How Far Would You Travel to Visit a Cuddle Companion?



  • @BlueIris No cuddle tour for you???? Come with me on a leg of my tour this summer! Omg, can you imagine the fun we would have!?

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    @Scarlette a cuddle tour is altogether a different animal!!! I answered the question with the thought of meeting one person only, and initially I posted as an enthusiast who was thinking of traveling several states away to visit someone I'd been in touch with for months and had a great rapport with. I would be more than THRILLED to join you on part of your cuddle tour!!!!

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    Under current circumstances, about an hour and a half, maybe a bit more tops. Up to 3 hours if I'm really familiar with them.

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    I drove six hours from Florida to Georgia and had a cuddle session, but I was going to Georgia for other reasons. I wouldn't drive six hours just to meet a cuddler.

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    To drive specifically to meet a cuddler?... I'd say maybe 300 miles, more if it was with a Pro and they offered a discount for multiple hours.
    During my road trip almost 12 months ago I had my 2nd cuddle session from this site, and a fantastic cuddle session at that, with @Brandi out in L.A.. She wasn't the reason I was heading out there, but was a greatly memorable part of the trip. In the coming Summer I'll be flying back out there for an event and though she isn't the main reason for the trip out there, I'm really glad I'll get to cuddle with her again. The coming trip will be 1400 miles, but I'll be flying.
    During that same road trip I went to a NYE event in Phoenix. Since they host the event in 2 different cities, there and in Denver, I was considering going to Denver this year. After getting home I started talking with @MsClickers , who is in Phoenix, and decided to head there again partially to get a cuddle session with her and partially to see a few friends I'd made during the event last year that lived there locally. The coming trip for that will be 1,000 miles away, but again I'll be flying.

    So you could say that my range isn't really determined, maybe a bit less on international travel, unless there is something else going on I'd want to do or see, but if it's only to cuddle with someone, then about 300 miles would be around my limit.

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