What is timed out profile ?

I’ve seen a profile that says “members profile is temporarily timed out “. What does it mean. She is a professional cuddled as per the profile.


  • It might mean that she was given a warning to change something on her profile or fix an issue with her credit card that’s attached to her account but she didn’t fix this issue. Maybe there’s a time limit and if you don’t fix an issue that the site tells you to fix, your account is timed out 🤷🏼‍♀️

  • Once the issue is resolved, or a pre-determined (but invisible to you) amount of time has passed, the profile will be reactivated. Wither the person will log in and join in again, is of course another matter.

    Check back in a couple of weeks. Timeouts usually last between a few days and a fortnight. It itself, a timeout is not a red flag - it could just be an administrative matter, an honest mistake, or a moment of thoughtlessness. If there was a red flag, the profile would have been banned.

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