Survey: reason for joining

Clicking on the Activity button, it looks like about 30 people join CuddleComfort per day. Wow.

So I was wondering:

  1. What motivated you to join this site?106 votes
    1. Just checking it out. I like the idea of cuddles, but I am not totally sure yet.
    2. I feel the need for touch. Hoping for comfort / connection / touch therapy.
    3. I love cuddling! Give me cuddles.
    4. I wanted to become a professional cuddler immediately.
    5. Some other reason (please leave a comment below).
    6. Sorry, I don't participate in online surveys.


  • [Deleted User]LightGlider (deleted user)

    "Just checking it out. I like the idea of cuddles, but I am not totally sure yet."

    It sounds cool on paper, and I wouldn't mind having some platonic physical contact, However, I don't know how it'll go, especially as a trans person. I also have very little experience with cuddling!

  • I would have chosen #2 but it doesn't go far enough for me. While I truly love to be on the receiving end of some good cuddling, I believe that there is as much satisfaction in knowing my partners are enjoying themselves. To give that comfort to another is something I strive for.

  • @mjg Good point! I should have put an option for those whose main reason was to comfort and help others (other than professionals).

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    @respectful "Clicking on the Activity button, it looks like about 30 people join CuddleComfort per day."

    I'd prefer not to go into stats but just so you know, that number only represents the people that choose to visit the forum.

  • "I wanted to become a professional cuddler immediately."

    I haven't had good experience with other cuddle companies, but this one is great and I felt like I could actually feel safe. While I don't have a current need for touch therapy I know others do and want to be someone who cal help with that.

  • I put option 2 though I could put for option 3 as well. While I do love cuddles, I am also a little hesitant given that it's still all new to me. Though I do have the interest there and willingness to explore what I like and don't. As well as the desire to comfort and be there for another. :)

  • I'm really sick and touch helps me forget about the pain for a while. Unfortunately, I haven't heard from anyone I've contacted so far, not even the pros.

  • [Deleted User]titanic1517 (deleted user)

    Just want to cuddle, nothing else so I signed up on here.

  • [Deleted User]chococuddles (deleted user)

    To find a hot girlfriend!

    I kid.

    To be around like-minded people.

  • [Deleted User]Greybeard (deleted user)

    Boredom. I hunger for touch, but don’t expect it to come from here. Still, I’m enjoying online interaction with so many great people.

  • [Deleted User]CoffeeNCarbs (deleted user)

    I’m just here for the articles.

  • I am on here to make a friend and goof off. I have come to know some really cool people, and have met a few when traveling or when they travel through Birmingham. The cuddling aspect has become secondary, as i am not interested in the pay for cuddling thing, and i don't ever actually meet the vast majority of people who i speak with on here. Since i don't do social media, this is kind of like my facebook

  • "Sorry, I don't participate in online surveys" ...
    Proceeds to participate by voting for that

  • @sergi4011 Lol, I was wondering who chose that one. :)

  • "3. I love cuddling! Give me cuddles."

    I have had cuddle friends in the past and they're great!

    I'd like to have that experience again... and again and again... :)

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    There seem to be two extra options I should have included:

    7) To give comforting touch to others who need it.

    8) To socialize with like minded people.

    At a rough guess, maybe 5-10% of people might have selected each of these ...

    And it's not too surprising that about half the votes are for 2) "I feel the need for touch".

  • [Deleted User]Love_Arcitect (deleted user)

    Option 2

  • @Love_Arcitect I kind of guessed that from your other posts! I hope many cuddles come your way over time.

  • [Deleted User]ivlegend (deleted user)

    I love to cuddle so I can help and be helped.human touch can do miracles :)

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