Giver or Receiver?

Do you tend to be more of a giver or receiver? Of course we are all both, at one time or another. But by nature, I tend to want to be more active: the giver. I like to be touching, caressing and squeezing with my hands or running fingers through hair. But when my cuddle pal wants to take over, I am totally happy with soaking it all up!


  • I am a giver in the cuddling session, if cuddling was dancing then I would be the lead. I am more than happy to receive whatever comes my way during cuddling because in the end there are two people participating but I am usually the one embracing, covering and making my presence and all cuddling energy felt all over my cuddle buddy.

  • I am more of a giver as far as positions an touching....

  • More of a giver... find it rather hard to receive from others when I have not done any thing for them. Reflected in my joy to do volunteer work and give back to the community. Always offering help to people I know with in my ability to do so. Offering meal to any one that comes to my home... good habit from my Mother that we never let any one leave are house hungry.

    But back to cuddling.

    Nothing warms my heart more then to see some one that rather down brighten right up. To warm up there days with understanding and care.

    Give them long hug... and firm tighter squeeze here and there. Relaxing the hug to slowly massage on there back squeezing once hands where they feel tight. Rubbing the side of one face to the side of there face... moving to nuzzle into there neck as you feel them relax.

    Enjoying brushing my fingers through long hair, rubbing once fingers through short hair likely missing up how it brushed, yet buzz head of hair is nice to rub in it own way.

    If they fall asleep and I have to slip away for a bit... putting a extra blanket on them until I can come back. Mother nature calling is not always respectful at cuddle time.

  • I haven't had a session here yet, but I would lean towards being the receiver. I think the lines would blur a bit, as I became more comfortable. In anything I do, I usually tend to let others take the lead unless I am fully confident in the task at hand, be it cleaning, building, or troubleshooting computers at work.

  • I am more of a giver. However, I think that in giving I am also receiving, at least on a passive level. Even though I like giving, I also want to be an active receiver. Cuddling for me is a flow of both giving and receiving.
    <3 Jim

  • [Deleted User]chococuddles (deleted user)

    100% giver. Nothing relaxes me more than relaxing someone else. Head massage and playing with hair is my specialty!

    I'm trying to learn to be a better receiver but people so rarely get head massages I love giving them a treat.

  • @chococuddles is making me want to go to Cali! I'll actually be there in January, but down in San Diego.

    I like to be the receiver, but I can give as well. It's best when there's some back and forth. I love to lay facing each other, legs intertwined, and giving gentle caresses.

  • I'd say I'm both, or rather I can be both anyway, I really enjoy holding them tight and stroking/playing with their hair if they like that but at the same time with a couple of people I've been more than content with them putting my head on their lap and stroking my face as I love having my face touched. I guess if I had to say I'm only this or that I would go with giver, I'm happy to lead and initiate stuff and I've always got more in the tank to give, but I'm always more than happy to turn to receiver if they want to be the giver :)

  • I enjoy both very much. The nice thing about cuddling alot is that I have a wonderful mix of both. I have cuddle partners that are either on the shy side or that just like to receive all of my attention, which is fabulous. I also have those that love to take over or just want to pamper me, and that's fabulous too. I always let my new cuddlers know that they are encouraged to communicate their needs and that am happy to take the lead until they are comfortable to do so.

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