What kind of music does everyone like to listen to while cuddling?


  • [Deleted User]chococuddles (deleted user)

    Kermit the Frog.

    Rainbow Connection.

    Don't knock it till you've tried it.

  • @chococuddles I'm trying to envision you right now serenading your cuddlee with It's not easy being green....

  • [Deleted User]chococuddles (deleted user)

    @waywardchild80 I never knew the lyrics to that one. I'm more likely to go to with 'Moving Right Along'.

    Footloose and fancy freeeeeeee
    I'm ready for the big time izzit ready for meeeeeeeeeee...

    (see what you've started...?)

  • I love it! I love to sing, if I listened to music while cuddling I would probably be singing along the whole time. The one cuddle session I had where we listened to music it was meditation music and nature sounds. It was very relaxing and blended into the background.

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    I alternate between gangsta rap and death metal. Hug life yo!

  • @pmvines XD I managed to keep it together after wayward’s first comment, which wasn’t easy, but yours got me...

    This may sound odd: I would like to listen to someone singing softly, but in another language.

  • @Lorelei Not odd at all!!! I can sing in French.

  • My preference would be jazz (Miles Davis, Joao Gilberto, Stan Getz) or maybe Nick Drake or Billie Holiday.

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    @Lorelei @waywardchild80 and @Blueiris When I'm really comfortable I spontaneously break into some death metal growls, its very cuddly and my high shrieks are so soothing. But when I switch over to gangsta rap and freestyle about my rides, tricks, and AK's, that is when you have realized you are in the presence of cuddle greatness.

  • @pmvines I really cannot wait to experience that!! Ok if I bring a vidcam?

  • @Blueiris you bring the cam, I will bring the mic

  • Ya'll are gonna make this lovely new cuddler think we are all crazy! Love you all! It was so nice to wake up this morning and feel this positive, fun, loving energy. @mandykaybaby.... if you go back a couple of pages on the general forums you will find a couple different posts about music that may answer you question.

  • @mandykaybaby if you want my unsolicited advice, you had mentioned in another thread that you have questions about getting clients, or something to that effect. @Scarlette would be a great person for you to reach out to re this.

  • Da Lynch Mob and Black Dahlia Murder all the way when you cuddle me oh yessss

  • Oh my! Not crazy at all! I like to listen to rock or punk rock maybe a little country, but when hosting sessions I feel that my taste in music may scare them a bit, so looking to make a nice easy going cuddle playlist.

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    In all honesty I find The Cure, Depeche Mode, Tricky, Portishead, Leonard Cohen, Dax RIggs, Janes Addiction, Pink Floyd, and the Beatles to be decent to cuddle to

  • I love smooth jazz. Even some easy listening.

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    I prefer some yodeling for my cuddle sessions, but if I'm feeling extra cuddley then I'll put on the Chum Drum Bedrum for some out of this world cuddles Lol

  • Hi I'm bay and I think spa music could be cool

  • [Deleted User]Greybeard (deleted user)

    What do you want to bet?

  • [Deleted User]cheetoching (deleted user)

    how about some Japanese disco..

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