Hiring professionals for non-cuddling activities

Quite a few professionals say in their profile that they are available to do things other than cuddling, such as going to an event together, watching a movie, etc.

I was wondering if people here (clients in particular) have done this, and what the experience was like? If not, is it something you would consider doing?

Here are some non-cuddling activities listed in professionals' profiles:

-- watching TV / movies
-- cooking / baking
-- walking / hiking
-- camping
-- dancing
-- karaoke
-- night out / "dinner dates"
-- social events / concerts
-- tour guide
-- meditation
-- shopping
-- video games
-- table top games
-- bowling
-- sky diving

(Also: "social only activities (no touch)" at a lower rate).


  • I’ve done several of this things with clients many times there is still some cuddling or hand holding . An event they didn’t want to go to alone or a difficult dr appointment they just needed someone to hold their hand or help talking to doctors . I’ve been cuddlist , companion and caregiver . I would do all those things except skydiving and video games ( I suck at video games ) . As long as client fully knows I’m there in a platonic capacity it’s great !! We have a great time and usually end up cuddling a bit at end of day as we chat about our time together .

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    @cuddlebugTM That's really interesting that you've done several of those things with clients, since you don't explicitly offer non-cuddling activities in your profile (apart from movies / TV).

  • Because previously I was just a caregiver/ companion . Exclusive cuddling is new to me I didn’t ever know it was a thing . I just had clients that I began cuddling as a form of comfort to them . When I heard of a cuddlist I though I’m already doing this . Most of my clients were elderly or adults with special needs .this is a new avenue for me as “cudlist “ I do get concerned on specifically cuddling website that some men may struggle not seeing it as a date and expect more . So I try to stick to the definition of the website as cuddling .

  • The only issue I have with this is paying the cuddle price for these other activities. I think the price should be discounted for any types of activities listed above. There are other sites I would highly recommend for non cuddling activities where the prices are far less.

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    I agree morph I would charge less if I’m not cuddling thought as a companion I often was cuddling in public as we did these events . Though I think it is up to the cuddler and the the client on what they agree to financially . If a client doesn’t like the price they don’t have to hire them .

  • The pro that I hired from CuddleComfort made lunch for us from what I had plus some things that I bought to make for lunch. To me she was relatively young but she still had excellent culinary skills. We ate together and it was so nice. She did not include the lunch as part of the paid time, but did allow touching, hugging and caressing while she cooked. I had a good cry when I hugged her while preparing lunch. Then we watched funny and emotionally moving Youtube videos while cuddling on the sofa in the living room. She enjoyed it as much as I did. The conversation was like two close friends. The last hour was full cuddling while laying down where we both proceeded to fall asleep while she lay on my chest. I dont know how I got her but I felt blessed beyond measure. So sad that she was just passing through.

    @Morpheous, I would like to have the sites that offer non cuddling services for lower rates if you are willing. Feel free to PM me. Thanks.

  • I've met up with a couple cuddlers that I've asked to practice my photography with before. We'd go around town to see some cool places and use them as backdrops for photos. I'd book multiple hours to cuddle though, even do an overnight session, and then either before or after the cuddle session spend an hour or 2 going out to do photos. I'd also either cook for us or take them out to eat as a thank you for letting me practice with them and compensation for their time.

    @cuddlebugTM you can come skydiving with me ^_^

  • No I will never jump out a perfectly good airplane ! But photos I could do :)

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    @cuddlebugTM "perfectly good airplane".... got it. so a wreak of a plane holding on by a bolt, some duct tape, and a prayer and then you'll jump from one Lol If we ever get the chance to meet up to cuddle then we can do photos too :3

    @respectful that's a long but good list of ideas though

  • [Deleted User]SJSpooner (deleted user)

    OK. I do not mean to sound flippant or ignorant or offensive.

    But just wondering how hiring a pro cuddler to do some of the kinds of activities listed above would be different (or is is it and does it matter) than hiring an escort?

    As far as I understand, there are professional escorts who make themselves available to accompany people (usually men, although there are male escorts with female clientele) to parties, events, trips, dinners, etc. Yes, I know escort is usually 'code' for prostitute - but I imagine there are some people who do adhere to the no sex policy. I am simply curious.

    Open to all comments.

  • An escort for the most part is a prostitute. I am quite sure that an escort would do any and all of those activities listed above but they would charge you more. It is my personal opinion that considering this is a cuddling site, pros should only offer cuddling services. Now if that entails going to see a movie and cuddling at the theater, that is still a cuddle service. I don’t think that a pro should be hired to be for example, a tour guide. This topic was discussed before and I remember asking the questions, where does it all end. If pros are allowed to charge for a phone session, what’s next, cleaning service, laundry service? All of this being said, if you’re a client in need of a non sexual social escort, you shouldn’t be paying $80 an hour to a pro cuddler for anything other than a cuddle. There are other places to go to find a non sexual social escort at much lower prices. On the same note, anyone looking for sexual services should not look for that in a pro Cuddler.

  • Prob because I offer cuddle services as part of my companion caregiving service I have no problem with it . When I do outings with clients we hold hand , lots of touch and caresses so it’s really no different than a public cuddle . For some clients publicly cuddling helps with social awkwardness and for some anxiety . Some clients really struggle to go out alone . Some just work and stay home because they struggle to talk to people and make connections and don’t like to go out by themselves . Cuddling in public can help their confidence and bring more balance in their lives .

  • Agree with @cuddlebugTM. I think the common line is platonic touch (and all the emotional and psychological benefits that are gained from this) in everything that a pro could theoretically offer on this site for a fee. Consider that some people who are hiring someone for touch therapy, their first session, there may not even be any touch, or if some, certainly not cuddling, yet this is still a "cuddling" session from a professional cuddler. We are here to help people how they need help, in a platonic fashion. This may occur in a public setting or private.

  • @SJSpooner, the question asked is a good one, and the responses were excellent too.
    I had some thoughts I'd like to share:

    1. A service provider that uses the word "escort" would be much more expensive. That is because additional "services" are available, regardless if they are used or not. A person looking for just a cuddle would not likely hire an escort, unless he wanted other services offered. Believe it or not, there are forums on the Internet where the members brag about and share their exploits in the world of paying for sex. And some have bragged about getting those services from professional cuddlers (not from this site). But they paid the higher "escort" price for said services.
    2. As @Morpheus mentions, there are those who will in reality be just really be an escort, someone to keep company with, for a much lower fee, but won't include even touching, let alone sexual services (theoretically). These ones, though, are careful not to use the word "escort". "Friend" I believe is the word that they would use. The thing about this type of friend service is that it is not well known so many customers who want company for non-cuddling activities may hire a cuddling pro because they simply don't know that there is another option! Some cuddling pros may take advantage of the customer's ignorance in this instance. I certainly wouldn't hire someone just to chat on the phone for $80.00 an hour when I know I can get the same for $20.00 an hour or less. The OP, @Respectful, actually covered the "no touch" option in which the service provider would charge less for those services. In this instance, it would be a matter of convenience to hire a cuddling pro, because it is a lot easier to hire someone we already have contact with than to have to go through the effort to get someone else that we don't know in order to do something different.
    3. But if someone wants both, someone to cuddle with as well as someone to accompany him or her, then having an actual cuddling pro would be better than having just someone who will accompany the person. If it is a pro cuddler, we can imagine this to include the holding of hands and putting arms around each other and hugging, things definitely in the realm of cuddling.
    4. In the instance where, for example, a pro cuddler makes a meal for a client, but mutual touching is occuring during the process, then it is really is a cuddling service, and not just a meal preparation service, at least from my point of view. That would be the same regardless of the activity.
    5. If we could get all of this for free, we would. But there is a reason there are cuddling professionals. It is simply supply and demand. A customer is willing to pay, so someone is there to offer the service. And vice versa.
  • Well said @Calineur!!! And welcome to the community.

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