No Call / No Show / Last Minute Cancelations

To anyone hiring a professional cuddler: NOT CALLING OR SHOWING UP FOR A SCHEDULED CUDDLE IS BAD!!! I cuddle a lot! Almost daily, and my schedule books quickly. When you don't show up for a scheduled cuddle it not only costs me money but it also costs me time and I more than likely turned down a cuddle that wanted that time slot. I realize that things come up and things happen but be courteous and contact us. I always send out confirmations and sometimes struggle to even get them responded to. I recently had an overnight scheduled for this Monday in Philly. After like 5 attempts to confirm I finally sent him a copy of the CC Cancelation Policy which finally got his attention. I basically got a "sorry, I can't make it"! So rude.

So, my question for the pros is how do you cut down on your amount of No-Shows or late cancellations?


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    One answer that's bound to come up is prepayment . Pay part or all session fees up front , days before a scheduled session . No show ? No refund sorry .
    It's only fair . Frankly , getting the money exchange out of the session I'm sure takes awkwardness out of the payment .

    The PC could , or should , consider the possibility of herself not being able to show , and , have the task of rescheduling. , or returning payments .

    Me personally , deposits , prepayments , retainers, liquidated damages for lateness, etc,are all part of day to day business , I would like to get away from , and I turn to a cuddle for relief from that . When a PC accepts a cuddle proposal from me , and is ok with payment at the session commencement , that is nice .

    So nice , that I think I will not push for discount session ( per Csa), is the cuddler herself cancels at the last minute . But go ahead and charge me for my cancellation , if they want, it's ok .

  • I have considered pre-payment of all or a portion of the cuddle cost but frankly I'm on the fence about it. That's probably not the route I will take at least for the first cuddle. Maybe after the cuddlers first no-show a payment upfront to reschedule is reasonable. Or perhaps just for overnights or longer cuddles. I have noticed that the further in advance I book a cuddle the less likely they are to show up. I was really hoping to get some good feedback. Thanks @sparkyblue-eyes for your input.

  • Prepayment, I’ve considered for the client who has cancelled/noshowed more than once. I’m fairly generous but after the second time, something’s gotta give. I’ll offer them a hard reserve (prepay a deposit of their choice or full amount to get into my schedule) or soft reserve (the spot is yours but if someone comes along asking for it, I’ll let you know your session is up for the second person unless you want to secure it with a hard reserve).

  • @stellarosass great idea! Thank you

  • Love that idea stellarosas!! Reasonable and fair for both sides. :)!

  • @Scarlette that seems to be a rampart problem here in Vegas. I booked a cuddler with Cuddle Companions, prepaid on the site, and scheduled the date to cuddle. I went down to the coffee shop to meet her and she straight up "no-call, no-showed". That's just unacceptable.

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    Especially for "new" clients, have them pay for at least 1/2 the session fee up front. I use PayPal. They may not like it, but then, in my experience, it just weeds out the "flakes." Stay Calm and Cuddle On!

  • @floweroflife.... I've definitely considered doing this. The one thing that stops me is that many of my clients and potential clients are married or are in a relationship and may not want a "paper trail" of our cuddle session.

  • I'm no pro, but it's worth pointing out that it's not just pros who sometimes get stood up. I was once no-showed by a pro cuddler whom I had prepaid for half the session. She did not reschedule, did not return my money, and did not respond to my texts or emails. She has been banned from here, but that doesn't get me my $80 back. Another guy recently started a thread (can't remember the name at the moment -- "Scammers," maybe?) describing how the same thing happened to him with a different pro. Based on such experiences, I have promised myself I'll never prepay another session.

    I've had some great cuddles recently, but would have missed out on them entirely had the pro insisted on being paid in advance. I sympathize with a pro's dilemma. For any cuddlers hesitant to book me, I can supply the names of a half-dozen pros who have each seen me multiple times and can attest to my reliability. But prepayment? That's a deal breaker for me.

  • @Scarlette - exactly!

    The one thing that stops me is that many of my clients and potential clients are married or are in a relationship and may not want a "paper trail" of our cuddle session.<

    I have been a long time proponent of not paying up front, especially after having been burned a few times myself by no-call / no-shows.

    But hearing some on the comments here, and speaking to some pro cuddlers, I understand the need sometimes to prepay at least a portion of the amount - It's fairly easy to set up a "private" paypal account - that can be loaded with a pre-paid Visa card - kinda complicated and expensive ($5 fee by Visa for each card) but at least there are no trails. I've done that once or twice ....

  • I have been stood up by 2 out of the 4 pros from Cuddle Companions and this last one, I had to threaten the owner that I'd dispute the charge with my CC company. He proceeded to ban me from the website due to that. Tim is just about as bad as Evan/Jeff or whatever name he's going by these days with Snuggle Buddies

  • Only we’ll established Pros get to ask for money upfront, I wouldn’t give an advance to a newbie that is just trying this out because she is more likely to flake out delete her profile and just leave.

  • I don't really do the paid cuddling nor do I get paid to cuddle, but I can see it from both sides. I might be hesitant if I were a client putting a deposit for a service. If I were hiring someone to clean my home, or booking a massage, I wouldn't really expect to have to do that. However I do empathize with the paid cuddlers putting the time, effort, and work into preparing for the session, which often does not get acknowledged, but I have best friends who are cuddlers and I know it takes time and effort. And then to just have them no show when you are relying on the income. If I were paying for a session, I would be willing to pay a deposit if booking multiple hrs, or if it were a situation where the person had to travel to me.

  • I got stood up today last minute by a cuddler . I arranged my schedule for him and 20 min before the session he canceled . This is why I’m only cuddling close by they can travel towards me . If I went 2 hr drive away to LA and had a no show it would cost me at least 4 hrs and that’s with no traffic ( like that ever happens ) waste of my time and gas money . I require a night before confirmation of our appointment that still didn’t help . I can see pre paying with an established cuddler because they have karma to prove they get there lol.

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    There should be a way that confirms a professional cuddler's credibility that way a non-refundable pre-payment or full payment can be accepted prior to a cuddle session.

    @cuddlebugTM, it's unfortunate that you had to experience last minute cancellation. It is an unpleasant thing to encounter in general, very unprofessional. Communication is vital for both individuals, and if you do not think you can make an appointment, it's best to make it known as soon as possible. It's about being respectful and considerate of one's time.

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    I drove about two hours to visit a cuddler and thank God I decided to check my email because I had to drive another hour. The cuddler emailed me to cancel because she didn't feel good. That was with The Snuggle Buddies. The company also gave me a cuddler's contact information about two weeks after I paid, so I don't want to be their customer. I disputed the charge with my credit card company.

  • Just came across a scammer who arranged to meet, deleted his profile, created a new one and blocked me all to avoid saying he's not interested in meeting! I hope I don't come across other people who aren't genuine? This spinless person was reported so I wish them luck - they're obviously sick in the head...

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