Do Paid Cuddlers Get Burnt Out?

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Reason I say this is I have a close friend who does the paid cuddling as a side hustle. We don't really get to hang out due to geography, but when we did hang out, I notice she was not really interested in cuddling. Well at least not "cuddle cuddle" , whatever that means. We shared space and stillness, and I played with her hair and scratched her back and held hands a little, but nothing really close or much in the way of "contact cuddling" so to speak. She also had pillows behind and in front of her, and was wearing the most amount of clothing you can wear indoors without being too hot lol. Not because she was uncomfortable with me or anything, quite the opposite, we are about as comfy with each other as can be. I didn't take this as anything bad at all, and I very much enjoyed the time I had and shared when we were just lounging around and relaxing. I am just curious, with the emotional drain and always having to be in "performance mode " with paying clients, plus some of the BS you have to deal with, does it ever get to where you just don't really want to be touched or anything? I personally am happy to just be the giver and don't really expect much in the way of cuddling, like constantly changing positions and being all shmooshed together etc, im happy to just hang out and share space. I'm just wondering if this is common. I obviously would love to cuddle all I can, I'm very touch deprived and pretty lonely at times, but then again its a different context and I'm not expected to play a certain role or part.


  • I can only speak for myself but I never get "burned out" by cuddling and I cuddle a lot. I have cuddled 40 DIFFERENT people since the end of August and many were several cuddles each and quite a few over nights. That's a lot of cuddles. The act of cuddling soothes me so I look forward to each and every cuddle. However, I get tired. No different than any other job really. I am lucky enough to have regulars that I can call to come cuddle me (no charge of course). So I guess you could say that on my time off I still want to cuddle. I had one come to cuddle the other night and I just told him that he was the pro for the night. He rubbed my back for a long time, cuddled in positons that I wanted to cuddle in and generally pampered me until I was falling asleep then he gently let himself out. (thank you @dwl <3 ). Never do I want the absence of touch. I crave it 24/7. The only part that burns me out is the business side of cuddling. It's a constant challenge and something that I am always thinking about. You will see me running silly specials just to put some fun into it. Those 40 people didn't come knocking on my door. I went and got them. It's constantly checking and responding to messages, updating my website, marketing, checking the cuddle sites, etc. Not to mention the never ending text messages and dealing with people that obviously want more than cuddling. With all that being said, I love what I do. I love meeting the people that I meet through cuddling. I love the physical, mental and emotional connections that we develop. When I'm tired I just take the time off that I need to recharge my batteries.

  • @Scarlette thanks for the perspective. Like I said its not that it bothered me or anything. I suppose I was just a little bit unsure about where her head was at re the whole cuddling thing, considering the context is different when hanging out as friends and not a client kind of scenario. And I normally am very communicative but I just didn't bring it up cus I didn't want it to be a source of stress or anything, in case there was some conflict there for her. I was able to at least pamper her a bit, even if it wasn't "cuddling cuddling" . its always nice to just be able to share space with a friend.

  • I understand completely. Well, if you ever get to my area I'd love to give you a good cuddle!

  • @Scarlette If @pmvines ever gets to this area, it'll have to be a cuddle pile. @Goldengrams1201 and I have first dibs!!!

  • Just make sure I'm not at top of the pile, I'm tooooo heavy

  • A Pile sounds like a very interesting concept. I'm all in.

  • I dunno, would all depend on your placement in the pile

  • Sounds like a new cuddle I should add to my cuddle menu! "The Pile Cuddle"!

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