Best public places to cuddle.

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Is a new cuddler is apprehensive, where are the best public yet intimate places to go?



  • A park. Bring a blanket.

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    A movie theater can be comfortable

  • Parks, theaters, and restaurants are all I have experience with, however I have ideas for more early cuddles. Walking through malls, concerts, sporting events, floating a river/water park, parade/fair, dog walk, or sightseeing and sunset/sunrise cuddles. The possibilities are endless, keeping platonic and comfortable varies depending on the individuals involved.

  • One of the non-pro ladies I cuddled with wanted to meet in public first. I suggested the Dallas Aquarium since it was too hot for cuddling in a park. We'd walk around and cuddle while standing at the different habitats or cuddle up sitting on a bench. After we finished exploring the place and it had cooled down a bit outside we went to a park nearby to cuddle under a tree.
    A few ideas:
    1. a coffee shop that you know has couches to cuddle up in
    2. busy but not overly busy businesses like the zoo or aquarium
    3. if you both enjoy hookah (nothing illegal in them) then many hookah lounges have comfortable set ups to cuddle at too
    4. go see a movie as you can cuddle in the nicer ones that the arm rest folds up into the seat
    5. parks are always good ideas as long as the weather isn't too hot that you'd both be sweating
    6. depending on your location, cuddling at a mall can be fun to enjoy people watching too

    Those are some of my ideas for public meet ups. Hope these help!

    I do think that whether a public meetup be with a pro or non-pro, both people should be clear ahead of time on any admission charges. A non-pro I was going to an aquarium with, we made it clear before deciding to meet that we were paying separately. A pro may or may not be okay with splitting the cost as it would eat into their earning for the session, but if it's for a multiple hours session though then $5-20 might not be that big of a deal for them. It would depend on the pro, if it was a first meet or a regular, how long the session is and if the pro rates were $40 an hour or $100, and if they could justify to spending a little money if they knew they'd still be making a larger amount.
    Just one of those things that both people should blatantly discuss before meeting for a public cuddle that charges admission for the location.

  • Another option: Meet nearby their/your place to get aquatinted. If comfortable with safe guards in place, you may choose to cuddle in one of your backyards. At least that's more pandemic safe, when that's a concern and an option for you. This may particularly be helpful if still getting to know each other.

  • Meet for a quick cup of coffee to talk and get the nerves and jitters out. Then go snuggle at a park and bring a blanket

  • Best public place to cuddle? The movie theater- pre COVID days this was my favorite place- when they have the armrests you can move up, that allows you to get close enough for a comfortable cuddle. This is a public enough place where you can get comfortable with someone in a neutral setting while being out in public allows you to end the session if you feel uncomfortable.

    As far as meeting in public before the actual first time cuddle? Essential and helps to get comfortable and break the ice. A cozy cafe or restaurant is good for this.

  • I hadn't thought of a backyard/garden cuddle, @Lovelight Great idea!

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    @ILikeWarmHugs that sounds like a SPLENDID idea!!!! (Making sure there are special additions like tree twinkle lights and crazy homeless sorts on bicycles)

    You could even add in a few different restaurants with booths and kind wait staff/bartenders!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜πŸ€£

    @jasmineluv I LOVE THAT!!! I even take a sheet or blanket in case its chilly. Its like a sleepover cuddle sesh that gives you complete public safety and a more reasonable option to get up and head out. PLUS you get a fun movie, inside from the weather, snacks availability, for a mere $10-20! Great for early meets. We just started opening up theaters out here again in CO a few months ago.... YAY!!!!

  • @sillysassy what a great cuddle we had! πŸ€—πŸ€—

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    All this information would have been good to know before my first session. It was too late when I asked my cuddle buddy about a public meeting but she told me the client won't always pay for that time. Also would have taken away from the intimacy of the session. She was traveling and we met in a hotel room. It was wonderful but I'm reminded this is a service (an amazing one) and my cuddle buddy was very good at marketing and business. Given the opportunity, I will absolutely use her service again. Well... How does THAT sound ?
    Only referring to the Pro's here.

  • @reurbo thanks for your pretty detailed response. I'm new to this website and your ideas for public cuddling are quite helpful.

  • The beach.

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    @nurturingman Thanks! :)

    @Chris04 Some/many(?)* don't like it cause they feel outta place to be the only ones not in beach wear. Plus if windy it can be difficult with sand flying everywhere and there can be concerns of sharp objects in the sand. Though if all that can be mitigated, I can see it being doable. Don't forget the glasses. 😎 πŸ€“

    PS. I forgot another key point, if you think you wouldn't find a spot to socially distance, better to try going there during non 'rush hour'.

    If I were to cuddle on a blanket on the sand, I'd arrive early to do my due diligence to help ensure our spot is relatively comfy and clear of hazards. Or just sitting on a bench can be good too. Now for those who drive, you could bring with you something to cuddle on that would provide adequate shield against such hazards. Though I don't know what would provide such protection, closest I can think of is padded mat coupled with a picnic blanket. Making sure to check the bottom side of the mat after each use for any potential sharp things getting caught in it.

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    Wow, thanks for the tips guys, these are great ideas.

  • OMGOSH!! @mandalamaker just reminded me of another fun public place that is GREAT for those really early connections. Dancing!! Either at a lesson or a dance place. The beauty of this is that even if dancing isn't your "forte" you can both learn some moves, have some conversation, AND have a chance to get past some of those initial TOUCH BARRIERS. When you are hesitant to touch a stranger, it feels good to be able to have a REASON to hold hands, or get pulled in a little closer.

    Then later....... OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH You might have a full time dance partner!!!!! (Some places even have couches surrounding the room to sit and chat and scooch on in for a CUDDLE!!!)

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    Well, that's about half the point of dancing @sillysassy...

    The other half is arguably not applicable to these forums.

  • @CharlesThePoet FACTS!!!! hahahahahaha

  • I have never cuddled publicly. Enjoy the warmth and comfort of my own place or the cuddler's home. I would assume a movie theater is perfect since I've cuddled a few while watching TV on my couch.

  • @sillysassy , love your idea of dancing. I'm a swing dancer. Great way to be together in a low pressure public setting.

  • Blanket in a park. Can be as near or as far from people depending on the park.

  • Anyone try cuddling at the airport? Maybe a long layover? The chairs are probably not the best though.

  • @Cessna_guy Swing Dancing is a fabulous place! Its such a fun dance and the dance halls are not usually as "night club" ish. And of course its not as sexy/sensual as the TANGO!!!!! hhahhahahaha Keepin' it platonic!

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    @sillysassy Yay! So glad to hear your feedback. I will be traveling more this year once things clear up, so perhaps we can try a movie theater cuddle if we match up location wise :) Also to @sillysassy and @Cessna_guy - i really would like to learn swing and salsa dancing. Seems like a fun way to be active and socialize- so open to cuddle sessions and public quality time with this in mind!

    @leftee that is a great idea! With so many layovers can be a good way to break up the time and relax and have a neutral first meeting especially for those who travel so much like me! Maybe a blanket and those little pillows and cuddle up against the wall if the chairs are not comfy..?

  • Park with a blanket sounds so relaxing to me.

  • At Water park at in a wave pool. By far my fave out door cuddlecomfort session 🌊 πŸ«‚ 🌊

  • Welcome to the site @Cuddle_Bear_282 😊

    @cram that sounds so FUN along with comfy and safe and all of the things!

    @jasmineluv That would be fabulous! So many fun things to do in my lovely city!!

  • Yes, yes, yes to dance! In non-pandemic times, social partner dancing is a fabulous way to meet people in relative safety, and as @sillysassy mentioned, get past initial "touch barriers". The structure helps people like me with mild social anxiety, there is very often live music to enjoy for less than a typical concert or even movie ticket costs, and local dances can be found all over, even in small towns. Most dance forms are great exercise, too. And many disabilities can be accommodated: off the top of my head I have danced with a blind dancer, a dancer with no sense of balance or ability to speak above a mumble due to severe nerve damage, and--at a dance held for her 85th birthday--a dancer who could barely walk. All were celebrated members of their local dance communities.

    My preferred type of dance is contra, partly due to the shallow learning curve (enthusiasm matters far more than skill) and emphasis on collaboration between all the dancers in the room. But I have also dabbled in bal folk, blues, swing, Argentine tango, and contact improv, and participated in beginner workshops for a few others like salsa and zydeco. I felt welcomed at every one of them.

  • @Hi_Im_Tim I have to agree with your cuddle buddy because I did meet with someone in public didn't end up paying but I have had good public sessions at parks and at movie theaters

  • Anywhere that offers a body of water 🌊 / beautiful sunrise or sunset πŸŒ… / & a chance at stargazing 🌌 ☺️

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