What Do You Do When Not Cuddling?

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Some have mentioned in a thread about profiles that they like to see hobbies and interests in order to find common grounds which make them feel more compatible with someone. So what hobbies and interests do you have when you're not cuddling?

I sew, pretty much anything except clothing. I have an interest in foreign languages (speak French fluently), read a lot of nonfiction, am a serious amateur photographer, crochet, write, make jewelry and like to travel. And I make soap! Here are some that I made just this week.


  • When I'm not cuddling I'm usually busy running my company. I own a CPR/First Aid company. We do corporate safety training to get corporate clients in compliance with OSHA standards. I spend the majority of my time in meetings with potential clients. When not working or cuddling I'm an avid hiker and camper. I'm in the process of planning a week long Appalachian Trail backpacking trip for spring. I love traveling and exploring new places. I'm also a totally foodie! I love delicious food and I LOVE to cook and entertain! My guilty pleasure is spending an entire rainy day in bed watching Netflix and eating greasy delivery food.

  • When I’m not cuddling, I’m working towards my degree in elementary education. That takes up the majority of my time that I’m not working. When I’m not working or going to school, I’m also an amateur photographer and an avid CrossFit guy as well as a yogi

  • When I'm not cuddling I'm worshipping Satan, catching up on German fetish porn, and stealing fast food restaurant condiments to frame on my wall. Nah, just jokes, my life isn't quite that exciting.

  • [Deleted User]SexyBrit (deleted user)

    I like to read, watch a little tv (sci-fi and history mainly), draw, play online games, used to play role-playing games (Dungeons & Dragons and others). I used to drum for a belly dance troupe - might be time to dust off the djembe...

  • I work full time and have kids so my free time is limited. I like to go hiking, do yoga, make craft projects. I love road trips! My best friend and I went to KY in March and did the bourbon trail. Met some really cool people, drank lots of bourbon, and had a blast. Sometimes I'll get the kids up on a Saturday and we'll just drive to a random destination and hang out then come home. They have little gypsy souls like me so it works.

  • Coffee, whiskey (most alcohol aside from gin), yarn/knit/crochet, read, write, gym, hike, bike, world domination, and... glass.

  • [Deleted User]FlowerofLife (deleted user)

    When I'm not cuddling, I'm facilitating Sound Journeys that help humanity raise their frequency/vibration, Spiritual Counseling/Readings, facilitate children's workshops with music, dancing & toning. My peers know me as an Earth Guardian, Water Protector & Humanitarian. I travel extensively to create earth grids that balance out our planet, water blessings and speak on World Peace...aho

  • [Deleted User]chococuddles (deleted user)

    Obsessed with my small business making vinyl toys, plush dolls, posters, textiles(bags and pouches), activity books, journals and other design goodies. Love seeing other creatives on here! <3

  • I am retired, and spend my time listening to audio books, watching Netflix and some TV. I go to movies occasionally with a girl friend or sometimes with family. A museum or some other interesting place once in a while is pretty cool. I rarely go to concerts, but usually enjoy them when I do. I enjoy doing background acting a lot, but don't work very often. I am the only driver in the family, so I take my wife, son, and daughter everywhere they need to go (sometimes they take the bus), plus run all the errands needed. I play cards (non-gambling) at least once a month with friends (If you are a card player please let me know, we are always looking for new players). I love hiking, and used to do it all the time before I got to be so injured. Now it hurts so much to hike that I rarely do it. My problem is that I always try to do too much at once, and then spend so much time recovering that I am not able to build up strength or endurance. I need to find someone willing to keep me company on short walks to help me build up to longer ones, and at some point go on actual hikes.
    <3 Jim

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    Talk, playing card (games), take walks, etc. The usuals too listen to music, watch movie/TV etc. :)

  • @BlueIris How do you get the swirls in your soap?

  • @BlueIris making soap is something I want to learn. I think I might next time I run out.

    I play/work on games, learn new things, play with animals, do physical activities for health, watch netflix. Sometimes I get in the mood for baking or cooking something new and more time consuming.

  • @ I_am_Polylover You alternate pouring the different colors of wet soap into a loaf mold. Then you take a wire coat hanger which you've cut and bent into a U shape which fits the length of your mold and dip it up and down into the wet soap while moving it across the width. Additionally, I then moved it in a looping motion. There are other methods, but this is how I did mine.

    @JasonCuddles It's not difficult, but there's quite a bit to know at the beginning. If you're really interested, pm me and I'll give you lots of tips.

  • [Deleted User]SugarMagnolia (deleted user)

    I am a counselor for a community mental health agency full-time. I have a part-time business as a hypnotherapist on the side. My favorite thing is I am co-director of a charity that focuses on food sovereignty. In its existence we've given out over 5,000 plant starts for Gardens and even helped people plant them. We have also given out many sleeping bags, coats, and of course thousands of meals. #CascadiaCares!

  • [Deleted User]SandwichMan (deleted user)

    I make and collect model cars in my free time (usually weekends). It requires a lot of patience so it's quite relaxing. And in the summer I attend races/car shows in my local area

  • [Deleted User]knightandday (deleted user)

    I play videogames, go to meetups and work two jobs. That's the tl;dr at any rate :P.

  • [Deleted User]Frankincense (deleted user)

    I make electronics projects, and write embedded software for them where required. Also do a bit of photography every now and then, or build/repair something on my housebus.

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    Wow! I've enjoyed reading about all of you. What a diverse group of interests, talents, and over achieving/giving individuals! You guys rock.

    My day time occupation is Med School - I am studying Physical Therapy! Although this was a major career change for me - after a DPT helped me walk without pain and without knee braces, I knew I wanted to be able to do the same thing for others - that was 4 years ago. I started back at school as a 25 year old Freshman - in May I graduated with my BS and I also started this Doctorates Program. Back home, I have a Performing Arts business that I founded 11 years ago - which has been my creative outlet. I have instructed thousands of 3 year olds to senior citizens and in between. Our nearly 700 shows are mostly in the community, although we have performed in surrounding states, and as far as Florida, Montana, and California. We have a charity project which has raised $16,000 and we are hoping to reach $20k by May. Living in another state has made it a challenge, but I go back every weekend to keep it going.

  • When I’m not cuddling I watch movies , karaoke , spend time with my teen geeking out on anime , D&D , I love board games ( but no one ever wants to play ) and I love to shake my ass on the dance floor

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