Average length of a cuddle session.

[Deleted User]SexyBrit (deleted user)

I was just curious as to what the average time a cuddle session was?

I'm not talking about at a party or with a professional cuddler as they impose time constraints, but a session with a cuddle buddy.

Also, while I'm asking, what's the shortest and longest cuddle session you've had?


  • My first time was a one-hour session with a male pro. One hour of cuddling is like an appetizer. Just leaves you hungry for more.

    When cuddle friends have come over, we don't usually discuss how long they're going to be there. We usually just snuggle until it gets late, and he has to go. Longest time was almost 5 hours. He was there longer, but we had dinner and chatted between snuggling. Another time it was about 3.5 hours.

  • [Deleted User]Greybeard (deleted user)

    My one and only truly platonic cuddle was over 6 hours, as after a couple hours we both drifted off to sleep.

  • I have a friend a hang out with once a week, we spend the night together every saturday, she comes over, cooks dinner and then we watch movies cuddling, she spends the night and I drive her home in the morning. No sex. It helps me so much with my depression!

  • [Deleted User]Greybeard (deleted user)

    @jmbank it is hard to find a friend with whom you can be comfortable just hanging out. I once had a best friend like that. We'd spend most of our weekend together, but sometimes we'd be doing separate activities in her apartment or mine, just comfortable knowing the other was there. She might be reading, while I was grading papers, something like that. She died in a tragic auto accident, and it took me a long time to get past it. I don't expect ever to have a friendship quite like ours...I think it is a once in a lifetime thing, if even then. Some, I'm sure, are never able to find anything like it.

  • @Greybeard that's a sad sorry, I know what you mean about feeling comfortable around people, I don't open up easily, it seems some people just click, it can be a bit more of a challenge for introverts too.

  • [Deleted User]Greybeard (deleted user)

    @jmbank I'm some of each, introvert and extrovert. I love going to dinner or coffee with a friend or two, but it only happens if they call me. I almost never initiate.

  • @GreyBeard
    That is so tragic! Losing a friend like that is truly Heart breaking. I don't wish that on anyone. I really hope you can find another person to fill that void. Of course gems like that can never be replaced! Life is hard - taking people like that away from us! I've lost two friends from suicide, one 3 years ago and one in highschool. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about them and miss them.

  • [Deleted User]Greybeard (deleted user)

    Thank you for your kind note. You are correct, that such gems in our lives can never be replaced. I think of many couples I know who married in their 50’s, 60’s etc. after both being widowod. They have a true bond, love, but acknowledge to each other and to the world that the new partner in no way replaces the deceased spouse. That love, if it existed in the relationship (marriage) always lives on. I think the key is to not even attempt to recreate that which was lost, but to move forward building something new with someone new. It isn’t easy, and I’m not very good at it. I feel for your loss of friends to suicide. That is a unique pain that is difficult to bear. Just trust that your loved one did not intend to cause you the grief you feel.

  • Ok, I have just attained a new record. It was an overnight cuddle. We did take minor breaks and a major dinner break, but still netted 7.5 hours!!! Yesssss!!!!

  • [Deleted User]FlowerofLife (deleted user)

    Two hours...at least! One hour just doesn't seem to be enough, especially for 1st timers. It takes most clients 30-45 minutes to relax into it.

  • [Deleted User]Sunflowerfield (deleted user)

    I remember with my first cuddle buddy, we actually cuddled for 24 hours one time with only breaks for eating and going to the toilet!! She and I were both very touch starved at that time, though. We later ended up dating though so that's probably not typical.

    On average I'd probably say 1-3 hours is good, depending on my comfort level with the person and whether we have a good friendship.

  • [Deleted User]qwertzer (deleted user)

    When I cuddle with people, it usually lasts around 2-3 hours on average, presuming nothing comes up for either of us.

  • [Deleted User]chococuddles (deleted user)

    2 hours is just about right.

    1 hour is like giving me one McDonalds french fry if I'm starving.

    3 hours is like giving me a large order of fries and another side order of fries. More than plenty.

    Tho with the right person I guess I can eat some extra fries. Don't forget the hot mustard and sweet & sour sauce, please!

  • This is a tough question and I honestly don't think I have an answer. When I cuddle I almost go into a meditative state where I have no concept of time. As my cuddle buddies can attest, I am definitely not a clock watcher! I don't wear a watch, I don't set an alarm and I don't check my phone. I will glance at the a clock once in awhile as we change positions. I'm a professional cuddler , first and foremost, because I LOVE TO CUDDLE. If someone books an hour cuddle and the energy is right and we are enjoying ourselves I have no problem going 2 hours (no charge). I recently had a 6 hour cuddle that went to 7 because we just weren't done cuddling. My longest cuddle was 12 hours (involved movie watching and pizza in bed. Fabulous cuddle!) and my shortest was 15 minutes (he seemed to think that "cuddling" was code for "please repeatedly grab my crotch!)

  • @Scarlette Are you sure you're not my twin sister and we were separated at birth???

  • In my experience, two hours is the common ground. I've done one- and three-hour sessions as well.

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