlebestie

    "Since she's an ex professional dancer she's in fantastic shape and has the strongest yet gentlest touch." @Dharma

    "Her touch was incredible and her cuddles made me feel cared for." @Empathkat

    "She was so caring and kind, and her touch was absolutely heavenly." @Envie

    "All the while being entangled with her in a cuddle and experiencing her touch which was blissful beyond measure." @FriendlyScorpio

    "Your hands danced on my back and got lost in my hair; so very soothing. The embraces felt amazing." @Hippohugs

    "Could have cuddled all day with her, her touch was high level." @Melissaa17

    "I love her smile, eyes, voice, dimples and continuous touch." @Rose143

    "She is comfortable giving and receiving, her hands constantly going and her touch and tight hugs soo relaxing; comfortable through and through." @Sapio8469

    "She was good at tracing her fingers across my arms as we cuddled which was very therapeutic." @Silverskine

    "She has amazing touch and cuddling abilities that not all have." @SoftPetals

    "I felt super rejuvenated and relaxing after the session. Her touch is magical and she is extremely good at what she does." @Tachoudh

  • Unrushed

    "Although time ended way too quickly, we were never rushed." @Bethe60

    "As our session was finishing, there was no abrupt end. She provided additional time to calm down with hugs and well-wishes." @Candy26

    "It didn't feel rushed or like she was going through the motions." @Cuddles4bliss

    "As our session was finishing, there was no abrupt end; we slowly 'cooled down', gave each other feedback and exchanged thanks, well-wishes, hugs, and goodbyes." @Jasmineluv

    "She is not a clock watcher, when she is with you she is paying 100% attention to you." @Saramajara

    "She is genuinely doing this to help other people and wasn't concerned about the fee and even the time. Even after the session had ended she stayed and took some time to talk and never appeared in a rush to go." @Show3737


    "April made me like a cherished friend, a human being and a super hero. Left her incall full of serenity and a permanent smile." @AM1024

    "She is a warm, kind, and welcoming lady who made me feel better about myself. I appreciate who she is and her ability to care and transform the feelings of those in her presence." @Aya_zara11

    "I was going through a very hard time and I felt an immense weight lifted off of our shoulders. It is amazing what human touch has the power to do in a short period of time." @BabyDollJ

    "She makes you feel absolutely terrific, cared for and I left feeling wonderful." @CaringSoul

    "The time I spent with Cassieblu left me feeling better about myself and better about humanity in general." @Cassieblu

    "Christa is always a ray of sunshine ... she knows how to brighten my day when ever I feel a little low." @Christa_Snshine

    "A day later I still feel resourced, refreshed, calmer and even a bit of a self-esteem boost swagger." @Cuddles4bliss

    "I always come away with more joy in my heart each time we meet." @Cuddlesfordays1

    "She has a real ability to bring out the best in people." @Cuddlesfordays1

    "Just when I had lost faith in people, I meet this gem, who reassures me that life is truly beautiful. I go in feeling sad, miserable and alone, but the moment i saw her smile it was like all that went away. For the brief hour I had booked her, I felt like the most important person in the world ... For the first time in a long time i felt like i mattered." @Cuddlesfordays1

    "More than once I have walked into a session with her feeling down or unsettled, and afterwards I left feeling rejuvenated and hopeful." @DahliaLover

    "I felt deeply seen, heard, and splendidly uplifted afterwards." @Daniwalker

    "I came out of our meeting feeling more deeply connected to the world and to myself." @Dragonfly333

    "I'm speechless. One of the best feelings I've had in quite a while. Even the next day I'm still on cloud 9." @Evie

    "Time just stopped for me, I was lost in a world I had forgotten and not experienced in years! I was literally on a "cuddle high" for days! I was like a different person at work and home." @JazzyPants

    "After several months of a stressful work schedule, our cuddle session absolutely helped reset me." @KarinaDani

    "I feel destressed and energized. Ready to take on the world." @Kleen

    "All my stress and worries were gone and I felt like a new rejuvenated person after our session." @Krobyn

    "It was awesome to spend time with her, she really brightened my day." @Latina25

    "She makes you feel both relaxed and alive all at once ... I left our session feeling incredibly recharged and felt connected with the world for the first time in a while." @MissAdventurous

    "Her soul touched my soul! I was Touch Starved or Isolated working 16 days away from home as a Truck Driver. I feel like a super happy human being again." @MsClickers

    "I came away from our session with such a sense of peace and acceptance that fully grounded me to take on life's daily challenges." @Positivitouch

    "This session was intensely euphoric. It was an anti-depressant and anti-anxiety." @PinkLipstick22

    "Was in a really depressed head space and she managed to get me relaxed and by the end of the appointment I was laughing and joking." @Ronniedarling

    "I haven't felt this alive in 20 years." @Rose143

    "She took perfect care of me and our session was just so natural and soothing. I feel like my soul is smiling inside and out all from being in her arms. She made me feel so so so comfy and I left feeling just so much more myself." @Saffron_Mai

    "My stress melted away. I was energized for the rest of the day, my mood was better and it just left me feeling great." @Show3737

    "So much positive energy in the cuddling session, I feel like a huge weight of burden lifted off my shoulders and have a renewed positive outlook." @Snuglove

    "You definitely filled my cup when I was in the desert." @SweetNsnuggly

  • Valued

    "I left her feeling very seen and valued as a human being." @CassandraE

    "Physical feeling is one thing; feeling legitimately wanted and worth wanting to boot...that restores a faith in something unexplainable." @Lucidentity

    "Taylor made me feel something i havent felt in a long time. What it feels like to be appreciated, to be loved, to be cared for... to feel wanted." @LucidIdentity

    "She held space for me to be seen and heard which was enormously significant for me." @MissAdventurous

    "I had never done anything like this, not just with a stranger but with a person. I always felt disconnected but she made me feel like I was worth something." @MsClickers


    "With some hesitation I booked a virtual video cuddle with this remarkable woman. A bit self conscious and feeling the need to actually touch and be held. To my surprise, it actually felt more fulfilling and nurturing than in person session. Heather's gift of warmth and love, her soothing voice, her empathy, made me feel so loved and cared for, most of the session I had my eyes closed just feeling her gentle virtual embrace." @MinxyKuddleKat

    "I had a fun video chat with Dani! She has a relaxed smile and expressive eyes that will make you forget all the worries in the world during a conversation with her." @Daniwalker

    "Although she would also be the first Cuddler whose arms I would rush into if and when I next get to the United States of Cuddling, I have also gained invaluable comfort, strength, inspiration and companionship from her indirect "cuddling" via a virtual medium of contact." @PleasantlyPunk


    "I enjoyed talking with her and she also has a beautiful voice." @BabyDollJ

    "Her soft touch, her calming voice and her exquisite ability to make you feel relaxed was extraordinary." @CaringSoul

    "Her soothing voice and gentle touch put me instantly at ease." @Dharma

    "Something about her voice just made me feel right at home." @LVBlondie

    "I have phone sessions with her, and I can just melt into the sound of her voice." @MollyB

    "Her voice is very sweet and her tone makes you fell calm and get comfortable immediately." @Mynameisaudrey

    "One of my favorite things about her that hasn't been previously mentioned is her voice. It's sweet, comforting and I personally can't get enough of that puppy talk. You'll know it when you hear it!" @Rose143

    "She has a very sweet and soothing voice that immediately puts you at ease." @Show3737

    "Her voice changes to this soft calming angelic tone that just further enhances this state of euphoria to another level." @Terra

  • Warm

    "She was warm & inviting from the first moment, and we had a great conversation while we enjoyed holding each other. She takes her role as a comforter very seriously." @Bleukris86

    "Knows how to make a person comfortable with her cozy and warm personality." @Candy26

    "The warmth in her soul is transferred to you via her hugs." @Nima

    "She's non-judgmental, caring, and posseses a warmth and compassion that resonates through her smile and touch." @Rose143

    "So warm, so loving, so happy-go-lucky with a high level of optimism about her." @TheTouchCoach


    "From the start, she made me feel comfortable and we automatically connected like old friends from the past and our bodies just melted and we became one." @Adriana13

    "She was very welcoming, kind, caring and attentive. Made me feel right at home." @Amandy

    "Bet received me with open arms and with the most generous hug ever." @Bet

    "Cathy does an exceptional job making you feel at ease the moment you meet her." @Cktouch

    "Laid back, considerate, and instantly puts you at ease." @Dharma

    "When I arrived she greeted me with a warm smile and a genuine hug. Within seconds her body language said, I'm so glad that your here." @KeeleyShoup

    "Her energy is contagious, makes you feel at ease from the moment you meet!" @Scarxlett


    "Warm, compassionate, and wise beyond her years." @Aya_zara11

    "She is the most caring person I've met. Eager to help you with life's issues with her extensive knowledge on self help." @BestLovingTouch

    "I'm sure she is also capable of cuddling and counseling in the shallow end, but if you're looking to disrupt your old ways of being and thinking, I could not recommend Cecelia more highly." @Ceceliaailecec

    "Sophia has profound insights into the world and what's happening around us, I learned a lot from her and am better for it." @IAMSophia

    "She was also very fun and helpful to talk to. It felt like a counselling appointment, with the added benefit of oxytocin cuddle hormones." @JayaLove

    "She was easy to open up to, and let's you tell as much or little about yourself as you'd like, and just really tries to help you thru any issues you may have in your life, all with zero judgment." @Krobyn

    "She's smart, charming, compassionate, warm, has a high level of emotional intelligence, and is wise far beyond her years." @LucidIdentity

  • EXtra

    "If you are lucky enough to have her sing for you, be prepared for goosebumps." @BabyDollJ

    "She is an awesome hostess and goes above and beyond the standards of a normal professional cuddler." @Biancalovecraft

    "She goes out of her way for her clients setting up drinks like hot tea, and nice music and things to make her clients all the more comfortable. The best part is when it all through she offers you candy which I think is a nice gesture." @Brandi

    "Went the extra mile to make me comfortable, and accommodate my wishes as much as she could." @CaringSoul

    "She offered me homemade fried rice and dumplings included with my next cuddle!" @Fiorella

    "The day of our meeting just happened to be my birthday. Waiting for me was a nice card, a candle, and the best tasting cake." @MsClickers

  • You

    "She is all about you and your happiness during the session" @Adriana13

    "Really made sure to make the most out of every single minute" @AM1024

    "She made sure to go out of her way to make this cuddling experience the best for me." @Buckgrad00

    "Soft spoken, gentle and wants nothing but you happy when the cuddle is over." @CreativeCuddles

    "She asked how I would like the session to go and was extremely mindful of my comfort level." @CuddleSanctuary

    "She was genuinely interested in who I was, how I was doing, and made me feel like I mattered, like I was needed." @Cuddlesfordays1

    "She is completely comfortable with whatever type of platonic cuddling works best for you." @DahliaLover

    "She is very good at gently finding out what brings someone to her, so that she can tailor a platonic session accordingly." @Dharma

    "She really took the time with me to explore what I needed and come up with tools to help me. I've learned some different cuddles and ways of touch that I loved and some I didn't love. And that's what is so great about her: she teaches me things, gives me options, and fosters great communication, all while frequently checking in on how things feel, good and bad." @Embracethedawn

    "She's genuinely interested in your life and what means the most to you." @Envie

    "She will curl up right next to you and make you feel like you are her whole world for the entire session." @Envie

    "She also really gives of herself and thinks about you and your needs." @Krobyn

    "She makes a tremendous effort to make sure that you are comfortable." @MissAdventurous

    "She had the ability to make you feel completely relaxed and as if you're the most important person in the world." @MissAdventurous

    "She made the session all about me and constantly checked to make sure I was getting the most our session." @MollyB

    "She truly finds a way to understand you as an individual and she makes me feel special and accepted." @Rose143

    "She's got that passion even as a stranger to make you feel comfortable, liked and important in those moments you spend with her." @Scarxlett

    "Invests all her energy in a session to make it perfect." @Supersnugz

    "She poured her heart and soul to make me feel like I was the centre of her universe during our time together." @Sweetie35

    "She was so focused on my well being as a person mentally and physically and created a wonderful safe space." @Terra

  • Zzzz

    "Incredibly soft and comfy. In serious danger of falling asleep." @BabyDollJ

    "Afterwards I felt so relaxed and had an excellent sleep." @Adri_canna

    "I could have easily dozed off in her arms but I didn't want to miss a second of it." @Biancalovecraft

    "I have not slept so well in someone's arms before, and felt so refreshed and relaxed upon awakening." @Cuddles4bliss

    "Her presence calmed me down, so calm that I fell asleep in her arms." @HeartFullofLove

    "Even though I'm a night owl I was finding myself fading in and out of falling asleep with how comfortable I was holding and being held by her." @Show3737

    "Terra transports me to her cuddle island every time we meet, an escape from real world goings-on into a comfortable comforting cuddle in which affection and acceptance are able to whisk me off to sleep." @Terra

  • Just coming across this thread now and saw my name mentioned... thank you so much for sharing this.

    With all the craziness 2020 has thrown at us all, it is so nice to reflect on the positive and remember the good impact we have on those around us. I very much needed this today, so thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

  • edited December 2020

    You're welcome @Evie! You (and everyone else mentioned) certainly have had an impact. So thank you for being a safe place, generous with your affection and genuinely caring towards those of us who needed it.

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